14 fruit peelers and cutters that you will want in your kitchen

The only handicap that fruit has for me is that of having to cut or peel it, because if the fruit came cut and presented just like in a buffet, for example, I would eat until I was full; but having to peel it, cut it or pit it, in the end I get lazy and I don't eat as much fruit as I should.

I don't know if the same thing happens to you.

Luckily we have at our disposal today very cheap and really easy to use fruit and vegetable peelers and cutters that facilitate the task of cutting and peeling fruit in a quite effective way, both for those of us who are a little lazy, like me, to peel and cut fruit, and for cooks so that the art of cooking is much more bearable .

Come with me let's see these 14 fruit and vegetable peelers and cutters I have prepared that if the same thing happens to you, you will want them all.

Garlic mincer press

Garlic cutting press

For chop garlic easily and quickly without staining our hands and that we smell garlic all day, we have this practical mincer or garlic press in which, with put the garlic on top of the blades and push with the lid, it will mince the garlic in a matter of seconds. View or buy on Amazon >

Apple slicer

apple slicer

The image speaks for itself. Adjust the center of the apple with the center of the blades and press until the entire apple is cut into delicious slices., in a second. View or buy on Amazon >

potato cutter

a potato cutter

How good are the fries! And how lazy to cut them. East potato cutter cuts them for us ready to throw them in the fryer or frying pan in a matter of seconds. Let's go wonderful. View or buy on Amazon>

Curly potato cutter knife

A cutter to make corrugated potatoes

I don't know why but curly potatoes taste better, right? Well now we can fry them at home whenever we want without having to buy them packaged and be able to use real potatoes, not that frozen garbage they sell. With this knife to cut curly potatoes we have it really easy. View or buy on Amazon >

Tomato stem cutter

.A tomato stem cutter

This other utensil is used both for cut the stem of the tomatoes as for the strawberries. Introduce the tip into the stem of the tomato or strawberry, close the blades and remove the stem cleanly. View or buy on Amazon >

watermelon slicer cutter

A watermelon slicer

My favorite fruit, watermelon. I love to eat it in summer especially; and, although it is not a very complicated fruit to cut, this slicer cutter makes it even easier. View or buy on Amazon >

Watermelon slicer II

A small melon and watermelon slicer cutter

In the style of the apple slicer that we saw before, this other utensil works in the same way. Is another way to cut a small watermelon or a melon in a few seconds in an easy way, although in this case, also the bark. View or buy on Amazon >

sliced ​​tomato cutter

A sliced ​​tomato cutter

It is not that this utensil cuts them by itself, but rather it is a kind of clamp with which we can grab the tomato and then pass the very sharp knife through its slots to easily cut a tomato into perfect slices. View or buy on Amazon >

corn cob peeler

A corn cob peeler

A really effective and easy-to-use tool for rip corn off the cob in no time. View or buy on Amazon >

Orange peeler for the finger

A manual orange peeler for the finger

Forget the knife and the many possibilities of cutting yourself with it every time you peel an orange and take a look at this practical and safe peeler for oranges or lemons. We put it on our finger, as if it were a ring and we make the cuts in the orange without danger of cutting ourselves. View or buy on Amazon >

pineapple slicer cutter

A pineapple slicer and cutter

Pineapple, another one of those complicated fruits to cut. More than complicated, it is that it becomes heavy, especially if we like to eat it daily. This cutter brings out the best of pineapple already sliced, wonderful! View or buy on Amazon >

cherry pitter

A cherry pitter

If I like watermelon, cherries and picotas drive me crazy. And this stoner is going to make it even easier for me this summer. View or buy on Amazon >

egg yolk separator

A yolk and white separator for eggs

It is not a fruit utensil, but I found it so practical that I had to put it in today's kitchen utensils batch. It is an easy-to-use egg yolk separator. We empty the egg into it, as if it were a spoon, and the white is strained through the slots it has while the yolk remains intact in the spoon. View or buy on Amazon >

Pepper corer

A pepper slicer

Another really easy to use and very, very practical tool. East The pepper drainer will allow us to make stuffed peppers much more easily, quickly and cleanly. than before View or buy on Amazon >

What do you think of these utensils for cutting and peeling fruits and vegetables? If you did not know them, I am sure that, now that you have seen them, you want most of them in your kitchen, but already.

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