Create a charming reading corner in just 1 m²

For those of us who like to read, we know how to appreciate both a good book and a good space to gladly delight ourselves with the pleasure of reading, right?

A quiet space, without noise, with light, warm, comfortable...

And where is such a space? Exactly, inside our house.

Many of you will think that to have a Reading corner you need a lot of space at home, or special furniture, or perhaps a large library or bookshelf and you have not decided to create a reading corner for some of these reasons, but as we are going to see today, having a little corner at home for our literary moment is much simpler than one might expect.

Therefore, I wanted to collect several photos and ideas to create a reading corner.

Some do require certain furniture and a larger space.

But others, only some accessories such as cushions, chairs or armchairs, furniture that fit in 1 m² where we can have our irresistible and charming reading corner.

Let's see them, take good note of all of them so you can create your own.

Let us begin.

A bright and stylish reading corner

Photography The Sweetest Digs

If you don't have or don't want to put a chaise lounge because of space or price, you can always use a comfortable and decorative pouf, which can be easily put on and taken off.

As you can see, this reading corner is less than 2 m², and it's really charming, don't you think?

It doesn't take much, and you can even reduce it further.

A stylish reading corner

Photography Erik Olsson

The Mariposa chair in white, a boho pouf in white and a small table, and a floor lamp. The books, as she said before, on the floor. And they are not so bad. From magazine. If you like this chair, you can buy it here on Amazon. They have different prices and colors.

A chic and stylish reading corner

Photography by Classy Clutter

With style. Gold, blue and coral tones to create a very chic reading corner. A long-haired rug at the foot of the chair to give that warm and welcoming touch that all reading corners should have.

A modern and practical reading corner

Photography Thousand Decoration Ideas

Modern, with a large bookcase and an armchair that overflows with color, as in yellow, contrasting with the black of the wall, with a white vinyl.

A modern design reading corner

Photography by Sarah Sherman Samuel

More current, contemporary, almost minimalist, this other beautiful reading corner. They are the furniture and elements that form it, those that add and add decoration.

A reading corner with a burgundy velvet sofa

Fashionista Domestic Photography

Simple, straightforward and stylish. A comfortable and comfortable armchair, like these from Kenay Home, upholstered in burgundy velvet, and a small table to leave books, a cup of tea or any other element that we need to pose while we are reading in our stylized reading corner.

The advantage of having a reading corner like the one we see above these lines is that it integrates perfectly into the decoration.

See modern armchairs at Kenay Home

A comfortable and cozy reading corner

DearLillie Photography

Something more comfortable, by adding a chais lounge to be able to lie down. A small table and on it a lamp. Another element that we must have in a reading corner is light. Natural if possible to be able to read in the mornings, and of course artificial to read whenever we want.

A reading corner with a lot of style and in little space

Photography Life On Virginia Street

With a lot of style, and hardly taking up space. Basically we need space to add the chaise lounge chair. The rest, a table fits anywhere. Naturally, the corner walls should also be decorated.

An elegant and bright reading corner

Photography Love Chic Living

Simple, elegant and integrates perfectly with the rest of the elements in the room.

A reading corner in the children's room

Photography The Homes I Have Made

For the children's room, to read them stories whenever we want. A simple rocking chair with an ottoman to comfortably support your feet.

A stylish reading corner

Photography Claire Imaginarium

A bookcase is something that every reading corner should have, even if there are few books. If it is like this one that we see from IKEA, it also serves us even to separate spaces or to define the space of our reading corner.

A feminine reading corner with character

Photography Thousand Decoration Ideas

Feminine and with a vintage character. Pink armchair and as a side table some beautiful old suitcases in a stack.

A perfect reading corner

Photography Chris Loves Julia

Also created expressly to be a reading corner, but lighter and more subtle, although very stylish. An L-shaped bench by the window, cushions to provide comfort, and, of course, a few shelves for books.

A simple and pretty reading corner

Photography This Beatiful Day Blog

Much simpler, in a corner of the living room next to the window, a chaise lounge has been added plus a lamp and a closed bookcase to create a charming and practical reading corner. It is a nice way to use a free space.

A magazine reading corner

Photography A Thoughtful Place Blog

Almost magazine. A comfortable armchair in gray tones, an elegant and modern pouf for the feet, like these that you can buy here. an elegant court table and a floor lamp. All this tidied up with a blanket and a cushion for maximum comfort. Nice naps!

See poufs at Kenay Home

A chic reading corner

Photography by Artsy Chicks Rule

Extremely simple but charming. An armchair in white and wood tones, a light red table, and a mirror with a blue frame make up this other corner for reading.

A modern reading corner with plants

Photography Thousand Decoration Ideas

Simple and modern, with a comfortable rocking chair restored by yours truly, a simple table from IKEA LACK and some plants that decorate the corner.

A practical and design reading corner

As I said, you don't need that much to make a reading corner. It is enough to have a small space available, in which to put a comfortable seat, such as the Eames rocking chair, which we can buy on Amazon, by clicking here, and that's it. Because if we don't even have space for a shelf, the books can go perfectly on the floor. Then we add a floor lamp, which fits everywhere, and we already have our corner to read and escape.

A simple and practical reading corner

An old magazine rack serves as a side table in this other beautiful reading corner, in which an armchair in red tones that matches the floor rug and a floor lamp in the corner, also in red tones, is all it has. And nothing else is missing.

A hygge reading corner

Photography Aiken House & Gardens

If you can put a bench next to the windows, you can create a scene as bucolic and charming as the one we see, with blankets, cushions, string lights, candles... A Hygge reading corner.

A complete and charming reading corner

Photography by Just Girl and her Blog

Another good idea to make a reading corner is to use the desk or office area at home, if we have a separate room or corner, as we see above these lines.

A lovely reading corner

Photography by M Loves M

More welcoming and chic, with a nice armchair in neutral tones, a wicker basket to store cushions and blankets, a soft long-haired rug at the foot. Perfect.

A lovely reading corner for children

Photography by Design Sponge

We must not forget, if we have space, the children's reading corner. By the window, on a bench with storage niches below, a canopy of curtains, and a shower of lanterns, to create an inviting space they love to be in.

A lovely children's reading corner

Photography Up To Date Interiors

A chair without legs, or a floor rocking chair, in a curtained corner with a deep shag rug and a basket to hold the books. A children's / youth reading corner, perfect. And it is very simple to do.

A lovely reading corner

Photography Book Nerd Mommy

Another one that is also very simple to do is the one we see above these lines. A bed canopy has been fitted to the ceiling to create a charming nook, which has then been completed with cushions and a soft rug, as well as a shelf on the wall.

Buy bed canopies on Amazon.

A reading corner with a mustard-colored armchair

Design, specifically from Kenay Home. Mustard armchair, black floor lamp, and white shelf, with matching cushion and plaid. A set that you can order as a whole if you like, or just a piece.

Buy at Kenay Home this reading corner

What do you say, which one do you like more? We talk in the comments.

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