7 ideas to create a vintage kitchen

Creating or decorating a vintage kitchen is easier than it seems. This style has very defined decorative elements that, by changing them for the ones we already have or adding them if they are missing, we can easily give the kitchen a charming vintage air. Vintage chairs or stools, lamps and other elements that we are going to see next, are the ones with which we are going to create our new charming kitchen. Let us begin.

Vintage chairs and stools

How to decorate a vintage kitchen: Vintage stools

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Vintage chairs or stools like these can replace existing chairs or stools and make a big impact.

As I say, everything related to this style has a lot of character and also a huge presence.

A simple change of chairs or stools for ones of this style will transform the space. And today we can find them at a very good price.

Those made of metal and also if they have a worn effect, further enhance the vintage style. Let's keep going.

vintage lamps

How to decorate a vintage kitchen: Vintage lamps and sconces

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A minor investment but with great potential to convert or create a vintage kitchen.

There is a huge range of vintage lamps to choose the one that best suits our tastes and demands.

Some that work very well are hanging light bulbs or vintage black sconces.

You can add a couple of them, if your kitchen allows it, or change the one on the ceiling, even put wall sconces. And if you have a bar or office, the lamps that illuminate in this area offer us a great opportunity to add a valuable vintage decorative element.

here you can see 10 perfect ceiling lamps for the kitchen table.

Home appliances

How to decorate a vintage kitchen: SMEG refrigerator

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It may be a big investment, but the change is guaranteed.

Vintage or retro appliances, such as SMEG refrigerators, which are one of the most desired brands, and although they are not really vintage, they fit perfectly with this style, they can be decisive in the transformation of the kitchen.

The advantage of the SMEG is that, in addition to being of quality and very decorative, they are available in a huge range of colors and choose the one that best suits our style.

In addition, there is no need to do any work, or modify the cabinets or the structure of the kitchen to make a hole, because we already have it.

It is simply replacing one refrigerator with another.

Authentic vintage furniture

How to decorate a vintage kitchen: Authentic vintage furniture

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Nowadays it is easier than ever to get hold of an authentic vintage piece of furniture.

Flea markets, Wallapop, eBay, Vibbo... We may even find one in a dumpster, or know a family member or friend who is going to get rid of one.

If we have the opportunity and we can add it to the kitchen, we will have managed to introduce a true decorative treasure, as well as being practical and functional.

Professional furniture is currently a must.


How to decorate a vintage kitchen: Wood

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Along with metal, wood is another of the materials that is most commonly seen in a vintage environment, regardless of the space we are talking about, be it kitchen, living room or bedroom.

Add wood to give it warmth and create an environment conducive to this style. And the rougher the wood, the better.

If you can add exposed brick, or recover the original, you will have gained a vintage decorative bonus.

Shelves or shelves

How to decorate a vintage kitchen: wooden shelves

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Another simple element to add that will also allow us to introduce wood, are the visible shelves or shelves. If you have a hole in one of the kitchen walls, this type of shelves is a plus for the kitchen, and it increases storage space, and also adds decoration.

here you can see kitchen shelves.

Vintage prints, paintings and posters

How to decorate a vintage kitchen: Vintage prints and posters

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Something that can completely define a decorative style and even more so if we talk about the vintage style.

Old posters, decorative sheets, signs, paintings... anything goes.

It is an element that perfectly defines this style and that will be like the icing on the cake of your kitchen decorative project.

It doesn't need to be as big as the one we see above these lines if you don't want to. Something more subtle would also work very well.

Although a certain investment must be made, as in any project that is carried out, we can create or transform a vintage kitchen quite easily and cheaply. Don't you think?

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