14 ideas to hide indoor and outdoor air conditioning

The new models of air conditioning are becoming more sophisticated, both technologically speaking and aesthetically. They are better integrated into the decoration, some even add style.

But those of us who already have our traditional, white, ugly air conditioning, a hulk on the wall, or we camouflage it or hide it in some way or little adds to the decoration. Quite the opposite, right?

So, although there are few solutions to hide, cover and camouflage the split air conditioner, the refrigeration unit, as well as the motor, I have prepared a few good ideas that can help you hide it. Let's see them.

With custom furniture

A piece of furniture to hide the air conditioner

Vintage Meets Glam Photography

All the solutions that we are going to see, or at least almost all, go through covering it with some furniture or cover.

The only significant difference is what that cover or piece of furniture is like.

In this case, in the example of the image above, the blogger from Vintage Meets Glam, created a piece of furniture that completely covered it, with a wooden lattice front, so that the air could somehow escape, all in white , matching your decoration.

Let's keep going.

A versatile piece of furniture

A custom shoe cabinet to hide the air conditioning

Photography Engineer Your Space

Depending on where the air conditioning split is located, we can make a custom piece of furniture to hide it, but perhaps also adding a little more value, as in Engineer Your Space, where they have created a piece of furniture that, in addition to hiding the air, acts like a small cobbler.

completely hidden

A closed cabinet to hide the air conditioning

Photography Design Evolving for DesignSponge

For me it is one of the most aesthetic and definitive solutions. The problem with this idea is that when we want to use it, we have to open the doors where it is hidden.

In this case, blogger Mara Greenwald used an IKEA BILLY module to create the piece of furniture.

Camouflage it with a chest of drawers or any other piece of furniture

A chest of drawers to hide the air conditioner

Photography Sawsonskates

It's actually the same idea as all of them, only in this one, Saws on Skates created a structure that simulates a chest of drawers and that hides the air conditioning, integrating quite well into the decoration.

Depending on our style, we can adapt the furniture to make it fit with our decoration.

More ideas to hide the air conditioner indoors:

The ultimate solution

The most effective solution to hide the air conditioner

Photography ?

The most effective and definitive solution to hide the air is to make a brick box and close it in the ceiling, making it become, at least aesthetically, a centralized air conditioner.

It means doing a little work and leaving both the split and the motor recordable to change or repair them in the future, but if you are looking for an effective solution, this is the one you need.

Here you can ask for 3 free estimates from professionals in your area to do this small work at home if it is what you need.

Camouflage it with vinyl

Vinyls to camouflage the air conditioning

Photography Thousand Decoration Ideas

This is one of the fastest and cheapest solutions, but also less effective in terms of hiding it.

Basically all we're doing here is trying to make it fit more into the decor and give it some personality, and not look like a piece of plastic with no visual interest.

with wallpaper

Wallpaper to camouflage the air conditioner

Photography ?

We can also partially camouflage it by covering it with the same material as the wall, either with paint or wallpaper, as we see above these lines.

In this way we will continue to see it but it will not stand out, but will blend in with the environment.

Of design

LG Art Cool Inverter

LG Photography

All manufacturers of air conditioners know how little you like to have an appliance in the middle of the wall, spoiling the aesthetics of the space.

For this reason, each brand uses its solutions, such as designing splits that look like works of art, or like the firm LG, with its LG Art Cool Inverter model, which comes with a framed lid in which we can insert different sheets of paintings, and camouflage the air conditioner as if it were a work of art.

In addition to the split, many other people also have the motor inside the house, on the terrace or patio, and they also want to hide it, and in this case with more reason, since the motor is the biggest and ugliest part, since it does not It is usually given so much attention in terms of design.

In this case, I have also prepared some ideas, let's see them:

A custom engine cover

A blue painted wooden casing to hide the air conditioning motor

Photography ?

With wood, we can make a casing somewhat larger than the air conditioning motor to cover it, allowing the device to work correctly at all times and leaving it accessible.

As we can paint the wood the color we want, we can always add a personalized touch and camouflage it more or make it integrate into the exterior decoration of our patio, terrace or balcony, as if it were a radiator cover, come on.

natural wood

A wooden structure to hide the air conditioning motor outside

Photography Ugly Duckling House

Simple wooden boards that form a structure that covers the engine, unpainted and uncamouflaged, naturally, as they have done in Ugly Duckling House.


A masonry wall to hide the air conditioning motor

Bliss Ranch Photography

A brick wall that encloses the air conditioning motor, covered with a mosaic of tiles as they have done in Bliss Ranch.

for the garden

A wooden structure to hide the air conditioning motor in the garden

Photography Tarny Whiteaker

Being in the garden, and if it has grass or any other vegetal element that decorates the space, we can leave it in natural wood as Tarny Witeaker has done, and add plants so that the structure that covers it forms a natural part of the environment.

With wooden lattice

Wooden lattice to hide the air conditioning motor outside

Photography ?

They are decorative, cheap, protect appliances and can gracefully hide air conditioning motors. A wooden lattice is one of the fastest and most effective solutions for this.


A wall of wooden slats to hide the air conditioning motor on the terrace or balcony

Photography ?

We can also create a wall with wooden slats, covering the part where the motor is not, to give meaning to the part that does cover the motor and integrate it perfectly into our terrace or balcony.

As you can see, there are ideas and solutions, although most go through the same thing: Camouflage it or hide it by means of a casing. You just have to find your ideal case.

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How do you hide the air conditioning? Do you use any other solution that I haven't posted? I read you in the comments.

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