Gadget and kitchen utensils.

Whether you are a handyman in the kitchen and you get by wonderfully, or if, on the contrary, you are a disaster and your favorite tool is the microwave, these kitchen items that we have collected in this post, they will come in handy. Some, the former, will be able to curl the loop and take their passion for cooking to the next level, and the latter, will do many kitchen tasks so simple that it does not matter how bad they are at cooking, or how little they know , that with these CookwareThey will look like professional chefs, well almost.

watermelon cutter.

watermelon cutter

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A cutter for watermelon or melon with which the slices will come out, perfect.

citrus sprayer.

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As a colony, with this sprayer we can spray salads professionally.

Hanging Trash Holder.


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If you have the garbage can inside the cupboard below, you already know that every time you cook you have to open and close the door to throw waste, staining both the door and the bucket, even if you wash. And you know. Look how practical this support is. It goes into a cupboard slot and hangs a bag, to comfortably throw all the garbage.

finger guard.

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I am not telling you how useful one of these would be in my case. There is little to explain about this kitchen item. Just look at the image to know what it is and what it does.

cake cutter.


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I don't even know what to call it really: pie knife, pie cutter, pie cutter gadget. Actually it doesn't matter, but with this cool and simple utensil the cake and the pieces will no longer be destroyed, they will look like that, pieces, and not crumbs.

Strawberry corer.


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A very practical tool for the kitchen, to prepare desserts with strawberries ready to eat.

Carrot peeler, grater.


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A practical utensil in which we can scratch into strips, in a spiral, a carrot.

paste meter.


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An original and very useful pasta measurer, so as not to overdo it when we cook. Adjustable from 1 to 4 diners.

Finger protector for burns.


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A silicone mold that protects us from possible burns when removing dishes from the microwave, when they are too hot.

garlic chopper.


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If you're like me, who doesn't even know how to chop garlic, look what a cool tool to chop garlic easily.

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