Decoration that does not go out of style: 35 timeless pieces

That these 35 decoration objects that do not go out of style, furniture and materials that we are going to see, are timeless, does not mean that they are the only ones.

They are simply a list of some of the most important and used.

But the list could be extended to make a hundred videos.

With that said, let's start with the decoration. You can see the video below or if you do not want to see the video, below you have the article with photos and text. we start

Video: Decoration that does not go out of style

Decoration that does not go out of style

Golden frames: Decoration that does not go out of style

golden frames: Elegant, with personality, sumptuous and, of course, timeless. Golden frames are one of the decoration objects that never go out of style, as they frame any type of painting with great style and elegance, whether classic or contemporary.

Crystal chandelier: Decoration that does not go out of style

Chandelier by Maisons du Monde

tear lamps: This type of lamps is timeless and for all those who want a more modern approach, although they do not go out of style, they continue to be updated to achieve more contemporary designs. They illuminate with very elegant sparkles and dress a room by themselves.

Plants: Decoration that does not go out of style

Floors: Plants have been a decorative trend all their lives. Plants are above trends, or better said, out of their cycle and have always been and will be appropriate for decorating interiors. Here you can see a video where I show you how to decorate with plants.

Decorative moldings: Decoration that does not go out of style

Moldings and cornices: Used since ancient times for the most sophisticated homes, such as palaces, small houses, mansions and other bourgeois architecture, wall moldings, rosettes, paneling, cornices and other similar elements will always be timeless, whether in their most classic models or current.

modern wallpaper

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Painted paper: It's not the first time I've heard someone say that wallpaper is out of fashion and decoratively speaking, they couldn't be more wrong. Wallpaper is timeless. What may go out of style are some wallpaper designs, but wallpaper as a decorative coating does not go out of style.

Decorative trunk: Decoration that does not go out of style

Photography Thousand Decoration Ideas

trunks: These practical and functional elements converted into decorative elements are another of the objects that we can use without fear of going out of style. They continue and will continue to be attractive, practical and versatile to decorate any corner.

flowers to decorate

Flowers: As with plants, flowers, natural or preserved, are one of the most timeless decorative elements that exist in the world of decoration. What do you think is unthinkable that one day they cannot be used to decorate a corner?

flower print

Etsy box

Floral prints: Floral prints are another of those elements that we can see both in nineteenth-century spaces and much beyond, as well as in more contemporary ones. In textiles, wallpaper, prints, etc. Likewise, this pattern is above fashions.

vintage tableware

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old crockery: Ancient crockery has its phases. In their day they were modern, contemporary, then they became vintage tableware, and later they became timeless.


demijohns: Just as it happens with the trunks, the demijohns, used as decoration elements, do not go out of style. No matter the style and the time you use them, they always look good.

White decorative candles

candles and candlesticks: Similarly, from the most classic to the most contemporary, candlesticks are another of the decoration objects that do not go out of style and, naturally, candles inside candlesticks or outside of them, is another timeless element that allows us to decorate any corner without the risk of becoming obsolete.

oriental rugs

oriental rugs: The authentic oriental rugs are produced by hand, with natural dyes and very high quality fabrics, so they are pieces for life and easy to maintain. In addition, they are suitable for any decorative style and period, which is why they are another of the most timeless decoration pieces that exist.

Natural rattan rugs, jute

The whole set of SKLUM

natural rugs: Also, natural rugs made of sisal, jute, etc. They are timeless pieces that adapt to the most varied styles. They are strong, durable and cozy. But the most important thing, at least in this article, is that they are a decoration element that does not go out of style.

white bedding

white bedding: White bedding will never go out of style. You only have to look at any hotel in the world, from 50 years ago for example, or from this year, and you will realize that white dominates and will dominate the textiles in the beds.

Pictures and photographs to decorate

Pictures and photographs: Another of the most curious comments that I have heard has also happened to me with the photographs and paintings. I have been asked if decorating with these elements is still in fashion. And the answer is a resounding yes. They are out of the cycle of fashions and trends. So if you have doubts or fear that it will be outdated or outdated, get it out of your head, because they will not go out of style either. Here you can see 25 ideas to decorate with paintings and photographs.

Textile with classic checkered pattern

Textiles with classic patterns: The classic and simplest patterns such as lines, squares, tartan, the classic crow's feet, etc., will always be a wise option because they do not go out of style and look good in any style, whether in rugs, curtains, bedding , etc. And be careful not to confuse these classic patterns that I say, with the geometric shapes that were so fashionable a few years ago until today. The latter are not timeless, they are a fashion with an expiration date, and today very short.

Linen curtains that do not go out of style

Kenay Home Curtains

linen curtains: This type of curtains is not that it looks good in any decorative style, it is that it also does it in any time. They are a mustThey will always be current. Don't know which curtains to choose for your home? In this video I tell you.

decorative mirror

The mirrors: as decorative elements, whether in its most classic and elegant versions or in its most modern versions, it is a decorative element that does not go out of style, which has been used for centuries and will continue to be used.

Having seen the decorative elements, let us now see some timeless furniture that does not go out of style either.

Furniture that does not go out of style

classic furniture

The entire set of Maisons du Monde

classic furniture: And I say classics, not antiques. Classic style furniture will always be timeless. There we have the most recognized interior designers and decorators in the world for their incredible work, such as Miles Redd, the architect Peter Penoyers or Ashley Hicks, son of the iconic David Hicks, among many others, using these pieces in the most exclusive houses. It is not a style for everyone, but that is a matter of taste, not timelessness.

A white sofa: Sofas and furniture that do not go out of style

white sofas: It is true that they are the type of sofa that people fear the most when buying, precisely because they are white, for fear of staining them right away, but even with this handicap, white sofas will always be in fashion, or to put it Otherwise, they will never go out of style. They combine with absolutely any other color and decorative style and are light and brighter than any other sofa.

chesterfield sofa

From Portobello Street

The Chesterfield sofa: This sofa, or rather, this type of sofa, is more than 300 years old, and today it is still an object of desire for most of us. In addition, in its new updates we can also find it upholstered in other materials in addition to the classic leather. A sofa for an entire generation.

Furniture icons of the Mid Century

Mid-Century Icons: The icons of the mid-twentieth century are a compendium of hundreds of pieces that marked an era and transformed the world of design and furniture, reaching the level of icons. Any iconic piece from this era will never go out of style.

There we have the classic pieces designed by the Eames couple, the designs by Eero Saarinen, my fetish chairs the wishbone CH24, created by Hans Wegner, the incredible Barcelona designs by Mies van der Rohe, the Plywood also by the Eames, the Swan chair designed by Arné Jacobsen, the Egg chair, also by Jacobsen, the Panton chair created by Verner Panton, the elegant Platner, designed by architect Warren Platner, and the list goes on and on.

Frenchified armchair

Frenchified armchairs and armchairs: Used in the most classic and opulent environments, as well as in the most contemporary ones, this type of armchair has a beauty, solidity as a design and elegance that have made them timeless pieces.

wing chair

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wing chairs: With more than 400 years old, the wing chairs used in the past as a method to protect themselves from drafts in the huge and cold rooms of the English aristocracy when they were placed around the fireplace, have remained in force until today, with more or less important changes, but with its same essence. A classic that never fails.

Club Leather Armchair

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leather club chair: Originally from France, the club chairs were exported to England where they found their perfect audience that elevated them to the category of "timeless". These armchairs were used by English gentlemen's clubs as they offered comfort, firmness and sophistication. Hence its name that is preserved to this day. The club chair.

Canopy beds: Furniture that does not go out of style

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canopy beds: Little can be said about canopy beds. They have been with us for centuries and although you can find very current models today, some much more classic and traditional ones are still being used. Be that as it may, canopy beds are another piece of furniture that does not go out of style.

Louis XVI chairs

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Louis XVI chairs: At the time of Louis XVI, they had an exquisite taste for refined, elegant and comfortable aesthetics. So much so, that many pieces from this era are a trend nowadays, such as the beautiful Louis XVI style chairs, among other timeless furniture from this era.

Furniture that does not go out of style: Tuxedo sofa

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Tuxedo style sofas: Born in the 1920s in New York under the influence of modernism, Tuxedo style sofas are not the most comfortable, but that has not prevented them from becoming a classic.

So much so that they have gone from classic to timeless.

They are characterized by their rather straight shapes, the most classic ones have the arms at the same height as the backrest, although today we can find them with lower arms to make them more comfortable.

Likewise, in any case, a Tuxedo-style sofa is another piece of furniture, another sofa that does not go out of style and looks good in any style.

Having seen this furniture that does not go out of style, we are going to move on to another very important section. Materials that do not go out of style. Let's see them.

Materials that do not go out of style


Tile: Tiles have been with us for thousands of years. Literally. And today it is still the material par excellence for covering bathrooms, kitchens and many other surfaces. It is a material that will not go out of style.

clay and terracotta

clay and terracotta: It is another of the most used materials in decoration and construction for millennia. The characteristics of terracotta have made this material one of the most timeless that can exist and that today is still enjoyed in most homes around the world in one way or another.

Marble: Material that does not go out of style

Marble: Yes, it is true that it has had its ups and downs, but that has not been the reason why marble has always been one of the most used stones for all kinds of applications: furniture, coverings, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. This has made it a true stone out of fashion, completely timeless. Carrara, travertine and calacatta are some of the most used types today.

Wood: Material that does not go out of style

Wood: What to say about natural wood. Probably the most widely used material in the world and also the oldest to build all kinds of structures. From buildings to furniture, boats, through hundreds of decorative elements. Do you know a more timeless material than wood?

Rattan and wicker furniture

Rattan, wicker, jute and other vegetable fibers: They also do not go out of style. They have also been used for millennia, for the construction and manufacture of all kinds of objects and they look good in any decorative style and time, in many ways: rugs, baskets, lamps, furniture, and so on.

Linen, cotton and wool

Linen, cotton and wool: What can we also say about these natural fabrics. Its name alone indicates timelessness, and not just in textiles, as it might have been centuries ago. Now also in furniture upholstery, headboards and other more contemporary applications. They will never go out of style.

golden decoration

The entire set of Maisons du Monde

golden metals: We have already seen it in the frames. Gold, unlike other metals used indoors, do not go out of style. It will be because they inherently carry the concept of associated luxury or for any other reason, but they are also timeless.

In addition to all these decoration objects that do not go out of style, which one do you think should have been on this list? I read you in the comments.

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