15 good ideas to decorate your niches and niches

The niches and niches in the walls are a good decorative idea as long as they are decorated well and take full advantage of these holes or crevices.

Because if they can not be counterproductive, decoratively speaking. Or that you just end up getting tired of seeing them.

That is why I have prepared these 15 good ideas to decorate niches and niches and get the most out of them decoratively. That's why you installed them, right?

We are going to see these solutions so that you can give style and personality to your walls:

Show your books upside down

Decorative niches in walls

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If you use them as a bookcase and you have white walls, a good solution to create a very attractive aesthetic focal point is to place your books with the spine hidden, showing their edge.

This solution is widely used in styling.

Look at the many decoration magazines out there, and you will see how many professional photographs show bookcases and shelves with books that have their spines turned upside down.

Sometimes it is done to not show the title of the books, since the publisher that publishes the magazine does not want them to be shown, but other times it is for pure aesthetics.

Because they look really good. They give a more traditional touch to the space; more authentic.

You only have to see the image above to realize that what I say is true.

You can also see here how to decorate a shelf in case you use your niches as shelves.

Create a symmetrical effect

Decorate niches at the entrance symmetrically

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As long as you have three consecutive niches or niches in a wall, you can carry out this idea that we see above these lines.

As you can see, the niches have been decorated by placing two round mirrors inside the sides and in the middle they have placed a family photograph.

This has created a symmetrical effect that is very pleasing to the eye, and offers a sleek and neat look.

Let’s see another idea that you can use to decorate your niches:

Create a photo gallery

Decorate niches with photographs

Photography Over Throw Martha

Another good idea to decorate a niche or niche is the one we see above.

It is about installing a gallery of family photographs, portraits or paintings.

I particularly like this idea because everything is more exposed as well as more collected.

It's a "clean" idea of ​​showing and enjoying a lot of photos without too much aesthetic noise.

Sometimes we wrap our heads around the blanket to add photos, paintings and prints and leave the walls like the Palace of Versailles in a “choni” version.

However, if we "put" everything in a niche (in a certain order, please), everything is more organized and collected.

If you are interested, here you can see 25 well-done compositions or galleries of paintings.

Decorate the niches with plants

Decorate niches with plants

Plants always look good.

In any house. In any style. Word.

And if we want to enhance their decorative appeal, we can install them in one of the wall niches.

It can be hanging them on the wall, with wall hanging planters, or in the following, more traditional way:

Decorate niches with plants

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Putting a vase in the middle on the poyete or sill of the niche, making it frame the plant and give it more prominence.

Decorate niches with bonsai

Continuing with the plants, a type of plant, or rather, a tree that fits very well within a niche is bonsai.

Look at the image above and don't tell me they don't look good.

Although to be completely honest, those are not even real niches, but wall stickers with niches. If you like them, you can buy them here.

Decorate the wall niches with color

Decorate niches with color

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This is my favorite idea for decorating alcoves and alcoves. Painting the niche with a great accent color looks fantastic.

But when it's done right, when it's done with style.

Because poorly applied color results in vulgar spaces.

In this case, a yellow hue creates an attractive focal point, while enhancing the warm, handcrafted aesthetic of the terracotta floors and furnishings.

Both the color and the rest favor each other.

Play with lighting and materials

Decorate niches with plants

This idea to decorate niches is more elaborate, but to decorate, for example, a large niche in the hall, it is worth the time and financial investment.

Note that the niche in question has not been decorated.

It has been backlit.

Then, a glass shelf has been added and on it a large gold metal vase with a Monstera Deliciosa, and the result is spectacular.

If you have a large niche that reaches the ground, install a piece of furniture

Decorate niches with paintings and hall furniture

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If you have a niche like the one we see above this paragraph, a good idea to decorate it and take advantage of it is to install a piece of furniture.

In this case, the niche was at the entrance, so a suspended hall cabinet was installed with a large and colorful multicolored painting that contrasts perfectly with the neutral gray of the walls.

But if you have the niche elsewhere, you can use other furniture, such as a desk or a table, for example.

Not only will you decorate it, but you will make good use of the space.

Let's see what else we can put to decorate niches:

Decorate the niches with pictures

Decorate the niches with pictures

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Well, it is true that in addition to paintings there are two plants in wall pots, and it is perfect.

But even if there were only the paintings, the idea would work fine.

Do you know how to make a print or canvas look more beautiful, deep and detailed? Adding a frame.

And in this case, we are not only framing the sheet or painting with the wooden frame, but the niche frames the whole set and gives it more prominence.

Do you have a painting that is special to you? Put it in a niche and you will see how well it looks.

Matching shape and design

Niches decorated with ethnic art

If you don't know what to put or what can look good inside the niches, I advise you to "study" their shape.

And based on that shape, add decorative elements that have a design according to the shape.

In this way you make sure that what you put inside the niche will look good on you.

Look at the image above. You may like more or less the art and ethnic decoration, but you will not deny me that it fits like a glove in those niches.

As you may have guessed, it is not because of the sculptures themselves, but because of their shape, which matches the shape of the individual niches.

Add a single piece

Decorate niches with a large vase

The niches or niches were created to place in them images that had a religious function.

They were like altars where different religious figures and icons were venerated.

Over time these holes in the walls have evolved and have been given a more ornamental use. But its function remains the same: to highlight something.

Thus, one of the best ways to highlight something within a niche is to make it shine on its own.

A single element within a niche has more prominence than several elements.

A beautiful vase, a sculpture, a painting... Any element you want to highlight, do it individually.

Integrate or mimic the niches to hide them

Decorate niches with color

Photography @dekohaneistanbul

I know of some cases in which the owner of the house did not want niches in the walls but there was already one of the previous owners in the house.

If this is your case, if you have niches and you want to remove them, you can only do one thing: do the work and close them with plasterboard.

But if you don't want to get involved in the work, you can always paint the niche the same color as the walls to blend it in and make it less prominent.

will continue to be seen but it will cease to be a focal point.

It is the same concept as when we want to make a piece of furniture that does not stand out as much or does not have as much visual weight. Blend it with the walls.

Install an applique

Decorate niches with sconces

Photography @thequeenofkingman

Appliques are one of the decorative elements that I like to use the most in projects.

They are like the icing on the cake, a perfect decorative accent. A decorative "bauble".

So placing a wall light inside a niche seems like a fantastic idea to me.

As we have seen before, by placing or decorating the niche with a single element, it will stand out even more.

If you like this idea, here you can see wall lights with cable and switch to decorate the walls and illuminate your house without the need for electrical installation.

Install similar materials

Decorate niches with wood

Design and photography @Ulakagung

Note the decoration of the three niches in the wall of this bedroom.

It's not a big deal, is it? And even so, the niches are perfect.

But it is not because of the decoration with which it has been decorated, but because of the wooden plank that each niche has at its base, which matches the wood of the rest of the bedroom.

With this gesture, the three niches have been perfectly integrated into the aesthetics of the bedroom.

So take a look at your space and see what materials dominate it, and then you can install or add that same material to the niche and thus make it work, decoratively speaking.

If you still need ideas, these 15 things to hang on the walls that are not pictures They will help you decide.

And if you think this article can help a friend or family member who wants to decorate or doesn't know what to put in their niches, share it. Thank you!

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