10 modern Schmidt kitchens that bring together the main trends for kitchens

As in all areas, in the kitchen, trends emerge, styles and materials are renewed and fashions are updated, resulting from time to time in certain well-defined trends that dominate the current market.

Thus, I have selected 10 modern Schmidt kitchens that incorporate the latest trends, whether in their finishes, design or materials, so that you can get to know them and thus choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs. I'm going to explain them to you.

scandinavian style

Schmidt's Nordic Kitchen

Schmidt kitchen and design

One of the latest trends in modern kitchens is the Scandinavian style, which has crept into our lives, even the kitchen, and never better said.

In this case, Schmidt opts for a kitchen in the always successful palette of white and wood, creating a very bright, timeless space, since it does not go out of style, but is above them, and with many natural nuances, especially thanks to the wood.

The island fronts in ribbed white, making the white look more natural than a standard gloss white or plain matt white, and the Inno'Quartz worktop in Perla, a neutral shade that goes perfectly with any style .

Naturally, these units and fronts can be ordered in another color and finish, although the "Nordic" effect would no longer be the same.

If you liked this kitchen, you can see all its details, finishes and references here.

If you are not much into the Nordic style for your kitchen, perhaps the following kitchen will interest you more.

elegant burgundy

Schmidt kitchen in Bordeaux

More details of this kitchen here.

As we saw recently in the trend colors for kitchens, burgundy was one of them.

And it is that this ostentatious color has the advantage of belonging to the range of elegant colors.

A burgundy kitchen has presence and personality, and works equally well combined with wood or lacquer, as we see in the kitchen above, where the burgundy color has been combined with matt black finishes, creating a fabulous designer kitchen with character.

Sirra color (burgundy) has been used for fronts, combined with Caneo color (black) for the rest of the accents.

Let's see another kitchen trend:

organic in nature

Organic Schmidt Kitchen

More details of this kitchen here.

The natural, the handmade and everything that takes us to our deepest roots has become very fashionable lately. We only have to see the rise of wabi sabi, the plants in the interior, the handmade furniture so in vogue, as well as many other trends that confirm this premise.

So, organic is a safe bet today. And when I say organic, I mean materials of an organic nature such as stone or wood, among others.

In fact, the Schmidt kitchen that we see above these lines is called Organic Softness.

It is designed with the Celest and Stucco Gray finishes, which imitate the organic texture of the stones, combined with wood finishes to enhance that organic characteristic we are talking about, and finished off with the Inno'Quartz countertops in Pearl and stratified Pastel Oak.

In wood

Schmidt kitchen in natural wood

Schmidt design and kitchen.

Yes, wood is a trend in kitchens. It is a classic material that, far from going out of fashion, has become even more fashionable. As I tell you, natural materials are at the forefront right now.

And not only traditional woods, as we will see below, but more exotic woods with more pronounced finishes, like the one we see in the kitchen above these lines:

It is the Arcos Twin model by Schmidt, in Canyon and Kashmir gray with matching countertop and central island in matt white.

A perfect combination that makes the imitation wood finish shine but not overload thanks to the white of the island and the gray of the cabinet fronts. A kitchen in perfect balance.

In classic woods

Schmidt modern kitchen in light wood and blue

More details of this kitchen here.

You don't have to go to exotic wood finishes if you don't want to. The more traditional woods, such as oak or pine, or their finishes are also a trend in kitchen furniture, like the one we see just above.

The advantage of these clear and classic finishes is that they go well with everything. You can design both a serene and bright kitchen, like the Scandinavian-style ones we saw at the beginning, or add some powerful color to create a kitchen with personality.

It is a light finish that allows you to add any other more forceful color or material.

The model that we see above these paragraphs is designed with the Arcos model and the Slowwood finish both on the fronts and on the stratified countertop.

all in wood

Schmidt kitchen in oak wood

More details of this kitchen here.

Continuing with wood in kitchens in the field of trends, all-wood kitchens are also in vogue. The sobriety and elegance of wood has nothing to compare with.

This type of kitchen, if chosen in a medium wood, light oak type or other medium wood tones, adapts both to modern spaces and to more traditional styles such as rustic.

The advantage of this type of kitchen is the inherent warmth that they bring to the space. Something very important if you like warm spaces since kitchens, due to their light and the ceramic floor and wall coverings, are usually cold spaces by nature.

The kitchen that we see above is designed with the Schmidt Major Eolis model in a pastel oak finish with stainless steel grooves and with a stratified worktop also in pastel oak and Uptown Dark.

black kitchens

Black Schmidt Kitchen

More details of this kitchen here.

It is not a new trend, but it is one of the most outstanding trends. Black kitchens have been imposed with great force.

Far from what it may seem at first, black kitchens have been the order of the day for years.

The successful design of a black kitchen depends on how it is combined and with what other materials, but if it is done well, a black kitchen is for life. Timeless. It's out of the fashion cycle.

In addition, it greatly favors other decorative styles that are also on trend, such as industrial or vintage.

In smooth, matt, gloss or with moldings, as we see in the black kitchen above these lines from Schmidt, with more presence and a classic touch, a black kitchen is a resounding yes.

This one we see is designed with the Frame model, (hence the moldings on the fronts) and with a quartz countertop in the Cenere color and a stratified Ranch color countertop.

in black and wood

Schmidt kitchen in black and wood

More details of this kitchen here.

Yes, just like white and wood kitchens, black and wood kitchens are also a trend.

As I said before, whether a black kitchen works decoratively speaking depends on what it is combined with.

And when combined with wood, it's a safe bet.

In addition, wood adds the warmth that black or any other neutral color usually lacks, giving the kitchen a more welcoming atmosphere.

This kitchen is designed with the Arcos Supermate model in Nano Black colour, like the worktop: a material that absorbs micro-scratches, keeping the kitchen in perfect condition, showing off that beautiful deep black, and combined with touches of composite Murphy wood for Arcos Edition models.

white kitchen

White Schmidt Kitchen

More details of this kitchen here.

Naturally, white is still the leading finish when it comes to kitchens. It is bright, it makes spaces bigger and lighter and it never, ever goes out of style.

Of course, depending on how it is combined, the kitchen will adopt a more modern or more classic style. Obvious.

If you bet on trends, combine white with wood and organic finishes such as stone, metal, wood or concrete and cement.

The Schmidt kitchen that we see above these paragraphs is designed with the Everest-colored shiny Strass model with a Nano Black-colored stratified worktop.

Green I want you green

Schmidt kitchen in green and concrete

Schmidt's Kitchen

If you have been looking for your ideal kitchen for some time, you will have realized that green is one of the colors that have burst onto the kitchen scene the strongest, right?

A green kitchen that can be integrated into any home, whether in a traditional space dedicated to the kitchen, or in a space that communicates with the patio or garden, as we see in the Schmidt kitchen above these lines.

Not only is the matt green of the kitchen fronts (Sencha color) the decisive protagonist of the kitchen, the worktop in natural gray tones with an organic rock-effect finish (Rocca Grey) and the wood of the floor are the elements that make the entire kitchen breathes that natural air, meaning that, as I said before, it can be installed both in a kitchen space and practically in the garden itself.

As you can see, there are some clear and well-defined trends in kitchens. Which one has interested you the most? I read you in the comments.

And if you are left wanting more, I recommend this other article with trendy colors for modern kitchens.

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