5 good ideas to decorate with photographs that always work

Decorating with paintings and photographs is an art and, with all the options that we have at our disposal between photographs, prints, frames, sizes and compositions, it is normal that, when we get down to work, we feel overwhelmed by so many options. .

So, I have collected 5 ideas that always work and are easy to apply. Choose the one that best suits your tastes, your style and decoration. we start

1. Decorative photo calendars

Decorate with photos: Personalized calendars

When we hear decorating with calendars, those old calendars where scantily clad boys and girls came out and that we saw a lot in some car repair shops may come to mind, right?

Things have changed, and a lot. And when I say now make a calendar with photos to decorate with personalized decorative calendars, I mean calendars with a design that adds decoration, practical and useful and with personalized photographs.

This item never fails. You do not need a lot of space either, since it is a single element (larger or smaller), depending on your tastes and images.

But if you want to get it right the first time, making a calendar with photos like the ones we are seeing is a safe bet.

Do you have an empty corner and want to decorate it with some photos that you never get tired of looking at? This may be the best solution.

Just select those photos you love, choose the size and layout of the calendar, and you're good to go. Put it on the wall and add a unique, endearing decorative touch that adds decoration.

black and white photographs

Decorate with black and white photos

It is well known that the tandem of black and white is elegant by nature. Not only that, black and white are above fashion. They will always be timeless.

On the other hand, as I'm sure you also know, white and black are neutral colors.

This, among other things, tells us that they combine with absolutely any other color, so it does not matter what color you have painted your walls or the color of your furniture and other decorative elements.

A gallery of photos, prints or paintings in black and white always combines, does not go out of style and is elegant and modern by nature.

In other words, decorating or creating a gallery of black and white photos, paintings or prints is always a success and that is why it has to appear in this article.

Let's look at the following:

Expose your passion

Decorate with photographs: Your hobbies

In my decorative projects, when we want to put or decorate with a painting, we always present several options to the client, but not so that they can put those paintings or those photos, we only present them so that they have an idea of ​​how it can look .

And why don't we present them to them so they can put those paintings or photographs? Easy, because paintings and photographs are like perfume.

Something very personal, something that has to come out of the tastes of the person who is going to live in that house.

Whether it is a photograph, a canvas or a sheet, it should always be chosen personally, no one else should choose it for you, since that painting or photograph with which you are going to decorate your walls not only adds decoration, but should also add emotional charge.

In short, to ensure that a painting fits us well, not only does it have to be the perfect size and place, it also has to enchant us and make us feel.

If you meet these requirements, you are guaranteed success.

And, leaving family photos, friends or pets aside, what is better to make us feel than that hobby that we carry inside and that awakens so much passion in us?

So, another way to be sure to get it right when decorating with photographs or paintings is to expose models that express your passion, whatever it may be.

That way you are never wrong, because it is a decision that comes from your heart, from your most personal tastes.

Let's see another idea:

Lean them on furniture

Decorate with photographs supported by furniture

Another of the easiest ideas or solutions to get it right when decorating with photos or decorative sheets is to put these, instead of on the wall, on a piece of furniture, a shelf, a sideboard, etc.

Why is this a safe bet? For originality.

Normally, in the collective imagination, we all have the idea of ​​a gallery of photos or pictures or prints on the wall.

At the moment we move an element that we think has to go to the wall, and we put it on top of a piece of furniture, the scene is charged with originality, due to the “rare” location.

You do not believe me? You just have to look at any decoration magazine and you will see that in all the houses that come out, the stylists, before photographing, place the paintings, photos and decorative sheets in this way.

And that's because it's a sure hit. If you had not noticed, from now on, pay attention and you will see that in all the sideboards and other similar furniture, you will always see paintings or photos supported by them.

As I say, it never fails. Let's keep going:

frame a piece of furniture

Decorate with family photos

Another way to create a photo gallery and get it right is to “frame” a piece of furniture.

An example, we see above these lines. In this house of a client from Chile, the owner told me that he had many family photos and that he would like to decorate his house with them, but that he did not know how to put them so that they would look good.

So what we did is put them all in the same frame and create a gallery that would frame and preside over a piece of furniture underneath. In this case, the nice piano.

And as you can see, it looks fantastic.

Not only because of the images, but because they frame and preside over the cabinet below and it is the cabinet itself that makes the photographs integrate perfectly into the scene.

So, choose a wall where you have a piece of furniture, whatever it is, and put a gallery that occupies what the furniture occupies, so that the gallery presides over it and frames it.

In this way you make sure that the photo gallery will be perfect.

Another sure hit.

Thanks for being there. And if you think this article can help a friend or family member, share it. Thank you!

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