40 charming rustic kitchens

As much as decorative trends are updated towards new concepts and materials, I am one of those who think that these are cyclical and that everything returns to its origin. An example are the kitchens, where the rural returns with more force bringing back the rustic kitchens to the top; Although well thought out, rustic kitchens never went away. Yes indeed, They have evolved.

With this premise in mind, we have prepared a fantastic collection of photos and ideas of rustic kitchensdivided into four sections, so you can see the one that really interests you directly, or explore them all, taking notes and filling yourself with inspiration.

Modern rustic kitchens

A modern rustic black and white kitchen

Photography and Cooking by Home Made Lovely

Open shelves, subway tile on the countertop in white, and rustic wood on furniture and countertops, all contrasted with a black tone that creates a beautiful modern rustic kitchen.

A modern rustic white and gray kitchen

A Shade Of Teal Photography

More traditional, all in white, with imitation stone tiles covering the front of the kitchen and the backsplash of the bar.

A modern rustic kitchen in white with black details and very bright

Table and Hearth Photography and Cooking

All in white, with a large bar where the countertop is in black, where the sink is located. Tolix-type stools with wooden seats and rustic accents such as the front lined with river stone make up this other modern rustic kitchen.

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A modern rustic kitchen in blue and white

The Wicker House Photography and Cooking

Rustic, white and blue, a very attractive color combination for this rugged style, as they create a light and charming atmosphere.

A modern rustic kitchen with a large kitchen island

Photography and cooking by Kristen Hewitt

Traditional, spacious and all in white, with a large kitchen island that serves as a bar with the sink area included.

A modern rustic kitchen with a cooking island

The Harper House Photography and Cooking

More traditional, farmhouse style, with the walls covered in white painted wood, matching the rest of the cabinets and the kitchen island.

A modern rustic kitchen with a dining area

Sarah Daisy's Photography and Cooking

Very similar, but with a charming rustic touch in the dining area with the exposed brick wall and the large wrought iron lamp in the shape of a rustic wheel chandelier. The rest, the parapet covered with subway-type tile, combined with wood on the rest of the walls, also in white tones.

A modern rustic kitchen in white with reclaimed wood

Blesser House Photography and Cooking

In this other rustic kitchen, the bar has been covered with recovered wood, which gives it a very authentic touch, along with the rope lamps and the rustic vintage sign that presides over the kitchen.

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A modern rustic kitchen with a charming dining area

Photography and Cooking Cedar Hill Farmhouse

What is beautiful about this other kitchen is in the beautiful dining area, with the Provencal-cut chairs and the table in an aged white finish, creating a very beautiful scene.

A modern rustic kitchen with a large dining area

Our Blessed House Photography and Cooking

With a more modern style, open to the living room, with straight lines dominating the space and larger, this other kitchen also has its strong point in the dining area, where various pieces of furniture of different styles are combined in a successful way.

A modern rustic kitchen in white

Photography and kitchen of Living Locurto

White, with light wooden floors, perfectly optimized and making the most of each space. The Tolix steel stools are a success.

A modern rustic kitchen with faux stone tile

Paging Supermom Photography and Cooking

In white, with the walls covered in imitation stone tiles and furniture with moldings, since furniture with smooth surfaces is unusual in the rustic style. With moldings they fit better and have more presence.

A large open modern rustic kitchen

Daly Digs Photography and Cooking

Modern, large and charming country farmhouse style.

A rustic modern open plan kitchen with Windsor chairs

Photography and project by Priya Creates

With subway-type tiles in a very light gray, which is combined with the tone of the wood that covers the furniture in the lower part of the kitchen, and with the charming Windsor-type chairs.

A modern rustic kitchen with open shelving and black and white

A Blossoming Life Photography and Project

When black and white are combined, even in a rustic-style kitchen, a more up-to-date and contemporary atmosphere is created.

modern rustic kitchen

ShutterStock photo

In this type of kitchen, colors are used or can be used more than in the more traditional ones.

modern rustic kitchen

ShutterStock photo

Rustic style dark wood furniture and cabinets and on the wall an effect with imitation stoneand some more details such as the taps, is all that this kitchen has to adopt the rustic style.

modern rustic kitchen

ShutterStock photo

Although they are completely covered in rustic wood, the most current kitchens of this style, they differ a lot from the traditional ones because they have more treated woodless vast, among other details.

modern rustic kitchen

ShutterStock photo

Smooth surfaces in combination with steel and chrome They coexist in the same space to create a modern rustic kitchen.

modern rustic kitchen

ShutterStock photo

Even for lovers of minimalism, a rustic kitchen can also be integrated, as we see in the image above, or in this one that we appreciate right here below.

modern rustic kitchen

ShutterStock photo

It seems impossible to think of two such opposite styles so well united in the kitchen, right? It is a good example in which we see that we do not have to give up the most modern elements even though we want a kitchen with a rural character.

Small rustic kitchens

A charming small rustic kitchen in white and very bright

Photography and Kitchen by Driven By Decor

All in white, to gain light and make it visually larger, with a charming detail in the exposed wooden shelves.

A small rustic kitchen with the prominence in the details

Photography and Cooking Sweet Parrish Place

This other small rustic kitchen has a lot of charm, and it resides especially in the accessories that dress it. It is a great example that with four little things, as it is commonly said, a great aesthetic can be achieved.

A small rustic kitchen with open shelves

White Cottage Home and Living Photography and Kitchen

In white and gray, well used, and, again, with exposed shelves, which look spectacular in a kitchen. Another advantage of these shelves is that they take up less visual space, since a cabinet would reduce the space a lot. It is true that to keep a shelf in sight it always has to be tidy, but it can be a useful resource in some cases.

small rustic kitchen

ShutterStock photo

The size is not at odds with the style, whatever it may be. This is how we have been seeing it over the years at Mil Ideas. With the small kitchens the same thing happens, you can print on them the style you preferin this case, the rustic style. It is true that when you have less space you have to use ingenuity and use materials and meters with more thought, but as we are going to see with these examples, you can have a beautiful rustic kitchen in a rather small space.

small rustic kitchen

ShutterStock photo

White, naturally, is the color that best suits small spaces, even if they are made of brick or stone.

A small rustic kitchen in white and wood

Photography and cooking by Sandra Morgan Living

With a modern style, but with details rustic farmhouse, such as the white wood that covers the sink area, combined with natural wood, white and subway tile, also in white.

small rustic kitchen

ShutterStock photo

Add touches of natural wood to white it makes the kitchen take on a very warm hue.

Rustic built-in kitchens

By rustic kitchens we mean kitchens that have been built especially for that space. The entire space has been designed, including ceilings, floors and walls, not just the furniture and its finishes: an integral rustic kitchen. How are you that we are going to explore right now.

Rustic kitchen

ShutterStock photo

Metal is another of the great protagonists of this style.

Rustic kitchen

ShutterStock photo

A built-in bar that acts as an island with a sink included. A great idea. Although when you have space everything is much easier.

Rustic kitchen

ShutterStock photo

Granite and marble contrast nicely with the roughness and warmth of wood.

Rustic kitchen

ShutterStock photo

What do you think of the stone-lined office that we see in this other rustic kitchen?

Rustic kitchen

ShutterStock photo

This really is an authentic rustic kitchen.

Rustic kitchen

ShutterStock photo

Another magnificent rustic kitchen loaded with details, from the floor to the ceiling, passing through the furniture and the wooden windows and doors.

white rustic kitchens

Although almost any color will fit in a rustic kitchen, as long as it is added with grace and style, it seems that white stands out among all the others. And it doesn't surprise me: luminous, warm when you know how to combine it and very patient in many of its tones. The rustic white kitchens they have a special air in which rural tradition and freshness coexist between the stoves, like these that we are going to enjoy right now.

white rustic kitchen

ShutterStock photo

You have to try to add elements that provide some warmth and break the monotony of white, like the natural wood we see in this other kitchen, where even the floor is white.

white rustic kitchen

ShutterStock photo

If there are no free walls to paint them white, the furniture will be responsible for the kitchen being described as a white kitchen; as we see in the image above or in this one below.

white rustic kitchen

ShutterStock photo

Provencal style, delicate and rustic. Very nice. Effects and painting techniques such as breezes, florentine lands, genesis or similar works very well in rustic spaces. Find out more about painting techniques.

A rustic white kitchen with no tiles on top

Photography Thousand Decoration Ideas

Another option that we can explore for rustic kitchen furniture if we want it in white is aged or worn white. Add more character and personality to furniture.

white rustic kitchen

Brandy Sawyer Photography and Project

Something more traditional. Create a bar or office with natural wood planks, to add an authentic rustic touch and contrast with the white that reigns in the kitchen.

What do you think of these photos of rustic kitchens? Do you have any doubt or suggestion? Tell me in a comment.

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