How to choose the furniture for a new kitchen?

Choosing furniture for a new kitchen is quite a challenge with the number of options available today.

So, before you venture out, arm yourself with some good advice, like the ones we are going to see below, so that you will know better which kitchen furniture to choose when the time comes.

That said, take note that we started.

The first thing is to know your needs

How to choose furniture for a new kitchen

For example, what do you need to store and how do you store it?

We all have the same elements in our kitchens, but each one of us has them in a different way, according to our preferences when it comes to cooking or our habits.

So, make a detailed list of what you need in your kitchen:

– Do you need a removable system for pots and pans?
– Where are you going to store the spices?
– Do you need storage space to store cleaning supplies?
– Do you need to prioritize space for drawers before cabinets?

Only you know what you need.

List all of this in detail. Today there are modules and extensions that adapt to all needs. Do not give up any even if you think that the space you have is too small.

Let's move on to the next point.

comfortable kitchen furniture

How to choose furniture for a new kitchen

In addition to having a kitchen where you can store everything to suit you and your family, kitchen furniture should be comfortable to use.

The low and high cabinets of a kitchen are designed and assembled based on measurements established according to parameters based on universal ergonomics and anthropometry.

But it does not hurt, for example, that you know at what height it is more comfortable for you to cook and work.

In this way you can request that, for example, the height of the worktop, and therefore, of the low cabinets, be 5 cm higher (for example), so that you can work as comfortably as possible.

If custom-made furniture is out of your budget, you can use standard modules with regulators on their legs to adapt them to your needs without having to design furniture specifically for your kitchen.

Not only kitchen furniture has to adapt to you, but also small elements such as handles and knobs. How is it easier and more comfortable for you to open and close drawers?

– Push type?

- Traditional?

Believe me when I tell you that a bad choice in the opening system of kitchen cabinets and drawers ends up getting you fed up.

How to choose furniture for a new kitchen

You may have seen a type of shooter that you loved, but it is not comfortable for you to use.

Knowing whether or not it is appropriate for you, you will not be carried away by aesthetics alone (believe me too, it happens more than you think) and you will have extremely practical kitchen furniture.

So do not neglect any detail in this regard and choose furniture and accessories that suit your specific needs.

Likewise, today there are solutions for all cases and cheap, if that is what you need.

Let's see the next point.

What style do you like?

How to choose furniture for a new kitchen

In addition to the practicality and functionality of the furniture, which is one of the most important parts, we must also add aesthetics. Nobody wants a practical but ugly kitchen.

So, unless you are totally clear about which kitchen furniture to choose, ask yourself the following question: What style do I want for my kitchen?

Once you have it defined, you will have to adapt that style of kitchen to your budget and the available space.

Again, today there is kitchen furniture that adapts to all circumstances.

It doesn't matter if you want a classic-style ornate kitchen and have a small space. It can be adapted.

The main thing is to know the style you want and then adapt that style to your home and needs.

Not only that. Whatever style you choose, adapt it to be timeless.

I'm sure you know more than one person who once put a kitchen in a trendy color and now can't even see it, right?

How to choose furniture for a new kitchen

So, even if your kitchen has your style and aesthetic defined based on your tastes, adapt it to make it timeless.

Blank never fails. White kitchens are not only in fashion right now, but they are timeless. In reality they are above fashions, no matter how popular they are right now.

Neutral tones, such as light beige, off-white, light gray, etc., are also a safe bet for the future.

And if you decide to use a relatively daring color or finish that you love now, but that you may get tired of in a few years, make sure that these kitchen units have easy-to-replace doors.

In this way, in X years if you are tired of that beautiful color, you will be able to change the doors of the cabinets and drawers, with a much lower investment than changing the kitchen or having to put up with a color that you no longer support.

At this point, if you decide to go with a bold color, discuss it with your kitchen store consultant.

How to choose furniture for a new kitchen

In general, if they are standard modules, both above and below, you will be able to put new doors without problem in the future, but it does not hurt that the manufacturer or the store knows it, just in case.

Naturally, wood is also one of the most timeless materials out there. Not just neutral tones.

In addition, wood has something special, and that is that it adds warmth to a space that, in general, as in bathrooms, is cold cut.

Wood in a kitchen is a success. As long as it is not put in excess, since otherwise we would be giving it a very specific aesthetic and it is very possible that we would end up getting tired of it.

In other words, it would no longer be a timeless kitchen.

How to choose furniture for a new kitchen

But a wooden countertop, or a combination of modules in neutral tones and wood, something that is relatively subtle, combines wonderfully, brings warmth and never goes out of style.

Distribution based on the size and shape of the kitchen

In small kitchens, in addition to the tips that we have seen to choose kitchen furniture, we must also take into account its shape, because depending on it we can choose the best furniture and distribution.

How to choose furniture for a new kitchen

If you have space to put furniture on two walls (kitchen in galley), or on three walls (kitchen in U), a good solution is to put only low cabinets, since there is a good surface to put a large storage capacity, but at leave the top free, the kitchen will look more spacious and less cluttered.

In addition, if it has a window, much better because we will leave it more accessible and the maximum amount of sunlight will enter without any closet hindering its entrance.

There are also small kitchens that are long and narrow.

How to choose furniture for a new kitchen

In this case, the best solution is usually to install the entire kitchen with high and low cabinets on one of the walls, from floor to ceiling to take full advantage of all the space, but leaving the other wall free to have proper circulation and be able to work. comfortably, or even to install a bar, office or folding table, for example.

Although in this case, if it is relatively long but narrow, you can also take advantage of the back wall to create an L-shaped kitchen, which gives you more storage and work space without burdening or saturating the kitchen with furniture.

How to choose furniture for a new kitchen

If your kitchen is not exactly small, then the range of options expands considerably.

In this case, to choose the perfect kitchen furniture, I refer to the first and second points that we saw above.

Make a detailed list of your needs and assemble the perfect kitchen for you. Not one from a magazine that is not practical for you, but one from a magazine that is the most functional kitchen for you and your family.

With these 4 points that we have reviewed, you can go to the kitchen store with a very clear idea of ​​what your kitchen should be like.

Now you just have to ride it and enjoy it, for life. Or almost.

And if you have any questions that have not been answered in this article, leave me a comment and I will be happy to answer you.

And if you think this article may interest a friend or family member, share it. Thank you!

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