Does your house look poor? 11 things that make your house look poor

There are some elements that make a house look poor, neglected and uninteresting, and worst of all, we are often unaware of them.

Although luckily, they are also easy to correct.

With that said, let's look at these 11 things that make your house look poor and how to fix them to make it look nicer.

Take note that we started:

generic charts

Things that make your house look poor: Generic pictures

Generic paintings not only make a house look poor, but also without personality, without character, they look redundant and sometimes reductionist, as if it were a cheap vacation rental house.

By replacing them with non-mass-produced paintings with personality, we will make those feelings disappear.

And I'm not saying expensive paintings, I'm saying paintings with personality.

It can be an heirloom painting, a photograph, it could have been painted by us, a relative, any type of non-generic painting that we love is valid.

Short plastic shower curtains

Things that make your house look poor: Poor quality and short shower curtains

Plastic curtains have been used in the bathroom all our lives.

They are practical, but this type of curtain creates a poor feeling and a rather ugly aesthetic.

Today we have much more sophisticated bathroom curtains that are inexpensive, and if we hang them from top to bottom, instead of putting short curtains, the bathroom will look more elegant and beautiful and we will remove that decadent aesthetic.


Things that make your house look poor: Clutter

Little more can be said at this point. Any messy and dirty space, no matter how expensive or elegant it may be, will never look beautiful if it is dirty or messy.

On the contrary, a humble, well-cleaned and tidy house will always be pleasant.

Lots of DIY furniture

Things That Make Your House Look Poor - Many DIY Furniture

DIY furniture with pallets or other materials is fine since it is cheap, totally customizable, it helps us feel fulfilled and it generates surprise, but when it is abused excessively, the result is a poor scene that does not add but subtracts.

bad lighting

Things that make your house look poor: Bad lighting

Poor lighting, especially poor lighting, creates a sad, poor, and decadent effect in any space no matter how expensive or pretty the furniture and decor.

We have to keep in mind that lighting is what determines how everything in a scene will be seen.

That is, it is what makes a color look pretty or dull.

It is the one that enhances or sinks the aesthetics of a piece of furniture and the one that makes a textile shine or remain dull.

poorly finished painting

Things that make your house look poor: Poorly painted walls

It can be painted in the color or finish that we like the most, but if it is not well painted, the entire space will look poor, left, without interest.

So that this does not happen, any surface that we paint must be well covered, without shadows or light, uniform, regardless of whether it is a wall or a piece of furniture.

We only have to give the hands that the surface asks for until it is well covered and homogeneous, whether there are two, three or 5.

You can also see this article where we see how to paint an already painted wall correctly.

empty walls

Things that make your house look poor: Empty walls

Minimalism is a beautiful style for everyone who likes it.

The problem is when we exceed in its use, or rather in its non-use and we leave all the walls empty.

Although we have current furniture and a modern and beautiful decoration.

This immediately creates a feeling of emptiness, poverty and neglect that makes the entire space look poor.

I'm not saying we have to decorate the walls as if we had horror vacuibut even minimalism appreciates a decorated wall, even minimally.

You can also see this article with 25 ideas to decorate the sofa wall.

Poor quality artificial plants and flowers

Things that make your house look poor: Poor quality artificial plants

I am a great defender of artificial plants and flowers and in this video on how to decorate with plants I will tell you more details, but I am only in favor of these elements when they are of quality.

If they are not of quality, the plants and flowers will look poor, plastic and the whole scene will acquire the same nuance.

Do you want or need to use artificial flowers and plants? Bet on quality ones. This online store is where I buy good quality artificial plants for myself and my clients.

Old and deteriorated furniture

Things that make your house look poor: Deteriorated furniture

Furniture wears out over the years, it is inevitable, but what is not inevitable is having it like this, since we can renew it ourselves, with a little bit of furniture putty, sandpaper and a varnish of the same color as the furniture to that looks healthy, regardless of how old you are.

We also have hinges and other hardware to fix that sagging door or bent drawer.

And if we do not like the style of our furniture, we can always renew it for a very cheap price, as we have already seen in many of the blog articles where we see furniture before and after.

Things that make your house look poor: Before and after

Work done by Exclusive Furniture

Having a piece of furniture in good condition does not depend on the money we have, it depends on our will. So get to work.

Bad replicas of designer pieces

Things that make your house look poor: Bad design replicas

I think and recommend buying the original pieces, but if you can't or don't want to and you're going to buy a replica, you have to be very careful and don't buy a bad imitation of that designer piece, since it's not just noticeable very evidently that they are imitations, but that their finishes and their materials give the whole set a poor and vulgar air.

And it is also that they will not last us a year in good condition and they are not comfortable.

Do you want to wear an imitation? We have many stores where you can find quality pieces that will not only make the scene more elegant but will also last for years and you can use them comfortably.

Curtains too narrow

Not only the length of the curtains is important, but also their width.

A few curtains with little width where only thin strips are visible, one on each side of the window, is one of the most effective ways to make a house look poor.

For a greater pleat and width, you can measure the width of the window by one and a half and you make sure you have a curtain with good folds and more presence and that it does not fall short when it comes to dressing the window.

You can also watch this video to find the perfect curtains for your home.

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