50 Most Beautiful Modern White Kitchens

It is somewhat presumptuous to say that these are the most beautiful modern white kitchens but I have to admit that each and every one of them is absolutely beautiful, it is perfectly decorated and they are all very modern.

Some have a minimalist style, with straight and pure lines; others are more rustic, but with current finishes; others also have a vintage air, even retro; but still, they are all modern, current white kitchensto add them in any contemporary home and bragging about having the prettiest kitchen of all.

So, no matter what your decorative style is, because among these photos that we are going to see next, surely you will find the kitchen of your dreams, as long as it is white and modern cut. Let's see them. Take note and get ready to be filled with inspiration.

Article updated 7/16/19

A beautiful modern white kitchen

Photography @froken.frida

All white kitchen, with the countertop also in shades of gray and the countertop of the island in wood, but it is the decoration with plants and other decorative details that make it one of the most beautiful white kitchens.

Let's keep going.

A white kitchen with an island

Photography by Jose Chas | Abracadabra Decor Project

This beautiful white kitchen is one of the projects of the Abracadabra Decor studio, and is equipped with a Kitchenin Vigo kitchen in L format. White and in wood, very current and bright, with relief cabinets, and all within an incomparable setting modernist style mosaic.

A beautiful modern white kitchen

Seen on Pinterest

All in white with straight lines, with the Gola-type handles also in white, with the wooden floor except for a border that has been left near the ceramic work area to be able to clean without damaging the wood.

A beautiful modern white kitchen

A galley kitchen with an island where the burners and the kitchen table are housed, open to the living room, all in gloss white with the floor in gloss black, and the front in backlit lacquered glass.

A beautiful modern white kitchen

Design and photography by Dreierlei Liebelei Instagram @NadineBurck

This other kitchen is smaller, but equally beautiful and modern, it also has white furniture, subway tile on the front and the rest of the wall painted white, all combined with warm wood on the countertop and floor.

A white, modern and beautiful kitchen

If you like spacious and white kitchens, you will love this one. A large kitchen in white, with a very modern aesthetic and a large kitchen island that houses the sink and a bar.

A beautiful modern white kitchen

All in white, but with many details in black, making it acquire a more elegant hue, thanks to the combination of black and white.

A beautiful modern white kitchen

Photography Once Upon a Home

The only thing white about this other kitchen is the base units and cabinets, as the rest has been left untiled to apply two shades of grey, creating a neutral palette of white, gray and black with a large wood accent thanks to the countertop.

A white and wood kitchen with an island

Bornelo Interior Design Project | Photography Kamal Photography

In this other white kitchen, the predominant materials are white lacquer and wood in light colors, which shine in a very bright space thanks to the large windows it has.

A white kitchen with an island

Lucio Reforms Project | Photography Lupe Clemente

Nordic style, completely white, with a wooden floor that matches the seats of the stools in the bar area of ​​the island, which also houses the fires. A vertical garden on the wall, decorates and provides fresh herbs.

A kitchen with an island

Abrils Studio Project

White, spacious with a concrete floor, kitchen furniture in white with rim-type handles also in white, and with a large central island framed in a modernist mosaic floor.

A modern white kitchen with a center island

Photography Maria Pujol | Marta Ametller Project

Leaving minimalism aside and straight lines, this other kitchen with a modern cut shows off its moldings in its cabinets, making the kitchen more welcoming and has more presence, just like the medium-tone wood countertop that dresses the kitchen. However, the central island with the area of ​​the fires has been added in a format of straight lines and lacquered.

A modern white kitchen with an island

Laia Ubia Project | Photography Noemi de la Peña

If you are lucky enough to have exposed wooden beams in your kitchen, the resulting contrast between the roughness of the beams and the immaculate surfaces of the straight-lined white kitchen will create a kitchen with personality.

A white kitchen with an island

The Worker Queen Project

With a concrete floor, a material that is seen more and more indoors, this other kitchen sports a modern total white aesthetic, with a central island where the sink is located, and which also serves as a bar.

A white kitchen with a wooden floor and exposed shelves

Centsational Style Photography

Simpler, more traditional, but warm, thanks to the wooden floor, with presence, by the subway-type tiles with bevel and relief that cover the sill and the walls, with exposed shelves, and without tall furniture.

A white kitchen with wood

Project and photography Almost Make Perfect

Returning to straight lines, but also cozy, thanks to the large amount of wood used and combined with white surfaces, it is the kitchen of the well-known blogger Molly from Amost Make Perfect.

A spacious white kitchen

Project and photography Fantastic Frank

Large, bright, with plenty of cupboards and storage space and all in white, except for the marble clad windowsill. The wood of the floor provides the necessary warmth.

A compact white kitchen in a Nordic style

Project and photography Fantastic Frank

Nordic style, small, compact but with beautiful lines, and the countertop and front are covered in decorative stone with natural effects that contrasts with the pure white of the cabinets.

A kitchen in white tones in a Nordic style

Project and photography Fantastic Frank

The entire kitchen is impressive. From the kitchen itself, with off-white furniture, to the rest of the large space, where we can see the dining table with classic Thonet chairs, and the wooden floor in light tones.

A traditional style white kitchen

Project and photography Decor Aid

More traditional and American style. With coarser surfaces but equally elegant, generous in size and very current.

A white kitchen with black subway tile

Project and photography Decor Aid

Simple, but it deserves to be on this list for the perfect optimization of space, as well as for the daring combination of materials, textures and colors. Windowsill covered with melange black subway tile, white furniture and kitchen, and modernist floor.

A minimalist white kitchen

Totally minimalist design, in white tones, with a large kitchen island that also serves as an office.

A modern black and white kitchen

Project and photography Decor Aid

In black and white, it never fails, but unlike others with an almost futuristic look, this kitchen has character and personality.

A white kitchen with a black and white floor

Photography by Silvia Caballero

Perfectly optimized, and all in white except for the black stone countertops. To highlight the pattern of the floor mosaic also in black and white.

A spacious white kitchen with a black ceiling

Photography by Silvia Caballero

Magnificent white kitchen, with a floor in very light tones and with a dining area made up of a metal and glass table and Louis Ghost chairs by Philippe Starck that reinforce the lightness of the entire kitchen, despite being very spacious. The roof in black, lowers, visually speaking.

A white kitchen with lots of wood

Photography by Silvia Caballero

Smaller, more attractive, but very stylish and welcoming, thanks to the wood that covers the countertop. The office supported in part by the wooden pillars tops the scene with great originality.

A white kitchen with a modern style and straight lines

Project by Sebastian Bayona Bayeltecnics Design.

If you like modern kitchens, with straight and spacious lines, this is a good design to inspire you. A magnificent galley kitchen with a modern look that relies on minimalism to achieve an almost futuristic aesthetic with impeccable workmanship.

A modern white kitchen

Project by Sebastian Bayona Bayeltecnics Design

This other white kitchen, also designed by the Bayeltecnics interior design studio, deserves to be on this list of the 50 most beautiful white kitchens just because of the contrast between the countertop and the sill with the rest of it, all white and straight lines and with some well thought out shots.

A white kitchen with wood

Project by Sebastian Bayona Bayeltecnics Design

Also from the Bayeltecnics studio by Sebastián Bayona, we see this other kitchen, more welcoming, in which wood in light tones with large veins give warmth and personality to the entire space. The rest, a superb exercise in optimization of space, completes the kitchen.

A white kitchen with lacquered furniture

All in white, except for the cupboards above in a broken white lacquer, and with the kitchen front in lacquered glass.

beautiful modern white kitchen

photo Nicola Blackmore

White kitchen with one wall painted chalkboard paint.

A white kitchen with faux wood tiles

All white furniture, with moldings to give them more presence and avoid the smooth surfaces of minimalism. It is true that the rest of the kitchen is covered with imitation wood slabs and a wall painted in tan gray.

A white kitchen with the front clad in black.

All in white, but with many black accents, such as the countertop covered with black embossed tile, industrial-style stools and lamps also in black and other shades, which make the kitchen elegant and timeless.

A white kitchen with a center island

Spacious, bright and all in white, with a central island where it houses an office area and the sink, with the sill lined with gray subway-type tiles.

An all white kitchen with white painted walls

All in white, except for the wooden countertop, with the front lined with mosaic-type hexagonal tiles, and the walls painted white without tiling.

A white kitchen in wood and marble

All in white: Wood, stone and marble. And with touches of natural wood on the floor and in the fire area to give warmth to the space.

beautiful modern white kitchen

photos 7th House on the Left

Moderate white kitchen with a small office or bar.

beautiful modern white kitchen

Design and photography Dougelissa

Beautiful kitchen front lined with subway type tiles.

A modern white kitchen

Design and photography by Jennifer Paro

This other kitchen has a very modern and cozy style, with white furniture combined with a cozy wooden countertop that matches the wooden floor.

beautiful modern white kitchen

Photo Blank Space Studio

Another one of my favourites. The image speaks for itself.

A white kitchen with blue painted walls

BMK Study Project

This other white kitchen is beautiful, in which the walls have been left uncoated, and have been painted blue, contrasting with the Tolix stools in orange.

Interior design and photography Sincro Studio

The Sincro studio designs this other beautiful modern white kitchen open to the living room, matching the entire space, also with a modern cut, straight and minimalist lines.

Interior design and photography Sincro Studio

Also from the sincro studio is this other beautiful all-white kitchen, with the sill covered in elegant marble. A sophisticated and modern kitchen, also open to the living room, with a panel of wooden slats acting as a separator.

What had he told you? Are white kitchens prettier or not? I am convinced that if you were looking for ideas for such a kitchen, you have found your ideal kitchen. Or am I wrong? I read you in the comments.

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