20 very small kitchens with great space and decoration tricks

Decoration tips for small kitchens

My kitchen is very, very small, just over 7 m², but I get by comfortably. I love my kitchen. And that has been thanks to the fact that I have had no choice but to use ingenuity and solutions and adapt them to my space until I have managed to a small but practical, functional and beautiful kitchen.

And like me, there are many more people equally with their mini kitchens, but also with great space and decoration tricks that they have adapted to their small kitchens, like these 20 tricks to make the most of a small kitchen that we are going to see next in these 20 small kitchens that we can learn from great tricks to make our small kitchen more practical, comfortable and decorative.

You can also watch this video with 30 ideas for small kitchens. Below you have the article with text and photographs.

Take advantage of the side of furniture and cabinets

Ideas to make the most of your small kitchen

Photography The Chronicles of Home

You can install some shelves or shelves on the outside of the sides of the cabinets, whenever you have, of course, and take advantage of that space to keep the countertop clear and gain storage space, which in a kitchen, as you well know, is never enough.

Let's see more ideas to take advantage of a small kitchen.

Install a folding table

Folding table for small kitchens from IKEA

from IKEA

Adding a folding table on a free wall, if we have it, will make the kitchen more functional and we will make better use of it. Even that folding table can serve as a side table to prepare food at any given time. The one you see above these lines is the IKEA Norbo table.

It is comfortable, practical and will allow us to have a table, office or an area to prepare extra food.

Do you have a free wall? Then take advantage and put a folding table.

Install cabinets on both walls

Ideas to make the most of your small kitchen

Seen on Pinterest

The kitchen will be narrower but totally optimized. Although it is small, you will have plenty of space to store and store everything.

bet on white

A small white kitchen

Seen on Pinterest

Although there is no physical trick in this other kitchen that we see above these lines, if you are going to set up your kitchen, you like white and you have little space, go for it.

To add color and warmth, you can always do it through the wooden countertop or any other element with a cozy character.

White kitchens are visually larger and also bright.

If you liked this white kitchen, here you can see another 50 white kitchens. to inspire you and design your own kitchen.

Add a portable island

A small kitchen with mobile island

Crafer Club Photography

If we do not have space for an island, since we are talking about very small kitchens and I doubt there is space to put an island in the middle, we can stick it to the wall.

It is basically the same idea as the wall-mounted folding table that we saw before, but with the difference that with this island, we can also take advantage of the lower part to store other elements and that, being mobile, we can move it to the place where we need it. as a table or support workbench inside the kitchen.

Once we have finished, we put it back in its place in the kitchen, or outside of it.

We can also make one ourselves, as they have done in Club Crafter, or here, with other 28 ideas to make a kitchen island.

Take advantage of the bottom of the tall cabinets

Tips to make the most of your small kitchen

From Amazon

Cup holders and other supports will help you have more space to store and organize in case you do not fit more things in the cupboards.

In this way, everything will be organized. In sight, yes. But organized and by hand.

think narrow

A small and narrow kitchen

Seen on Pinterest

If our mini kitchen is narrow, we have to think narrow. Luckily today there is furniture that adapts to all needs and finding narrow furniture is not a problem.

Kitchen countertops and furniture do not, these have to have adequate anthropometric measurements, and you cannot lower many centimeters, but auxiliary furniture can.

Choose narrow furniture.

Let's keep going.

Add shelves on the walls

Tricks to make the most of your small kitchen: Shelves on the walls

Photography @huizedop

Ideally, the entire kitchen has cabinets, in order to make the most of the available space.

But if not, we can use open shelves for two reasons:

The first, they will add storage space and also decoration.

The second, when they are open, the bottom of the wall will be seen and they will not overload the space as much as the cabinets.

Take a good look at all your walls. Can't put shelves on one? If you need storage space, you're already late.

take advantage of the roof

Tips to make the most of your small kitchen

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You can hang a support from the ceiling to help you store and organize certain accessories

In general, there is usually nothing above the sink in many kitchens. Take advantage of the heights and you will gain space in the kitchen.

Blend the furniture with the walls

Tips for a small kitchen

Photography and Cooking Cedar Hill Farmhouse

We can also make the kitchen blend in with the walls, or, more easily, paint the walls in the color of the kitchen so that everything is well integrated and the space seems larger.

This is a popular visual trick indoors when you want to make a space look bigger.

As furniture and walls are painted the same color, the eye does not perceive contrast and everything seems deeper.

If you are interested in this option, here you can see 19 kitchen colors, here kitchens without tiles, and here, ideas for painting kitchen furniture.

Let's keep going.

The lines, straight

A modern black and white kitchen

Straight cabinets with simple, primary lines and smooth fronts offer a more uncluttered and "clean" look, at least visually, and their nature is perfect for small kitchens.

The larger models, with a lot of molding, listellos and other decorations in the furniture are pieces with more visual weight, and they recharge the spaces more.

cabinets to the ceiling

A kitchen with cabinets up to the ceiling

A Shade of Teal Photography

Whether the apartment has high ceilings or not, the ideal in a small kitchen is to make the cabinets reach the ceiling, taking advantage of every inch.

Otherwise it would be wasting precious space.

Although when they design your kitchen, the designer or interior designer will take it into account, it is worth reminding them.

Cabinets to the ceiling.

transparent furniture

Kitchen with transparent chairs

Photography by Silvia Caballero

It is not a small kitchen, far from it, but as we can see, light materials such as glass and transparent plastic do not overload the space and are visually thinner and lighter.

If you like this type of modern finish, try integrating a piece to see how it looks, perhaps replacing some wooden furniture or chair, which have more visual weight.

High gloss lacquered finishes

A small kitchen in gloss white and wood

Seen on Pinterest

Glossy white finishes reflect a higher percentage of light, making the kitchen brighter and visually larger.

Even if you choose black furniture, if it is gloss, it will reflect more light.

Not everyone likes them. Some people prefer kitchen furniture and cabinets in matte. But glitter is an option.

No upper cabinets

Tricks to make the most of your small kitchen

Genevieve Photography

It does not usually happen, but if you do not need so much storage space, I repeat, something very rare, do not put upper cabinets.

It may also be the case that you have a large pantry where you can store and store all the elements of the kitchen and with the downstairs cupboards will manage.

If you don't put cabinets upstairs, the kitchen will seem much more spacious and uncluttered.

The kitchen front in mirror

Tips to make the most of your small kitchen

Seen on Pinterest

Another good trick for a very small kitchen is to make the windowsill or front of the kitchen, as they say, glass.

It will have to be kept clean for it to look good and it may be adding a little more to the daily task, but it will double the light and enhance a visual amplitude that will come in handy for our kitchen.

Many people do not consider this to be a good solution either, because it implies having to keep the front clean, since it will probably get stained every time we cook, at least in the area of ​​the burners.

What do you think?

Clear glass cabinet doors

IKEA kitchen with glass front cabinets

IKEA kitchen

If we put the front of the upper cabinets in transparent glass, these will be lighter and visually they will take up much less space, since the bottom of the cabinet will be seen.

The "but" that this solution has is that the content inside will be seen. But if that doesn't matter to you, cabinets with glass fronts will lighten the visual weight of your kitchen, making it visually larger.

Open up the kitchen, knock down a partition

A kitchen open to the living room by the Sincro studio

Photography and interior design Sincro Studio

And if you are looking for a definitive solution instead of a trick, pulling down a partition will make the kitchen grow considerably, in addition to gaining a lot of light in it.

There are many ways to open a kitchen to the living room, depending on what you need and the structure of your home. Here you can see 10 solutions to open the kitchen to the living room that will help you decide.

Of course, that the decision to throw a partition is advised and insured by a professional.

Make it pretty, make it special

Tricks to make the most of your small kitchen

Photography Old Brand new | Instagram @dabito

It is true, this option is not going to give you more meters or more storage space, but who cares when you have an incredibly beautiful kitchen.

Not seriously; the style, the good taste and the personality that you imprint on the design, make it special. They will make you love your kitchen, even if it is small. Although it lacks space.

They are very small kitchens, real kitchens, kitchens from which we can learn a lot. Do you have a mini kitchen? Do you want to tell me any tricks you use? I read you in the comments.

And now, don't stop there and look at these 10 good ideas to organize a small kitchen.

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