20 ideas to decorate the house for free with what you already have

Ideas to decorate the house for free or with little money

I remember when I was little, there were days when I would go to school and when I came home in the morning to eat, my mother had redecorated the living room without leaving the house.

I changed furniture, decorative elements, paintings, books, etc. And all this without buying anything, without adding anything more than what was already there, but the change was a totally new room. A new look.

The truth is that at that time I didn't care, but today, looking back, I admire the great work my mother did with what she had, and the radical change she achieved in the living room.

Surely you also have a similar memory, right?

The fact is that with what we have we can redecorate the house, for free, and without having to leave it. And that is what we are going to see next: 20 ideas to decorate the house with what you already have and without leaving it.

Below you have a video where I tell you these ideas, if you prefer to see the photos and the text, the article begins below the video:


rearrange the furniture

  • change the furniture:

Decorate the house for free and without leaving it

Photography by Lee Medina

If space allows it, give the room a new approach by changing the furniture. Start with the sofa, since it is the one that rules in the living room. Then, based on it, redistribute the rest of the furniture.

Don't do it randomly. If not, first think about what that change would benefit you right now. For example: By moving the sofa to that wall that receives sun in the morning, I can sit on it and enjoy the morning sun sitting on the sofa. It is just an example: study your living room and take advantage of any changes.

Change and redistribute objects

You will see how effective these changes are. You won't know how much until you do them, but then you'll be surprised.

Change your carpets to decorate the house without leaving it and for free

Photography by Loren from @bluebarnandcottage

I'm not telling you to buy a new one, but to move the rugs around. For example, do you have a rug in the living room, and you already have it very visible? Move her to the bedroom. Or vice versa. That rug you have in the bedroom, put it in the living room. Do you have a rug on the side of the bed? Move her to the hallway. Etc etc.

A change of place, a change of context for a decorative object produces a huge change in how we perceive that object. We give it a new look, a new approach that will make both the decorative object and the space look different.

  • Change and rearrange the pictures on the walls:

Change the place pictures to decorate the house without leaving it and for free

Photography by Jan Skacelik Art Instagram @janskacelik

The same thing happens with the pictures on the walls. You can take that painting that you have in the living room and put it at the head of the bed. Or vice versa, the painting that dresses the headboard of the bed, take it to the wall of the sofa.

But not only changing the place boxes will help you redecorate the house, but also its organization. That is, you can create a new gallery based on the picture frames. Put together the ones with wooden frames, or the ones with thick frames, or the ones with black frames.

You can also play with the content of the box. Match them by colors, by shapes, by content...

In some cases you can use the same fasteners and supports for the paintings, in others you will have to put a new one. But, unless the frames are very heavy, and by a lot I mean more than 6 or 7 kilos, you can use the new fasteners that allow you to install frames without drilling holes, such as Command strips among others, which you can buy online here for €5.

Let's keep going.

  • Rearrange your shelves:

Change the decorations on your shelves to decorate the house without leaving it and for free

Photography Not Just a House Wife

You can reorganize the elements that you already have on your shelves by changing their location and creating beautiful decorative sets. By colors, symmetrically, asymmetrically, etc.

The contents of the shelves, including books, have enormous potential to redecorate the house. To do it right and take advantage of these objects and make the change effective, here you can see 20 ideas for decorating shelves and how to do it.

  • Change the decoration of your coffee table:

Change the decoration of the coffee table to decorate the house without leaving it and for free

Entire Kenay Home suite

In the center table of your home you have decorative elements in it. Change them and it will change the look of your table. It will have a renewed air and simply changing four little things, as is commonly said. Here you can see 40 ideas to decorate a coffee table and get inspired.

  • Change the decoration of your dining table:

Free decorated dining table without leaving home

Entire Kenay Home suite

Likewise, on the dining table you will also have a centerpiece decorating it. Well, it's time to change that center for other objects you already have at home and give it a different touch. Here you can see 35 ideas to decorate a dining table. So you can see what you can put on it.

Redistribute your cushions:

Decoration with cushions without leaving home and for free

Photography Erika Wittlieb

The cushions are another of the objects that contribute the most to a decoration. Gather all that you have. Both those of the sofa, such as those of the beds, armchairs and others, and change them of place, match them in a different way from how you had them and give a new air to your sofa and therefore to your living room, bedroom, etc.

It is a simple resource and in an hour you will have given a great change to the house, for free and without leaving it.


Do you have any leftover paint at home from that time you painted the hallway, for example? Well, you will see the changes you can achieve.

Paint a wall accent:

Free Painted Accent Wall Without Leaving Home

Photography and colors by Bruguer

If the rest of the paint you have gives you enough to paint an entire wall, you can create an accent wall in the living room, bedroom or any other place you want to redecorate, and the change in space will be radical.

  • paint some geometric shape:

Geometric shape painted on the wall for free and without leaving home

Photography and colors by Bruguer

Another way to take advantage of that leftover paint is to add a geometric shape to a wall, creating an accent. A circle, a square, a hexagon... Whatever you like best.

  • Create a mural with different colors:

Colorful mural painted on the wall for free and without leaving home

Photography by Leroy Merlin and Houzz

To carry out this idea you will need more than one color. But if you have it, it seems to me a perfect solution to use them and decorate the house with what you already have without spending anything.

Baseboard painted on the wall for free and without leaving home

Photography My Deer Art Shop

Skirting boards are another wonderful resource that can completely change the style of a room. Also, right now they are very fashionable. If you like this idea, here you can see 20 ideas to paint a baseboard.

  • Paint the back wall of the shelves or shelves:

Background of shelves painted for free and without leaving home

The Sweetest Digs Project

If you have open shelves, which lack a bottom, and the end of the shelves are the walls themselves, you can redecorate and renew your shelf by painting the bottom with a contrasting color. It is a very simple resource and with tremendous decorative power.

  • Paint your terracotta pots:

Clay or terracotta pots painted for free and without leaving home

Bohemian Kate Project

Plastic paint or tempera are perfect for painting the clay or terracotta pots you have and changing their style. If nothing comes to mind, here you can see 60 ideas for painting and decorating terracotta pots.

You can take advantage of that remaining paint in many ways on your walls and other surfaces and create a great change at home, for free and without leaving it.

And speaking of pots...

  • You can add more plants:

Plants to decorate the house for free and without leaving it

Photography Thousand Decoration Ideas

It's not It is necessary that you buy new ones, you can plant cuttings from the ones you already have, and in a short time you will have new plants. Of course, what you are going to need are pots or create a container to put them in, but plants, you can add more.

Let's continue with more ideas to decorate the house for free with what we already have:

washi tape

Do you have washi tape? If so, as you well know, with it you can redecorate everything. And when I say everything, I mean decorating from the walls to the doors, including furniture and decorative objects. Let's see some examples of what you can do with this tape in one morning:

Wall decorated with wahsi tape for free and without leaving home

Little Green Notebook Project

You can give a wall style and personality with a little washi tape or colored duct tape. You have a lot of inspiration on the internet to get good ideas to decorate the walls with this tape.

Furniture decorated with wahsi tape for free and without leaving home

Brit + Co project

Renew and give a second life to that piece of furniture that you have that you no longer like with the washi tape. Don't tell me this example doesn't look really good.

Ceiling fan decorated with free washi tape and without leaving home

Project In My Own Style

Decorate its blades, each one in a different color, and when it rotates and the colors mix, they will create an interesting effect. And if they don't rotate, you add a very attractive note of color to your entire space.

These are just a few examples of what you can do with this tape. And if you don't have it at home, you can always order it online. Look at this pack of 50 rolls for €16. And here you can see 30 more ideas to decorate with washi tape.

with wallpaper

We can also take advantage of the scraps of wallpaper that we have left over from putting it in the bedroom or in the living room or any other part, and we have kept it there for years. Depending on the meters you have you can do different things. I give you some examples of what you can do with scraps of wallpaper to decorate the house for free without leaving it.

wallpaper headboards

Photography and project BMK Studio

If it does not reach you to wallpaper an entire wall, which I am sure, since a scrap is not enough for that, maybe it will give you to create an accent, or wallpaper a specific part of the wall, such as the headboard area of ​​the bed , creating a most attractive decorative nuance.

Furniture decorated with vinyl or wallpaper

Coloray Stickers Paper

Whether it's the front of the drawers, or the bottom of the shelves, as we saw before with paint, you can completely change the look of a piece of furniture with those scraps of wallpaper.

Decorate door with free wallpaper and without leaving home

Sweet Home Wallpaper

If you have old doors that you want to change, before doing so, try giving them a second chance. Either with paint, here you can see ideas for painting interior doors, or taking advantage of that scrap of wallpaper we are talking about.

As you can see, with these 20 ideas you can transform your entire house for free and without leaving it. Do not make excuses, if you want changes, you can make them. And if they have not known you, here you can see another 55 ideas to decorate the house for free.

What else do you suggest to decorate the house without leaving it? I read you in the comments.

And if you think this article may be interesting for a friend or family member, share it.

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