How to decorate the walls with mirrors

Decorating the walls with mirrors is an art.

That, if done well, adds up and a lot of decoration.

And that is what we are going to see: Solutions and ideas so you can decorate the walls of your home with mirrors and get the most out of them.

You can watch the video below where I tell you how to do it, or below the video you have the text with the photos.

Decorate the hall or living room with mirrors

Decorating a room or hall with mirrors, in most cases is done naturally.

In other words, it is the space itself that suggests the best location, let yourself go and flow with the space.

Mirror on the wall of the fireplace

If the mirror is relatively large, in a living room with a fireplace, above it would be a perfect place to put a mirror and make it look natural and in harmony.

Another natural area where a mirror usually goes in a room or lounge is behind the sofa.

Sofa wall decorated with mirrors

That's almost always a hit.

Wall behind the sofa decorated with mirrors

And if we do not have the sofa attached to the wall, they are still better.

Dining room wall decorated with a window-type mirror

Another natural place that we can find to put a mirror in a dining room is on the wall of the dining room.

If you like this idea, here you can see 15 ideas to decorate the dining room wall with mirrors.

Hallway or sideboard decorated with an industrial mirror

All of Casika

Naturally we cannot forget about the sideboards because they look fantastic on top of them.

Standing mirrors to decorate the walls of the living room

Of course, we will always have another location in front or next to the windows and more so if they have nice views, since that way we add a decorative extra.

Mirrors on the walls on each side of the fireplace

Work of De Robles

Depending on the interior architecture, flanking the fireplace with mirrors is another wonderful solution for decorating a room with mirrors.

Resting on the ground, if they are large, and we have a practically empty wall, they are an aesthetic addition of great value.

Although they are supported on the ground, also anchor them to the wall at the top to avoid problems.

If the mirror or mirrors are medium or small, we can also find places where they usually look great.

Wall behind the sofa decorated with mirrors

All of Casika

For example, above the side tables next to the sofa.

Wall behind the sofa decorated with mirrors

All of Casika

Or also on the wall of the sofa together with other elements.

Here you can see 25 ideas to decorate the wall behind the sofa.

If we have a relatively small wall, we can take advantage of it to show off a mirror.

These are the most natural ways to decorate the room or living room with mirrors, but you cannot forget your own tastes.

I mean, where do you want to put a mirror?

Wall behind the sofa decorated with mirrors

Although it is not in any of these locations that we have seen, if you like it and it is done with grace and style, do not hesitate to put it in that place you want.

That said, you also have to be very careful about what the mirror is going to reflect.

Therefore, before hanging it in that place you have in mind, think about what the mirror is going to reflect, in case you do not like what you see.

For example, if you put it on the wall of the sofa, it will most likely reflect the television cabinet with the television.

If you don't like it to be reflected, don't put it there and instead put other decorative elements, as we did in this project:

Wall behind the sofa decorated with mirrors

Photography Thousand Decoration Ideas

Instead of putting a mirror behind the sofa to reflect the television, we put it on the side, facing the window.

On the contrary, if you don't care if the television is seen in the reflection, then put it on without a problem.

It may also be the case that you have found a beautiful mirror and you want to put it on the wall of the sofa, for example, because it looks incredibly good.

But you don't want it to reflect the television. In this case, you have to assess whether it is worth putting the mirror there or not.

Sometimes you have to sacrifice something.

Let's move on to the decoration with mirrors in the bedroom, then we will see how to choose the mirror and what type of mirror to choose.

Decorate the bedroom with mirrors

One of my favorite decorative solutions to decorate the bedroom with mirrors is to put one on each side of the bed on top of the nightstand.

Bedroom decorated with mirrors above the nightstands

This gives depth and symmetry to the entire bedroom.

We cannot forget the headboard area.

Large mirror decorating the headboard wall

Another very appropriate place, unless you live in an area where there are frequent earthquakes.

In any case, the mirror above the bed is always well fixed, with double or triple anchorage.

Gilt mirror above chest of drawers in bedroom

Photography Thousand Decoration Ideas

In the area of ​​the sideboard or sifonier they are also perfect like this one that we put in this other project in gold giving drama to the entire space.

On the other hand, the space in front of the bed is usually another place that in many bedrooms is free to put a mirror and it seems perfect to me as long as the person sleeping in the bed does not mind seeing himself or mind Feng Shui since this discipline is not recommended.

Round mirror decorating the wall in front of the bed above the dresser

But if you don't care about Feng Shui and seeing yourself in bed, this location is also usually good for decorating the bedroom walls with mirrors.

Of course, we can not forget if we have space for large standing mirrors, just as we saw in the living room.

Standing mirror to decorate the bedroom walls

This is one of my favorite options because it always looks good and adds character and style to the space.

In rooms or bedrooms without windows, put a large mirror and, in addition to being a window type, it will make the bedroom more spacious, more luminous and will also create the illusion that there is a window.

And if we have a reading area in the bedroom, a mirror, together with a simple and beautiful chair and a lamp, is a combination that always works.

Reading corner with a mirror on the walls

Take note, because it never fails and you can solve any corner.

Here you can see 25 ideas to create a charming reading corner in your home.

Leaving aside the mirrors to decorate the walls of the room or the bedroom, we also have the option of adding practical mirrors, such as mirrored doors in the closets to see ourselves when getting dressed.

Mirrored cabinets on the bedroom wall

Or a standing, wall or floor mirror for the same, as well as another mirror above the dressing table if we have it in the bedroom.

In these cases, both decorative mirrors and practical mirrors can be combined.

One does not have to cancel the other.

Let's continue with the decoration of mirrors in the hall.

Decorate the hall and hallway with mirrors

Minimalist hallway mirror

If there is a quintessential place to put a mirror in the hall or hall and hallway, it is to put it on top of the hall furniture.

We see each other when entering and leaving and finish off or star in the decoration of the hall and corridor.

If there is no hall furniture, we can always use standing mirrors, larger or smaller, since we make the space look larger and brighter and we can see each other when we leave the house.

Hallway with mirror standing on the wall

If the hall or hallway is very narrow or small, flatter, smoother mirrors with simple frames work better, as they do not add much bulk and make the hall and hall look larger and brighter.

In this case we can also make use of mirror walls.

hall with mirrored wall

Mirrors by MojeSzklo

Extremely effective when it comes to creating amplitude and multiplying light.

And if we have cabinets in the hall and hallway, one of the best solutions is to mirror the doors or install cabinets with mirrored doors.

everything remains well finished, without excesses and optimized.

Entryway with window mirror

Leroy Merlin Mirror and Sideboard

Another good idea to put a mirror in a small hall that has no natural light, is to use a window-type mirror as it will create a new dimension of depth.

Of course, if the hall or hallway has any corners, we can always put a mirror there to decorate and optimize light and create a visually larger space.

In addition to these strategic and natural places to decorate the walls of the hall or hallway with mirrors, also think about where a mirror could come in handy.

Here you can see 25 ideas to decorate a small and beautiful hall.

Hallway with stairs and a mirror standing on the wall

For example, if you have the stairs in the hall, a good location could be, as you go down the stairs, find a mirror in front of you that reflects the entrance door or the corridor to create the feeling that everything is much larger.

This is just an example, each house is a world. Take a good look at your space and find the perfect location.

Another good place would be on the wall at the end of the hallway, creating the illusion of an endless hallway.

Hallway with a mirror at the end of the wall

This works great in all hallways, but the ones that benefit the most from this placement are the smaller ones.

Here you can see how to decorate small, narrow, long corridors…

Modern mirror with shelf for the hall

MADE mirror

We can also install a mirror that fulfills a double function, such as a mirror with shelves to be able to leave the keys and certain things that we leave in the hall and thus optimize the space even more.

Modern wall mirror in a hall

If your hall is large, then an idea that works very well is to put a large mirror that naturally accompanies the wide architecture of the space.

In fact, my advice is to always put the largest mirror you can afford for size in the hall and hallway, especially if these spaces are small and dark.

Another solution that works very well in large halls when it comes to putting mirrors is to put two large twins.

Double wall mirror in the hall

Do not cut yourself, you have plenty of space and they always look good.

Decorate the kitchen with mirrors

The kitchen is not a very common place where we decorate with mirrors, rather when they are used they are done with a more practical sense, but of course if we want we can also decorate with them, let's see the two options.

kitchen with mirror front

Mirrored fronts are the order of the day, they make the kitchen more spacious and bright, and the glass used is perfectly resistant to heat.

In front of the sink it is also a great alternative to put a mirror in the kitchen and multiply its space.

Window-type mirror on the kitchen wall

If we put it as a window we can achieve a very interesting visual effect.

Kitchen cabinets with mirrored doors

Of course, we can also use mirrored doors in the cabinets that will make the kitchen lighter and more spacious visually speaking.

Even mirrored kitchen islands, something that is becoming more and more popular.

kitchen island with mirrors

Beyond these practical uses to put a mirror in the kitchen, if the space allows it and we want, decorating the kitchen walls with mirrors can be very interesting.

If we have a dining room in the kitchen, it is also a very good idea to install a mirror as it will decorate and make everything more spacious and bright.

Of course, a mirror in the kitchen implies a little more cleaning work, but in many cases it is worth it.

Now that we have reviewed the different rooms to decorate the walls with mirrors, let's see these tips that will help us choose the perfect mirror and how to decorate with them.

Look at their shapes

The long and narrow ones are perfect for making spaces taller and more stylized. You can use one or several. They work just as well.

Living room with a round mirror on the mirror wall

The round ones are perfect for any space, since they do not condition the direction of the eye to any side, but simply add luminosity and spaciousness, for this reason it is very difficult to make a mistake when decorating walls with mirrors if we use a round one.

Sideboard with a white upholstered mirror

The rectangular ones work very well to combine them with pieces of the same geometric order, such as sideboards, for example.

You can also look at the shapes that hide the walls as we have already seen in this article on interior design tips. And here you can see the video.

A rectangular one if space is rectangular.

One square for a square surface.

Or round too.

Regarding its size, the bigger, the better, but to avoid going overboard, always choose the mirror that is slightly smaller than the piece of furniture or element that will accompany it. This never fails.

bedroom with large mirror

Of course you can put bigger mirrors, but in this case it would have to be examined individually and I cannot give any general advice.

But if you want to be sure, take a piece of cardboard, cut it to the size of the mirror and try it on the wall.

Here we see a client who I sent her to do the test before buying the mirror and sending me photos.

Sideboard with double window type mirror

Photography Thousand Decoration Ideas

And here the final result. Thank you Paula.

Think about the end result

Dining room with gold mirror leaning against the sideboard

Do you want an informal environment that has more impact? Put the mirror informally, either on the floor or on a piece of furniture.

Elegant living room with gold mirror on the wall

Do you want a serious, elegant and more traditional atmosphere? Put the mirror in a traditional way.

Beveled mirror on the hall wall

Do you want to maximize light? So you can bet on the beveled ones that even their frame is mirror.

Round mirror on the hall wall

Photography Thousand Decoration Ideas

As for its design, if you choose one of the same decorative style as the space, you can never go wrong.

Another success is to choose it from the same materials or finishes as the furniture or element that will accompany it.

If you want to add an effect of surprise, choose an opposite style, although this must be carefully considered.

elegant window mirror

For sale at Maisons du Monde

Although it is not necessary to choose a mirror of a different style to achieve an impact effect, you can choose a mirror of the same style but with a worn, burned or mottled surface among other effects and add that touch of character you are looking for.

Sun Type Rattan Mirror

If what you want is to add a warm and welcoming touch, go for those made of wood or natural fibers, they are the most appropriate for these cases.

If you want to elevate your style and make it more protagonist, combine it with appliques.

sconces mirror

You'll upgrade it instantly. Natural or artificial light and mirrors are a magnificent combination.

Large mirror on the living room wall

Do you have a large empty wall? Put a mirror with personality that views the entire wall and solves that space for you.

Or create a gallery with several small ones.

Combination of mirrors on the living room wall

Do not be afraid to mix them because the mirrors have the particularity that they combine very well with each other.

Round mirror on the wall in the hall with wallpaper

If you are going to put the mirror on a relatively ornate wallpaper, the simplest mirrors work better, which add but do not overload.

Antique mirror on bedroom dresser

If you are going to put the mirror on top of a piece of furniture, try putting the mirror on top of the piece of furniture itself since it will solve the space for you and the decorative options of the still life will multiply.

Here you can see how to decorate above the dresser or sideboard like a professional.

And if you are interested in this topic, in this video you can see how to decorate a dresser or sideboard like a professional.

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