19 colors to paint your kitchen and get it right

Taking into account that most kitchens are covered with tiles and that they are not usually painted, or rather, it was not customary to paint tiles, surely you have come this far or because your kitchen has plaster walls and you want kitchen painting ideas or because you are tired of kitchen tile color and you want to paint it.

Well, whatever the reason, let's see some kitchens painted in different colors and tips so you can be inspired and see what color to paint the kitchen

Let's start with the small ones.

What color to paint a small kitchen

Painting a small kitchen will not make it larger or make the place where we cook more spacious, but it can give a greater feeling of spaciousness and make us feel more comfortable. To choose the color to paint a small kitchen we should base ourselves on whether we are going to spend a lot of time in it or little.

Paint a small kitchen in which we are going to spend a lot of time:

Perhaps, even if the kitchen is small, we can install an office and thus be able to eat in it, or we love to cook and spend long hours in the kitchen.

In this case you have to create a pleasant, warm environment, an environment that does not tire. For this reason, the most suitable colors to paint a small kitchen in which we are going to spend a lot of time are light colours.

White, off-white, ivory, soft grays, earth tones and pastel colors.

These colors will make the kitchen more pleasant, more comfortable and warmer. A place where you want to be.

Here are some examples of small painted kitchens in which you can spend long periods of time without being overwhelmed by their size, thanks to the colors with which they are painted.

Photography @jacpainting

In soft earth tones, which always work well with any other color and also create a warm atmosphere. If you like this color for your kitchen, you can use the Bruguer Solid Gray color that you can buy here. A very soft and warm shade of grey.

A kitchen painted in grayish earth tones

This other kitchen is painted in a soft greyish earth tone, like the previous one, but this kitchen with a shade of more intense color, giving more presence to the walls, but without saturating them. If you like this color, you need Bruguer Peru Intermediate Pearl, which you can buy here.

A light gray painted kitchen

Photography Deb at No 70

Light gray. Gray is a neutral color, so we can then add any other materials and colors that will work well with gray. No problem.

A kitchen painted yellow

Photography The Olive Branch Kitchens

Ivory in colour. A bright and welcoming color that works well with all kinds of colors and materials, making it easy to mix and match.

Although these colors are the most appropriate for paint a small kitchen in which we are going to spend a lot of time, there are also other happier colors to which we can resort if the previous colors seem too… bland. We can use light blues, soft greens, light pinks, very soft oranges or pale yellows. These colors will give a more cheerful touch to the kitchen without overloading it due to its small space. Here are some examples:

Small kitchen painted pink.

A pale pink painted kitchen

Photography @UrbabanKitchenSuk by Urban Kitchen Suk

Pale pink. Although only the upper parts of the walls that were not covered with tiles have been painted, pink is also a perfect color to paint a kitchen, if you like it of course.

Small kitchen painted soft green.

A soft mint green painted kitchen

Pastel mint green but with a grayish tone that is a very elegant and almost neutral color. Also, very refreshing.

A soft orange painted kitchen

Nimú Study Project | Photography Jose Luis de Lara

Soft orange, almost peach. A very fresh color that combines very well with the white of the kitchen furniture and is an appropriate tone for a space like this. Very current.

A turquoise painted kitchen

BMK Study Project

In a beautiful turquoise blue that combines wonderfully with white, and with other color accents as we see in this kitchen designed by the BMK studio

These colors that we have seen are ideal for painting small kitchens in which we are going to make home life. But if we have a small kitchen, which we hardly ever step on because we eat or dine out and hardly use it, we can use other more vivid or stronger colors to paint it, even if it is small, because by not spending much time in it, we do not run the risk that this gives us a feeling of being overwhelmed.

How to paint a small kitchen in which we are not going to spend much time:

Here are some examples of brightly painted small kitchens. But remember, these colors are only suitable for small kitchens where we don't spend a lot of time.

Small kitchen painted yellow.

A kitchen painted yellow

Maxipixel Photography

Yellow is another color that is not often seen in kitchens, at least on the walls that are painted, but it is a very bright color, the brightest, by the way, cheerful, vital and full of energy. Don't you like yellow to paint your kitchen?

A white painted kitchen

Photography by Jose Chas | Abracadabra Decor Project

In white, of course. It will always remain one of the best colors to paint a kitchen.

A kitchen painted purple

Goth Photography It Yourself

Purple is another of the colors that we can use to paint a kitchen. It normally creates modern spaces with personality, since it is a very strong color. On the other hand, it combines very well with white and with wood.

Another factor to consider when painting small kitchens is the ceiling. In a small kitchen it is recommended to always paint the ceilings whitebecause in this way a sensation of greater height is created.

What color to paint a large kitchen.

A large kitchen gives us more possibilities when choosing a color. Being larger, the strongest or most vivid colors of the chromatic circle such as red, orange or yellow have more space.

But, even if the kitchen is large, there are colors that are not very suitable, for example red and orange together, since they give a sensation of heat by representing the colors of fire.

Black is also not an appropriate color to paint a kitchen no matter how large it may be, because the kitchen is a place that must be clean since it is where we prepare and eat food and black does not give a feeling of cleanliness, quite the opposite. as it absorbs light creating gloomy spaces.

Another color that is not suitable for painting a kitchen is blue. Perhaps we can paint a wall or piece of furniture blue, but an entire kitchen painted blue is not a good idea.

Blue is a color that suppresses the appetite, so it is obviously not recommended to put it in the kitchen.

Here are some examples of large kitchens painted the right colors. Take note and be inspired.

A light green painted kitchen

Photography @UrbabanKitchenSuk by Urban Kitchen Suk

Light green, a spring green that carries some yellowish pigmentation and makes the color warmer. In addition, this color combines perfectly with wood, a material of which there is usually a lot in a kitchen, or in almost all kitchens.

A kitchen painted red

Red is another of the most sought-after colors when it comes to painting a kitchen. Of course you can apply it. In addition, it combines great with natural wood.

A Salmon Painted Kitchen

Design and photography Old Brand New | Instagram @dabito

Salmon, a fresh, revitalizing color that combines very well with many other colors, as we see in the beautiful kitchen above these lines.

Large green painted kitchen.

A dark green painted kitchen

Seen on Pinterest

A beautiful kitchen with walls painted in a very elegant deep green, which combines wonderfully with the white of the furniture.

A kitchen painted green

Photography Milly Eaton

Of a green a little less raised than tone. As we have already seen, we could use it to paint the kitchen. Of course, as long as the rest complements well. Here you can know the colors that combine with green.

And it is that as the saying goes, there is no ugly color but poorly combined.

A brown and yellow painted kitchen

Photography Saviesa House

Yellow and brown. Two colors that get along very well, and that, well combined, like all of them, can create a very modern and stylish kitchen.

A kitchen painted black

No Glitter No Glory Cooking and Photography

in black It is not the first color that I would recommend, but black is in fashion, it has always been a very elegant color, and if it is combined and applied with care, it creates beautiful kitchens, like these 25 black kitchens that you can see here.

We hope that these tips have helped you choose the color to paint the kitchen. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can leave us a comment and we will gladly assist you. You can also see these ideas for painting kitchen cabinets.

As you can see, although I have told you that if such a color is not appropriate for a small kitchen, a large kitchen or one in which we are going to spend a lot or a little time, in the end, if it is combined well, any color will do.

Now you can also see this other article with ideas to decorate a kitchen without tiles.

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