10 good ideas to organize a small kitchen

A small kitchen should be more organized than a kitchen where there is space for everything. All of us who have a small kitchen know the importance of good organization. It is essential to gain space, put order, make everything fit and keep utensils close at hand and organized, without, of course, giving up a beautiful aesthetic.

To achieve this, we can make use of these 10 good ideas to organize a small kitchen that I have collected.

They are relatively simple to carry out, in addition, they are also cheap, and practically all of them can be done in a weekend. Do you want order in your kitchen? Accompany me.

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Add shelves on the free walls of the kitchen to gain storage space

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Take advantage of the free walls, if you have any left, to install a shelving system. to your liking According to your own needs.

With this, you will clear the kitchen, you will have room for everything and at hand.

Today there are hundreds of systems to build the custom shelving that best suits our needs, and all for a modest price. Check out these Amazon shelves.

Cup holder that attaches to the bottom of tall kitchen cabinets

If you don't even have a small shelf, you can double the functionality of the existing ones, putting in them some supports that stay under the cabinet or shelf, to put cups or anything else, since there are several designs that allow us to store and Organize practically everything.

You can buy this one for the cups here, on Amazon.

Ideas to organize a small kitchen

Installing a bar on the ceiling or at any height that we can, and that allows us to move comfortably without hitting our heads with the pans, will double the storage for pans, pots, saucepans and other items that take up a lot of space in the drawers .

If you can't fit them all on the bar, put the ones you use the most, and this way you will free up space in the drawers and your kitchen will be more comfortable.

Depending on the aesthetics of the kitchen, you can adapt a bar or support or another, to make it fit with the style. Luckily, there are plenty of different models. From more rustic and vast, to more fine and elegant.

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A corner shelf for the kitchen

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If you have a free corner, even if there is little space, surely a corner shelf will fit, like the one we see above these lines or any other design, which will help you take advantage of the corners, which are often free.

Ideas to organize a small kitchen

This idea to organize a small kitchen is somewhat more difficult to carry out, basically because not all of us have room to install a pull-out drawer. But if you have it, you are already taking time to install it and increase the storage capacity of your kitchen, so that it is more organized and more practical.

If you can't or don't want to install a drawer, but you still have space, there are shelves on the market, like the one we see just below that you might be interested in for your kitchen. They are very practical.

Ideas to organize a small kitchen

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Let's continue with more ideas to organize a small kitchen.

Ideas to organize a small kitchen

Install shelves under upper kitchen cabinets. There are areas where it is not possible, since the shelf would be under an area that we use or practically above the fire, but there may be a part where that space is for decoration, and there you can install a practical shelf that will solve some kitchen storage and organization problems.

A dish drainer on the wall to free up counter space

You can also take advantage of the empty space at the top of the sink to install a dish drainer above or on a free side wall, leaving more free space. You can buy this here on Amazon.

Ideas to organize a small kitchen

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A whole classic. Install shelves or shelves. After cabinets, this solution for organizing small kitchens is the most practical and useful.

A definitive solution to save space and have an organized kitchen, which can also serve to embellish its aesthetics.

Magnetic spice jars in the fridge

Using magnetic jars like these can also help you declutter drawers and keep at least the spices handy and tidy, and the kitchen organized.

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An Ikea Raskog cart for the kitchen

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Add a cart and you will add a great space for order and organization. I have the one you see in the image, Raskog, from Ikea, also in black, it's very practical.

See kitchen carts >

These ideas to organize a small kitchen are useful and practical. They can save us from more than one hurry and hardly consume time or economic expense.

What tricks or elements do you use to organize your kitchen? I would love to know what they are. I read you in the comments.

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