How to have a cool house in summer without air conditioning: NO HEAT

Not using the air conditioning in summer is getting more and more difficult, but if we practice some or all of these tips to have a cooler house in summer, we may succeed.

And it is that with these tips and resources to cool the house in summer without the need for air conditioning we can lower the temperature by more than 10 degrees.

we start

Block out the heat in the morning

Closed window to have a cooler house in summer without air conditioning

Obviously a house heats up because heat enters, and this enters in various ways, some we cannot control, such as perhaps some facades or roofs, but others, such as windows, where up to 30% of the total heat enters, yes that we can control them.

Thus, in the hottest hours of the day, that is, from morning to afternoon, closing curtains and lowering all the blinds that we can will allow us to lower the temperature degrees.

This is especially important on windows that face south or west in the northern hemisphere and north and east in the southern hemisphere, as this is where the sun hits the most during those times of the day.

sun protection films.

Solar protection films for windows and protect us from the sun and heat at home

Another element that we can use to block the heat from the windows is solar protection sheets.

A good solar protection sheet can reject 80% of the heat that enters the house. Buy on Amazon.

In addition, these types of sheets are very cheap and very easy to install.


Awnings to protect us from the sun in summer and have a cooler house

This is a great system to block heat, since a good awning with a good fabric such as those made of fiberglass and high-tenacity polyester with PVC included and in light colors, especially white, eliminates up to 90% of solar radiation and they can reduce the interior temperature by up to 10 degrees, which will allow us to have a cooler house in summer without air conditioning.

Plants refresh the environment

Plants to cool the house in summer

Especially when we water them and if we do it late in the afternoon we will notice much more how the temperature drops thanks to the humidity of the earth.

Not only the interior ones, but also the exterior ones.

So, if you have plants on the balcony, the terrace or in the window, watering them in the evening will lower the degrees and we will have a cooler house.

Plants with large leaves also help to refresh the atmosphere inside the house.

So some beautiful plants with large leaves such as the monstera, the alocasia or the bird of paradise among others will make the house cooler, especially we sprinkle their large leaves with water.

Other plants that have been shown to refresh the environment are the tiger's tongue, the areca or the tape.

And here you can see more plants that purify the air in our home, to have a cooler house in summer without air conditioning.

Use light colors

Paint in light tones for a cooler and cooler house

Light tones are the colors that absorb less light. And the less light a color absorbs, the less heat it will create.

For this reason, many areas of the Mediterranean or southern Spain, for example, have their facades painted white.

White facades to reflect the heat

Since white is the color that absorbs less light.

Colors are absorbed by surfaces: Walls, textiles or any surface absorbs more or less heat, among other things, because of its color.

Let's take an example, if we have a red wall, when light falls on that wall, the wall absorbs all colors except red, which reflects it, and it is the color that reaches the retina, so we see it red.

The colors, or rather, the wavelengths that the wall has absorbed, are transformed into heat.

Therefore, the more colors, or the more wavelengths a surface absorbs, the more heat it gives off.

For this reason, a black surface heats up much more than a white one, because pure black does not reflect any color, causing all wavelengths to be transformed into heat, while white reflects all wavelengths of the visible spectrum, for it heats up very little.

That said, the softer colors, especially white, are the coolest colors and give off the least heat.

You can use this to your advantage in everything: Textiles, facade, awnings, furniture, wall colors and add and continue to have a cooler house since it will not absorb so much heat but will reflect it.

Replace incandescent or halogen bulbs with LED lights

Light bulb

This is something that we all know because we can notice it or have noticed it all our lives in our house.

Incandescent light bulbs produce a lot of heat.

We have all stood under an incandescent or halogen light bulb at some point and noticed how hot our heads got, right?

So, within your possibilities, change all the incandescent bulbs you can or keep the lights dim if you have dimmers or better, turn them off, if possible.

Summer offers us the opportunity to use less lights due to the greater amount of sunlight that there is at this time, which is perfect not only to have a cooler house, but to save something on the electricity bill.

Take care of the location of the furniture based on the orientation of the house

Cool living room in summer

This is obvious, but if in our house the sun hits the sofa in the morning directly through a window, or we lower the window and the blind so that it does not accumulate heat and heat the house more, or we change the place of the sofa.

The same thing happens in the bedrooms, if in the afternoon the sun hits the bed directly through the window or through the exterior façade, the ideal would be to change the bed's place.

It is true that this cannot always be done in homes that are already furnished, but if you are going to furnish your home because you just bought it, pay attention to the orientation of each room and then distribute the furniture, as far as possible. , in such a way that they do not accumulate heat.

Take care of your facade

Facade with ivy to have a cooler house in summer

Of course, if we have a house or a ground floor where we can access and manipulate our façade without any problem, we can also make the house cooler.

To begin with, by painting it a light color, especially white, we will be able to reflect more light and therefore accumulate less heat, as we have seen before.

But we can also make use of plants such as climbers, for example, especially on walls that receive direct sunlight, creating a natural screen that protects us from the heat.

Not all homes can do this, obviously, but in yours it is a good solution to have a cooler house without the need for air conditioning.

Here you can see 20 ideas to paint the facade of a house and get inspired.

Change and remove textiles

Fresh textiles to have a cooler house in summer

This is also obvious. All the thick textiles that we use in winter are not appropriate for summer.

The ideal would be to use very light textiles such as linen and cotton in summer, both in sofa covers, cushions, curtains, bedding, etc., since they are much cooler when in contact with the skin.

It all adds up when it comes to making the house feel less hot and us cooler.

Close and open doors when appropriate

Create draft in house to keep it cool

In the morning, closing the doors of the hottest rooms or all those that are not used will prevent the house from becoming hotter.

However, at night, open them so that the air is distributed and with the windows open, air currents can be created that ventilate and cool the house and lower the temperature by up to 4 degrees.

Also first thing in the morning when it's that chilly we can ventilate the house for half an hour to lower the temperature.

Change the direction of rotation of the ceiling fan

Change the direction of fan rotation roof for a cooler house in summer

If you have ceiling fans, in the summer, change the direction of the fan blades so they turn counterclockwise.

In this way, the hot air will be blown to the ceiling.

Most current ceiling fans come with a switch that allows us to change the direction of rotation precisely for this reason.

Appliances better at night

Using appliances such as the oven, washer or dryer at night will also help us not to heat up the house since all appliances, especially these mentioned as well as the dishwasher, emit significant amounts of heat.

And not only when we are using them, they also emit a large amount of residual heat when we have stopped using them.

effective insulation

This is the definitive option and the one that we should implement, although of course, it entails a great expense, since it is necessary to do work or reform in the house.

But if you are building your home or are going to do work or reform, pay special attention to the insulation of walls, ceilings, floors and windows, because you will be grateful for it all your life.

It is the definitive solution to have a cool house in summer and warm in winter without energy losses.

Rock wool to insulate the house from the summer heat

Example of a sandwich panel with Caliplac rock wool

Rock wool is really effective for insulating roofs and walls, for example.

Heat insulating triple glass window

Example of a triple glazed window by Veneo

Also, PVC windows with double or triple glazing with some inert gas such as argon and with thermal bridge breakage guarantee maximum insulation and minimum energy loss.

Insulating floors for a cool house

Example of thermal insulation on the floor of Chova

For floors, depending on the type of floor, there are different types of insulation in rigid panel format that guarantee correct thermal insulation and also a minimal loss of energy efficiency when we put on the air or heating.

As I say, this is the definitive solution, for life and the most effective.

That is why I insist that you pay special attention to this point, which is much more complex and extensive than what I have just explained, by way of summary.

If you are building your home or renovating it, get in touch with a professional in the field for advice, because you will be grateful for it all your life.

Video how to have a cooler house in summer without using air conditioning

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