Elegant and modern marble kitchens

We have been saying it for a long time: marble is a decorative trend. So much so that the most popular profiles of social networks such as Instagram are being filled with beautiful images with marble as the protagonist; in fact, the article that we are going to see next is composed of those Instagram photos, special marble kitchens.

Whether you want to see ideas to decorate a kitchen with marbleAs if you just want to enjoy this elegant material starring in dream kitchens, then you can satisfy your marble needs. Let us begin!

Everything in pure white, minimalist and on the large countertop a huge white marble stone with precious gray veins.

In elegant Cardinello-type marble, with that sophisticated natural and organic pattern in shades of white and gray, lining the wall of the sill with matching shelves or shelves.

Modern kitchen in gloss white, marble and laminated wood. Even with wood and marble you can also get another more modern, more contemporary environment.

Naturally, we cannot forget the Markina-type black marble. Perhaps for the entire kitchen it is excessive, but for the kitchen island it can be a good option.

For purists, for lovers of minimalism, marble also has a place in their interiors, as we see in the image above these lines.

If we want to add marble to the kitchen yes or yes, but it is too cold for us the traditional white Carrara marble or the black Markinawe can always opt for another type more... casual, as far as marbles are concerned.


For a traditional kitchen, with classic and romantic details, white marble is a great success.

In more classic and natural styles, such as the kitchen that we see above these lines, where traditional furniture finished in natural wood, perhaps a lot of marble is excessive, but it is far from prohibited. In its right dose and well placed, marble becomes a success.

We can also marble the entire kitchen island and leave the rest of it for other materials.

Ideal to combine with a modern and casual style as we see in the image above.

If the marble is synonymous with elegance and glamour, combining it with gold is to curl the curl. If you want a sumptuous and elegant kitchen where they exist, this may be the option you were looking for.

What do you think of these kitchens with marble? Where would you add it to yours? I read you in the comments.

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