10 ways to decorate above a dresser

Decorating on top of a dresser, sideboard or any other piece of furniture is an art.

Depending on how we decorate on top of said piece of furniture, we can create a beautiful or disastrous corner. Including the furniture in that mess.

Luckily for everyone, we have certain resources at our disposal that, if we follow them, we can have a magazine decoration.

And that is what we are going to see right now:

You can watch the video where I tell you step by step, or below the video see the article with photos and text.

Put a central element

Decorate above the dresser

It is a very effective resource when it comes to decorating on top of a dresser and it is widely used.

In fact, it is practically essential when we want to achieve a decorative composition on top of the chest of drawers, sideboard, console, etc.

It is a matter of starting with a central element on the wall, (in this case a large painting has been placed) that is at least a little more than half the width of the piece of furniture, otherwise it would be disproportionate in size in terms of the piece of furniture.

By adding this central piece to the wall, presiding over the piece of furniture, we give meaning to everything, both to the piece of furniture itself and to the decoration.

And this is just as useful and true for everything else.

For example, for a radiator. Do you have a radiator in the middle of a wall like a goop and you don't know what to do with it?

Try putting a perfectly centered and proportionate element on top of the radiator and everything will make sense.

Continuing with this decorative resource to decorate above chests of drawers, receivers, sideboards and others, this central piece will make everything more balanced since being the main and focal point, it will enhance the location of the rest of the decorative elements and will hide the lack of balance or harmony, since the central element itself and the piece of furniture already have enough harmony so that we can then play with the rest of the decoration.

Decorate above a dresser

If in your case you have the chest of drawers, the sideboard or the piece of furniture in front of a window, you already have that central element.

It is not mandatory, far from it, but my biggest advice is that you always put a great central element, because without a doubt everything always looks better with it than without it.

Not only does it usually look better, but it will also be easier for you to create the decorative composition.

Let's see more ways to decorate on top of a dresser, sideboard, etc.

Create Symmetry

Decorate above the dresser with a symmetrical effect

We have already seen it in other articles, symmetry works well whether it is applied in large spaces or in still lifes and decoration to put on top of a dresser.

But for the symmetry to work well, there practically needs to be a central element that emphasizes the symmetrical decoration.

Then, we just have to add two equal pieces, one on each side, and in the middle, whatever we want.

It does not have to comply with any parameter or rule since the symmetrical effect and therefore the harmony in the decoration of that piece of furniture is already achieved by the central element and the two sides.


Asymmetric decoration above a sideboard

The resource of asymmetry is another very useful concept to create decorative compositions that put the console, receiver, etc. on top of the sideboard.

This resource, for me, creates the best compositions, although it is also the most "difficult" to apply.

Asymmetry consists of creating a decorative composition that if we cut it in half, each side is decorated in a different way, heights and volumes do not match, but as a whole it has harmony.

The key to achieving an asymmetric set that looks good is to balance the visual weight of the scene.

In this example, we see that the central element is not in the center, we also see that each side of the cabinet is decorated with different accessories of different heights.

But everything has balance. The visual weight does not go anywhere, but is offset.

Create triangles

Triangle decoration above the dresser

This decorative composition never fails when it comes to decorating chests of drawers, sideboards or shelves, even as we saw in the article on how to decorate shelves and shelves, as we saw in this video.

In addition, it is very easy to achieve.

Basically we have to create a triangle with the heights of the different decorative elements that we add to the furniture and we will have harmony in the whole.

Easy and effective.

Let's look at more ways to decorate above a dresser.

inverted triangle

Inverted triangle decoration above the dresser

Just as easy and effective as decorating on top of a chest of drawers using the triangle resource is to do it using the inverted triangle resource, as we see in the image above.

His own name leaves no room for doubt or imagination.

It is about putting the decorative elements on top of the dresser or sideboard in such a way that if we draw a line through its upper part joining them all, it would result in the drawing of an inverted triangle.

A single central element

Decorate above the dresser

Sometimes, if the central element that we are going to add is very powerful, very striking, such as a large painting, a huge mirror, etc., it may be that just putting a decorative accessory on top of the sideboard or console is enough.

As we see above, a large painting has been placed that takes all the attention.

And then a decorative ornament has been put on to match that painting.

And you don't need more to decorate the sideboard.

For this decorative resource to work better, the ideal, but not mandatory, is that the painting and the decorative accessory that goes on top of the console are united by design, materials, colors or style.

That is, they have something to do with each other.

create layers

layered decoration

Layers in decoration always work well because they give spaces a greater visual richness and fill and decorate the space not only in width or length, but also in depth.

With regard to the decoration above the sideboard, hall furniture, console, etc., we can create layers in many ways, but one that works very well is to use even the central element as one more layer and include it leaning on the furniture, either a painting or a mirror, as we see in this example above these paragraphs, where the painting has been placed as the first layer.

The central element remains the protagonist, the anchor, but forms the first and largest layer behind.

Then we add other layers in front, and to make sure all the layers fit together, we create a triangle or, as in this case, an inverted triangle, and this ensures a balanced composition.

Paintings and mirrors supported on the furniture

layered decoration

In line with the previous resource of creating layers, one of the most effective ways to create a more modern composition with a more original touch is to put the central element supported on the piece of furniture, instead of hanging on the wall, as we saw in the example previous.

This gives very good results due to the originality of putting the large decorative accessories that are usually hung on the walls supported by the furniture.

But for it to work well, it is advisable that we do not mix the same decorative objects.

For example, if we put a mirror as a great central element, the rest of the accessories that complete the scene are better if they are paintings or other accessories instead of mirrors.

On the contrary, if we put a painting as a central element, the rest of the decoration better be mirrors or other decorative accessories.

I don't want to say that you can't put more paintings or mirrors, but it works better, or it's more difficult to make a mistake, when you put different elements.

Use the rule of 3

The odd numbers in the decoration work very well. Especially groups of 3. They never fail.

So another great way to decorate above a dresser would be to use this resource.

It can be applied in many ways, one of them, we see it in this composition above.

In addition to the essential central element, 3 groups have been created and each group contains 3 elements.

Notice in this case that there is practically no triangle, no inverted triangle, practically no layers or anything.

But still the composition looks good and it is precisely for having used the rule of three or odd.

Sets of 3 elements always look good.

Group with trays

Decoration with trays above the dresser

This, more than a decorative resource, is also more of a decorative advice.

In many of the chests of drawers, sideboards and other similar furniture, they are often full of decorative objects: Photos, vases, squares, figures, air fresheners, etc.

I don't want to say that this is bad, far from it, but when there are so many decorative elements, neither those elements nor the set itself usually shine.

A very simple way to make them work and make that decoration above the dresser look beautiful and in harmony is to group these objects inside trays.

This will make everything look more organized and instead of having 20 packages, we will only have 3 or 4 or the trays that we decide to put.

It never fails. So if you look at your piece of furniture and you see it cluttered with objects and you want to redecorate it because you don't like it anymore, just try adding trays and you'll see how everything is much better.

In addition to these 10 ways to decorate on top of a dresser, these tips will help you create more beautiful compositions and avoid certain decorative mistakes.

Let everything keep proportion

This is not a way to decorate on top of a sideboard or console, but it is a resource that you always, without exception, have to take into account if you want that composition that you are going to create to look good and work.

Let's look at an example:

What is the main bulk of all the decorations we are looking at? The furniture, right? We are decorating on it. Well, it is the size of the furniture that you have to look at to choose the famous central element.

And from there, the rest comes by itself:

Decoration above the disproportionate dresser

If the central element is disproportionate to the piece of furniture, as we see in the example above where the mirror is too small for the chest of drawers, the rest of the decorative accessories that you put will surely also be disproportionate, since the guide, the anchor, the reference , which is the one that will guide you with the rest of the decoration, is disproportionate and the whole set will look bad.

So, take care of the proportion and put a central element that is at least more than half the width of the dresser, hall, console or any piece of furniture.

Before and after decoration on dresser

In this way, the anchor, the guide, will be proportionate and the rest of the decoration that you put based on that central element that serves as a guide, will also be proportionate and the whole set will be well decorated and balanced.

Put the main focus of attention on the walls

Decorate the wall above a dresser

When we have the walls so decorated that they are completely the main focus of attention, we can relax a lot in the decoration above the dresser, sideboard, console, etc.

Since the wall decoration itself will be enough to create a harmonious scene.

Decoration above the dresser

I am not saying that we cannot decorate the furniture, we can do it and create a symmetrical composition or in any other way that we want, what I am saying is that if we have the walls well decorated we can relax and not give so much importance to the decoration on top of the furniture .

Which sometimes comes in handy, such as for the most minimalist styles, since that way we can have a more uncluttered piece of furniture with less visual noise and it won't seem empty or half-finished.

Decorate above a minimalist style dresser

Minimalist decoration above the dresser

But this is not mandatory to decorate a dresser with a minimalist style, we can have completely smooth walls and create a stylish and minimalist decorative composition.

If it is your style, if it is what you want, you can use a large central element that matches the colors and style with the rest of the decoration of that space so as not to add much visual noise to the minimalist scene.

And then you can add some subtle decorative element here or there and it will be enough to decorate above the dresser creating a nice focal point.

In minimalist compositions, rather than playing with the elements, you play with their shape, you play with their lines, and you play with their arrangement.

With these resources you will be able to decorate on top of a chest of drawers or any other piece of furniture, and achieve a beautiful result that will make both the furniture and the decoration shine, as well as especially the whole set, creating a most beautiful corner in your home.

If you have any questions, leave me a comment and I will be happy to answer you.

You can also see these 10 decorative compositions to decorate on top of a dresser.

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