15 tricks to make an old house look modern

Tips to make an old house look modern

Before and after of an old to modern bedroom

To make an old house look more modern, we can employ a multitude of low-budget decorating tips and tricks.

Like these 15 that we are going to see below to make an old house look more modern.

Take note that we start:

Paint and decorate with a color palette

Any style can be created, with any color. Without exception.

But it is true that certain colors are more associated with a more modern aesthetic than others.

So, whether you are going to paint your house or decorate it and want a color palette to create a modern atmosphere, these may interest you:

black and white and gray.

Modern living room in white black and gray

This color palette, in addition to being modern, is also elegant. It adapts to all styles, but in a modern environment it works wonderfully.

You can also see the 17 colors that best combine with gray.

Navy white and pink.

Modern Bedroom in Navy, White and Pink

This is another one of the most stylish palettes out there because white and blue make up the classic elegant Navy aesthetic.

But in this case, by adding pink, we managed to update it and make this classic and elegant combination take on a very modern touch.

If you don't like pink, you can use mustard instead, it will create the same effect.

You can also see the 12 colors that combine with navy blue.

Grey, red and black.

Modern living room in red, gray and black

Gray and red work very well in modern spaces. If, in addition, we include black in accents, we create a very modern color palette.

You can also see the colors that best combine with red on walls and decoration.

soft roses, black and white.

Modern bedroom in pink, white and black

For those who want a more serene, cozy and natural environment, but with a dose of great personality, this palette is perfect to create this environment.

It is one of the most current color palettes of the moment.

You can also see the 12 colors that best combine with pink.

turquoise and white.

Modern living room in white and turquoise

The whole set of Kenay Home

One of the freshest and boldest combinations out there.

White creates bright spaces and admits any material, while turquoise gives it that modern and powerful touch of color, creating a palette with personality and modern.

You can also see the colors that best combine with turquoise.

Gray green, warm whites and gray.

Modern living room in grey-green, white and beige

This is another of the most current color palettes, and we can see it in many Nordic interiors.

Grayish green is serene, fresh and relaxing and when combined with white we create a very modern space.

If we add beige, we add the warmth that grayish green lacks creating a modern and balanced color scheme.

These palettes can also be implemented in other environments, and there are many others that we can use, but I wanted to highlight some of the simplest and most powerful to apply.

Check out these colors to make spaces look bigger.

Let's see more tips to make an old house look more modern:

Create a modern focal point

Create a focal point to make an old house look more modern

Creating a focal point is done almost every time you design a space and it is done for many reasons, but to make a house look more modern it is very useful, as well as simple and inexpensive.

By adding an accent of interest in any space, we inevitably guide the eye towards that point, and if that accent is modern, the first impression that room will give us is current.

Not only that, the focal points are created to subtract interest and camouflage the disadvantages or "defects" of any space, so, while you add, you hide.

Focal points can be created in many places and in many inexpensive ways.

The normal thing is to create the focal point where the house tells us.

Our own house already tells us what we can use as a focal point.

Old fireplace decorated in a modern way

Photography @The House i Love

For example, if your living room has a fireplace, that could be a good focal point.

If it's dated and you want to give it a new look, a lick of paint and some tiles can make it the center of attention as well as a much more modern fireplace.

If the main wall of your room is the sofa, a simple modern painting may be enough, in the bedroom the headboard wall is usually the main wall, you can put a modern decorative element, or you can also put a new headboard or simply add a great color accent.

All in all, identify the focal points of your home and add a great modern accent and you will make your house look more modern without a doubt.

You can also see how to renovate and decorate fireplaces. Or these 10 perfect colors to paint an accent wall.

Match the house with a color

We have already seen how creating a modern color palette gives that touch of modernity and uniformity to the whole house, but I understand that this is not easy when you already have the house completely decorated and furnished.

This resource is easier to execute when you start to furnish and decorate.

But uniting the house by a single color we can do it and with it, achieve greater harmony and beauty throughout the house and it can also be very simple and inexpensive to do.

Returning to the fireplace that we saw before painted in a beautiful navy blue, if we already have a great color accent at home that we love, as is the case, we only have to distribute this color throughout all the rooms, in large or smaller doses.

Modern decorative composition above the sideboard

Photography @The House i Love

A lamp here, a decorative element there, maybe paint the mirror the same color, add a picture somewhere else, maybe the shower curtain, etc.

In other words, small accessories that are cheap and easy to add, well distributed throughout the house, will give it that harmony that we are looking for.

At this point, don't just add. In some cases, we should also remove.

That is to say, there are houses that have so many objects and furniture that there are many colors, and even if we add a color for all the rooms, the rest of the colors, since there are so many, suppress this color accent and it is useless.

If this is your case and you want to do this trick that we are seeing, you can consider removing some of them and replacing them with the new color.

Maybe some new cushion covers, paint some furniture the same color, or similar.

In this way, the color accent will not be reduced by the rest of the colors and we will make the trick work and having reduced the number of colors that you have at home, it will now look more clear, uniform and modern.

Change outlets and switches

Black switch to make the house more modern

At Leroy Merlin for €7

These elements are the ones that go unnoticed the most and although it seems that they do not contribute much, you will not know the current patina that they can give to your house until you change them.

Best of all, they can be easily and cheaply exchanged for new, modern ones.

A small investment that will generate a big change.

Make your house look brighter

In general, houses that look old also look dark because of their dark and reddish wood furniture, and probably also because of the floors or even doors, since a few decades ago cherry or sapelli wood became very fashionable and many Houses to this day still retain that dark and heavy aesthetic.

So, if you make your house look brighter, you will also make it look lighter, more modern and this, believe me, is easier than it seems.

In this video you can make your house look brighter. It may be one of the biggest changes.

upgrade your furniture

Antique furniture in a modern house

At this point I am not just referring to painting and redecorating them to change their appearance for one more modern if necessary.

We have already seen this point a lot in other articles. I mean if you have old furniture that you like and you don't want to paint or change but you want to make it look more modern, you can.

To get started, you can watch this video with 5 solutions to integrate old furniture into modern spaces.

In addition, a solution that works very well to make an old piece of furniture look more modern, not only the piece of furniture, but the entire area, is to decorate it with modern elements.

Take a look at this antique piece of furniture:

Antique furniture in modern decor to make an old house look more modern

It has been decorated with modern elements such as paintings, contemporary art, etc.

And the result is fantastic. That old piece of furniture looks more modern, the whole space looks more modern.

You also don't need to buy pictures, art, or whatever, to make the piece of furniture look more modern.

You can use, for example, paint scraps and frame that piece of furniture or add a very modern accent to it with just paint.

Antique furniture in modern decor to make an old house look more modern

You can add a more current court plant, or any other element you have at home that is modern, without spending money.

By making your furniture look more current, like the biggest lumps in the house, your whole house will look more modern.

If you don't know where to start, don't get overwhelmed, just start with one, the one that makes you the most angry and then the others will come.

paint your doors

Paint the doors with color to make the house look modern

Dimples and Tangles Photography

We have already seen it in other articles, but there really is no more effective change within the economic changes, to make a house look more modern than painting the doors, especially if they are old.

Paint the doors with color to make the house look modern

Photography The Kimi Collective

Paint them the color you want, they always look good in white, but you can paint them in the color you want and at the time you do it, if you also change the handles and knobs, you will achieve one of the most substantial changes you can imagine.

Here you can see more colors for interior doors and get inspired.

Let's see more tricks to make an old house look modern.

Make the house feel more open and uncluttered

We have all seen how for a few years now, open kitchens and diaphanous spaces have become the order of the day.

In fact, today open, clear and diaphanous spaces are a trend in interior design.

Just the opposite of a few decades ago where houses were cluttered with heavy furniture.

So, if you have a piece that you no longer like, get rid of it. Give it away, sell it, or donate it.

And once you've gotten rid of it, see if your room can have another redistribution where everything looks more open, clearer and lighter.

And so you will not only make your house look more modern but also lighter and more comfortable.

I insist again that very loaded and crowded houses with heavy furniture are a thing of the past.

A light and simpler house offers a much more current look.

Mix styles and eras

Although there are very defined decorative styles, if there is any style that defines a modern house today it is the eclectic one, where different elements of different styles and periods dress the house.

And that is fantastic, because if we want to make our house look more modern, it is because we currently have antique elements and furniture.

And thanks to those antique furniture, we can combine eras and styles to make the house look more modern.

This advice works similar to decorating furniture with modern elements that we saw before.

But it is not just about doing it in all the furniture, but throughout the house taking advantage of the old furniture and decoration that we have.

Antique table combined with modern chairs

For example, we can use that old but precious dining table that we have to put some modern and cheap chairs and create a most current dining room taking advantage of our table.

Antique sideboard combined with modern decoration

We can use the old and heavy sideboard in the living room to create a modern picture gallery and create a very attractive and modern decoration, or that old and precious vintage bed that we have, when we combine it with modern elements it can transform our bedroom by complete.

In short, I cannot give more specific advice because it depends a lot on the furniture and your tastes, but the idea is to mix styles and eras well to achieve a very current aesthetic and above all with a lot of personality.

It cannot be done with all the furniture, but it can be done with many, and it is not about disguising or hiding old furniture, but about giving it prominence by combining it with elements from different periods and styles.

Renew your sofa to make the house look more modern

Before and after: New covers, a new sofa, a new living room

Project and covers by Comfort Work

No, I am not telling you to buy a new sofa because that would not be an economical idea, although if you want to do it, go ahead.

But if you don't want to and your sofa is outdated and you don't like it anymore, invest in a good sofa cover and you will achieve a spectacular change.

The sofa that we see above these lines has been renovated only with new covers. And the result is spectacular.

You have to think that the sofa is the largest package in a living room, and depending on how the sofa is seen, the living room will also be seen.

A rejuvenated sofa makes you a more modern living room without a doubt.

Matte finish paint

Painting, in almost any format and color, has four finishes:

  • Lacquered or high gloss.
  • Brightness.
  • Satin.
  • Mate.

Decades ago, gloss and satin finishes were the order of the day and, although these finishes are and will continue to be used depending on the style and space to be designed, it is true that gloss paints currently have an ancient patina and ancient.

Matte black paint

Modern interiors are painted with matte paints, this simple change can be radical to make the house look more modern.

If this tip is not for you, the following may help:

Add black details

Before and after from a classic piece of furniture to a modern piece of furniture painted in matt black

In addition to white or rather, better than white to make any element or environment look more modern, it is black.

Black rejuvenates.

So, I am not telling you to paint or put the whole house black, but for example, if you can paint some furniture black you will make it much younger.

You can also put some chairs with black accents, a floor or ceiling lamp, or any decorative ornament.

Black is and always will be, among other things, a young color.

Apply it in small accents here and there and you will rejuvenate the space.

You can also see these before and after redecorated furniture.

Change the old lamps

One of the details that most define an old house are the ancient ceiling lamps.

Be careful, they are beautiful lamps and if you like them I would never tell you to replace them, but if you want to make your house look more modern and you don't like them anymore, then don't hesitate, change them.

With this simple gesture you will be able to give it a most modern accent.

Naturally at this point I have also focused on an economic change.

Modern and elegant low cost economical lamp

Elegant ceiling lamp for €39 in Led Effect

And we can find modern lamps at a very good price.

Or we can even redecorate the one we have like blogger Nicole did with her lamp and for very little money have a new lamp:


Before: Antique lamp


After: Modern lamp

Project and photography Brikley Lane Interiors

The moment you replace them you will achieve a substantial change.

black and white paintings

Gallery of modern decorative prints on the sofa in black and white

The whole set of Desenio

Continuing with black, another detail that We can add to make the house look more modern is a gallery of photographs or decorative black and white prints.

This gesture can turn any wall, corner or space into a more modern one without a doubt.

And this is precisely due to the black and white of the decorative sheets and, of course, to their straight lines, since today the straight line is still widely used to achieve modern spaces.

Thus, straight lines and black and white ensure a most modern detail.

As for its location and size, apply it to your liking. If you don't know how or where, you can see these 25 decorative compositions of paintings.

plants and more plants

Antique furniture decorated with plants to make an old house look more modern

The heavy of the plants is over, you may be thinking, but they could not be missing from this article since simply adding some beautiful, modern and exuberant plants to an old space we can make it look more modern and of course more beautiful.

Any old furniture will look more beautiful, also if we put a nice pot we add more decoration and make the house look more modern.

Antique furniture decorated with plants to make an old house look more modern

This advice also refers to the focal point that we saw before, and that is that when adding several plants throughout the space, the eye is more focused on these striking green points than on the rest of the space, concealing its shortcomings or defects.

Video how to make your house more modern and less old

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