17 modern pink kitchens that will conquer you

Care must be taken when choosing a pink kitchen because if the color is not well managed or it is not combined correctly with the rest of the colors and materials, the result can look like a toy kitchen, without style, even extravagant.

But when pink is combined with the right design and the right materials and colours, the result is a spectacular modern pink kitchen, oozing with style and the envy of all who see it.

Like these 17 pink kitchens that I have collectedwhere the dominant color is pink, but it is the total set of elements that make these kitchens worthy of a magazine cover.

Would you like to have a pink kitchen? Before, take a look at these designs, and let yourself be captivated.

Article updated 7/14/19

A pink and black kitchen

Furblife photography and design

In combination with matte black and wood tones, this shade of pale pink is the star of this modern design kitchen. A pink kitchen that combines several trends. Geometric tiles combined with wood and pink on the walls.

modern pink kitchen

Design Emil Dervish

This other kitchen, designed by the architect Emil Dervish, has a pale pink tone all over its surface, but it is precisely the surface, smooth, without moldings or superfluous noise, which, with its simplicity, makes a kitchen completely flooded with pink , work.

modern pink kitchen

Kitchen by Wren Kitchens

A much less risky and equally decorative option. Leave the walls bare and paint them pink, like this kitchen model from Wren Kitchens. In this case, a medium pink tone goes perfectly with the neutral tones of the rest of the kitchen, creating a clean and uncomplicated setting.

a pink kitchen

Genevieve Photography

With subway-type tiles covering part of the kitchen, leaving the wall free to apply a pretty pink with a lot of presence that, with good lighting, will turn the kitchen into a pink oasis.

modern pink kitchen

Kitchen by Wren Kitchens

Pink is the perfect color to achieve a chic environment, even in a kitchen. Of course, as we have seen throughout the entire article, if it is combined with style, as the kitchen manufacturer and designer Wren Kitchens has done in this kitchen.

This kitchen with elegant proportions fulfills this premise. Subtle touches of pink accompany and color an almost entirely white space, creating a winning tandem.

modern pink kitchen

Design by Colombo & Serboli

More youthful, with a marked rebellious character, but without losing a bit of style or class, this other small kitchen in a Barcelona apartment, designed by the architect duo Colombo & Serboli, where the front has been painted pink, which combines marvel at the pristine white of the kitchen.

A modern pink kitchen

Cooking and Photography by Our City Lights for A Beautiful Mess

Okay, I know what you're thinking. But it is not an obstacle that you like Hello Kitty so that this kitchen has a lot of charm.

Pink in a strong tone, beautiful and with personality, and the rest all in bright white, creating an attractive and modern kitchen.

modern pink kitchen

Kitchen of Masterclass Kitchens

Matte black is a perfect color to combine with pink. In this way, achieving a more adult and sophisticated environment is easier, since black brings elegance and sobriety, as we see in this kitchen from Masterclass Kitchens.

Likewise, it is the wide and thick frames of the furniture that provide a touch of distinction and elegance that black masterfully enhances.

A kitchen in pink tones

Emabihor Photography

The kitchen itself is white, but the walls are mortared in a very chic dusty pink and tan. That tone gives the kitchen an intoxicating and enveloping atmosphere.

That handmade and rustic nuance that the wall covering gives it adds a lot of decoration. Define the style of the kitchen.

A modern pink kitchen

Organized Motherhood Photography

It is actually a white kitchen, but by having several details in intense pink and nothing else, they give a pink air to the entire kitchen, creating a space that is not saturated, in perfect balance. It's a simple way to turn a white kitchen into a pink kitchen.

A kitchen with pink tiles

Photography @Weepaciesinteriors by Wee Spaces studio

You can also cover the kitchen countertop with pink tiles, and if you have a good stretch, like in this kitchen designed by Vinithra from Wee Spaces Studio, you will create an extremely pink environment. And pretty too. Have you seen how well it combines with the blue of the furniture?

modern pink kitchen

Superfront Photography

Much simpler but no less beautiful for that, we see this other kitchen that only has a system of furniture and cabinets in the lower part, in pink tones, customized or redecorated by the panels of the Superfront firm, and all finished off with a marble countertop. Once again, it is black, in this case on the chairs, which tastefully closes the color palette of this modern kitchen.

Odd Kitchen by Patricia Bustos

Photography Home Decor

Green is another color that goes very well with green, as interior designer Patricia Bustos knows when she designed this spectacular kitchen at Casa Decor in 2018, in shades of pink, green and turquoise.

a pink kitchen

Photography Lady Muck Crosby

Modern, current, simple and elegant. Perfect this other kitchen in pink tones with black handles, white marble on the countertop, matching the floor tiles and a tile with a large pattern and relief dressing the kitchen sill.

a pink kitchen

Photography Making my House a Home

If you leave the walls or the top of the walls untiled, you can easily paint a very, very soft pretty shade of pink, creating a light but intoxicating space. Have you noticed the enveloping atmosphere of this kitchen? Soft pink when combined with white and there is good lighting creates these environments.

a pink kitchen

Photography Jeff Mindell for StudioDIY Instagram @studiodiy

And to finish off this beautiful kitchen designed by the DIY studio, with pale pink furniture combined with white brick on the walls creating an extremely interesting contrast. The gilding of the handles is another element that makes this kitchen work so well.

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