Franke and his proposals for decorating a modern kitchen

Not only do we have to look for beautiful designs and the best finishes for our kitchen; Nowadays, factors as important as efficiency, cleanliness and sanitation, within a kitchen, are essential to label it as modern; to be up to date. Frankethe leading Swiss multinational in smart kitchen systems and the largest manufacturer of stainless steel sinks in the world, has solutions that meet all the requirements to have a modern kitchen, as we will see below. Do you want a kitchen with a modern, efficient and clean decoration? Come with me then.

Franke sinks.

Not only the furniture and the worktop define the style of a kitchen. The sink, as well as the hood and electrical appliances have an acute influence on the final finish. Franke has a range of sinks that covers any decorative style: from classic to minimalist, going through other more natural environments such as bohemian, for example.

In addition, we can also choose between built-in or integrated sinks, fregaderos under counter or flush-mounted sinksall of them with simple, double or triple trays, to fully adapt them to our needs.

This variety of sinks can be found in different high-quality materials, which we are going to explore right now, as well as with the pop-up valve with push button that causes the bucket to pop up empty without putting your hands in the water.

line in stainless steel. The quintessential material for sinks in most kitchens around the world. Its timeless aesthetic adapts to any style, providing very good hygiene and withstanding any temperature.

Line Fragranite. With a very elegant appearance, these sinks convey warmth and naturalness. They are made of natural granite and amalgamating resin, being resistant to stains and temperatures of up to 280 °C. These materials make it possible to add color to the kitchen through the sink, in case we are looking for an alternative to traditional stainless steel. The Fraganite line also has a specific treatment, called Sanitized®, which reduces bacterial growth by 99%.

Line Fraceram. These sinks, made of liquid ceramic formed by quartz, are harder than metal, and resistant to scratches that are usually made over time, by the scouring pad or cutlery and crockery. In addition, a gloss finish is applied to them that repels dirt and leaves them with a very elegant finish, in addition to making them very easy to clean, as you can imagine. This line of sinks is also Available in various colors.

Line tectonite. Sinks made of an excellent synthetic material, and available in different colors and beautiful minimalist designs, these sinks rthere are temperatures of 300 ºC and they are extremely resistant.

Let's continue with Franke appliances.

Kitchen appliances occupy a large visual part of it. If we want a modern kitchen, naturally, we cannot neglect the aesthetics of the electrical appliances, without obviously renouncing their effectiveness and efficiency.

Franke has all the appliances we need in the kitchen, among which I would like to highlight:

hornos smart with automatic cleaning programs, clean and clear screens, touch controls, removable glass fronts and comfortable handles, among other innovations that we can find in its line of ovens.

Gas or induction hobs, to match – or not – with the ovens, and connected to the hoods so that they are automatically activated when the hob is turned on. In elegant and modern finishes, such as stainless steel, black, white and mirror glass.

And, of course, the Extractor hoods:

Extractor hoods are another element in the kitchen that can add an exceptional decorative plus. Franke extractor hoods guarantee that decorative plus with their impressive finishes; naturally without neglecting its most important part, that of extract the fumes and odors that are born when cooking, efficiently and silently.

Finished in stainless steel, and black or white glass, we can find extractor hoods as avant-garde as your model Downdraftthat by pressing a button the hood rises from the hob and when not in use, it hides again, leaving a perfectly smooth surface. We see her down here.

And to finish, I leave you with a video of the firm where we can appreciate their products as well as the kitchen materials in full operation. A delight for the eyes and for the rest of the senses, because it is the kitchen that we are talking about.

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