How to have a more harmonious house: 15 solutions

Having a more harmonious home is easier than it may seem at first.

And its advantages are many, and not only aesthetic, or decorative.

We can also gain well-being in our home.

And here we are going to see 15 solutions to achieve a harmonious house. You can watch the video below. And if you don't want to see the video, below you have the article with photos.

identify your style

How to have a more harmonious house

The whole house has the same style

As we are going to see throughout the article, this first point to have a harmonious house is one of the most important, that is why I put it first.

And it is that harmony in interior design is the process of creating a sense of unity so that the whole house provides tranquility with a harmonious design.

Thus, the easiest way to achieve this is to identify our decorative style and translate it throughout our home so that it feels cohesive and generates that sense of unity that we are looking for.

Your decorative style does not have to be defined already.

Like for example the Nordic style, or the rustic style.

You may like the Nordic style with industrial pieces, or you may like the rustic style with Nordic pieces.

It doesn't matter what it is, what it is about is that you identify it and if it doesn't have a name, you invent it, and thus you will create your roadmap, your guide to having a house in harmony.

Although this would be the most important step, we can make a house more harmonious in many other ways, let's see them.

Create a sense of unity

As we have seen, creating a sense of unity will make our house look more harmonious, and we can achieve this sense of unity by choosing a decorative style, as we have seen, or if you don't want to go crazy, you can't identify it or you just don't feel like it. , we can also achieve it by repeating these patterns:

geometric shapes on the walls

Repeat the shapes in furniture, walls, decoration, etc.

Shapes: Through the repetition of geometric shapes, whether on walls, furniture, decorative elements or architecture, we will be able to create a nexus of union and cohesion throughout the house.

Green painted bedroom and living room

Repeat the same color or color palette.

Colors: This is the easiest way to achieve harmony in a home. Through color, as we have seen in other videos. Creating a color palette and extending it throughout the house, or choosing a color to create a common thread in the house.

Wood and black metal staircase

Repeat the materials to generate cohesion

Materials: The continuation and repetition of materials in the different rooms of a house is another of the most effective and most used forms in the design of a home to achieve harmony.

Minimalist nordic decorative chandeliers

Repeat the decorative elements of the same style

Decorative elements: This is one of the simplest, since it does not require any work on our part except to add decorative elements of the same cut that generate a repetitive pattern throughout our home, creating that harmony that we are looking for. They can be baskets, chandeliers, figures and busts, paintings, whatever, repeat and create cohesion.

Bet on noble and organic materials

A cozy and warm room

Noble materials well used indoors generate harmony

Design and Photography by Grace Oaks Designs

As we will also see throughout the video, harmony in a home is not only perceived visually, we also feel it, through touch, smell, through a compendium of sensations that transmit that harmony to us.

Many times we have entered a space and without knowing why we perceive it in a very pleasant way, right?

One way to achieve that feeling is through the use of natural materials such as wood, stone, linen, cotton, rattan, wicker, etc.

These materials are welcoming and warm by nature and provide that touch, those smells and that pleasant aesthetic that we were talking about before.

Noble and organic materials

The whole set of SKLUM

If you already have the house decorated and furnished, try to replace any of the synthetic elements you have with organic ones to the best of your ability.

For example, some of the lamps for lamps made of natural materials, decorative elements of plastic or fiberglass for handcrafted pieces, etc.

These small changes will make it possible for you to have a more harmonious house quite easily. Let's keep going.

order and cleanliness

This point needs little explanation.

You can have the house with the most exquisite pieces of furniture in the world, with marbled walls and gold lamps, that if it is not clean and tidy, it will never be seen, no longer beautiful or elegant, but it will not be perceived pleasant and in harmony. .

And on the contrary, any house, however humble it may be, will always look nice when it is clean, when it is tidy, right?

Let's keep going.

watch out for mirrors

mirror reflecting plants

Let the mirrors reflect something nice

Mirrors help us make a space brighter and feel larger, and I am the first to recommend them, but something as simple as putting a mirror in the wrong place can make us feel unharmonious at home.

And where is a bad place to put a mirror?

Anything in which the mirror reflects something unpleasant or not very pretty, such as television, for example, an appliance, the back of a piece of furniture, the bathroom, etc.

So, pay attention when placing a mirror and make sure that it reflects something nice and pleasant, such as the outside, a gallery of paintings or photos, wallpaper, a beautiful still life that you have on a piece of furniture, a set of plants , etc.


Decoration with plants to have a more harmonious house

And speaking of plants, they could not be missing from this article to have a harmonious home, and I am not going to go on too long because we have already reviewed the benefits of plants many times.

Plants bring harmony to a home, because of their freshness, their color, their smell, because they connect us with nature from which we are increasingly disconnected and, of course, because they purify the air.

If you have any questions or are interested in this topic, in this video you can see how to decorate your house with plants.

purify the air

As I said before, harmony in a home is not only perceived visually, since we can have an extremely beautiful house decorated to the millimeter, but if it has a bad smell, stale air or a very charged environment, we will never feel harmony in it. .

So, let's see some gestures we can do to purify the air at home.

Ventilate the house daily: Open the windows to generate air currents that renew the air in the house, to also prevent humidity, to regulate the temperature, to avoid or eliminate bad odors, so that you feel a greater harmony at home and have a home with greater harmony .

add plants that purify the air we breathe as we just reviewed.

Use natural air fresheners so that the house smells good. Smell is one of the most powerful senses we have to influence our mood. Make it work in your favor to achieve a more pleasant house.

If you think it necessary, get an air purifier. Today we have them at a very good price.

best air purifier

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Of course, spend a good time looking at the specifications of the different devices and choose one with a HEPA filter and with the greatest possible efficiency.

And I say the most effective, not the most expensive. I have this one that we see above these lines that cost me less than €200 and is one of the most effective air purifiers on the market, and with the best ratings.

Much more than some of the big name brands.

All of you who have tried a purifier at home will know its advantages and how it makes the house feel when it has clean air.

Take care of the little details

This is for me one of the most powerful ways to make a house more harmonious.

I don't know if it's something that happens to everyone or if it's something personal, but fixing the small details gives me a brutal satisfaction.

Twisted and broken shutter

We all feel that small or great discomfort when lowering a crooked blind, or that loose tile that every time we pass through the corridor, that door that does not finish closing properly because the latch or knob has already been turned back or because it has been swollen from moisture, or the damn kitchen drawer that doesn't open or close properly anymore, right?

For this reason I have considered it important to add this point in this video, because with simple gestures, in most cases, we can solve these small inconveniences and we will feel greater satisfaction, to have a functional and practical house and consequently a more harmonious house. .

Take care of the entrance of your house

Well lit small hallway

Imagine entering a house and that the entrance or hall is relatively obstructed by some furniture or element, or that it smells bad, or that it is dark, that it looks like a cave, or that it is dirty.

What feeling did this description just give you?

Nasty, right?

We would never see that house in a harmonious and pleasant way, no matter how many luxury houses it was.

That is why it is vital to have a hall perfectly prepared for that, to receive in a pleasant way.

And when I say a well-prepared hall, I am not referring to a hall with expensive furniture, or a hall with natural light, yes or yes, because there are halls that cannot have that natural light.

Nor am I referring to a very spacious hall, because each of us has the meters we have.

What I am referring to is a well-cared entrance hall, no matter how small, dark or humble it may be.

A beautiful and bright hall

Design and photography by Lola Navarro from Decoestilo 12 | @decostyle12

A hall in which there are no obstacles when passing, where the passage is fluid (be very careful with the carpets), to a hall that, although it does not have natural light, when we turn on the light, we feel a pleasant and well-lit atmosphere, to a hallway that smells good, or just smells clean.

And these these things will make it so that when we enter or enter our house, we immediately perceive a pleasant house.

In addition, these gestures are not at odds, much less with the space or the budget that we have.

Take care of the first impression of your home and you will have more than half of the work done.

These 25 cute little halls can help you.

Natural and artificial lighting

dark living room

As we have done with some of the previous points, let's take the example of entering a living room, bedroom or house that is dark, that has dull, grayish, sad shadows, we will never perceive it as pleasant or harmonious, right?

The simple gesture of making a house brighter radically determines how we are going to perceive that house.

So, let's get to work.

In this article, you can see how to make your house brighter naturally.

They are resources that work very well and most of them are very cheap or totally free.

And if naturally you can't make it brighter due to the particular location or orientation of the home, then it's time to use artificial lighting, and this is easier than it seems, we don't have to go crazy or do a big installation.

Initially, it would be enough to add, in addition to the zenith light point, other punctual light points.

Well lit living room

For example, a simple floor lamp and a table lamp above the sideboard or other furniture, as well as a wall light in a shadow area.

With this we would have the lighting of the space well covered.

And if right now you already have all these points of light that we have just seen and you still have shadows or poor lighting, then what you may need is to increase the power of the bulb, adding bulbs with more lumens or lux to illuminate with greater power and cover the entire surface well.

Living room with indirect lighting

If we want to loop the loop and achieve perfect artificial lighting, my advice is not to hesitate to add indirect lighting, because this always, without exception, makes a space more pleasant, since it sweeps away all the shadows and negativity from any corner.

You can use led lights on skirting boards, on furniture, on cornices and moldings or anywhere else and make that space look very nice.

Prioritize the use of each zone

This point can also make a harmonious house with some simple gestures.

And it is that when we prioritize the functionality of a room, we are making that room have much more sense of being, and therefore, we will see it with greater harmony.

Plant fibers in the bedroom

An example: The bedroom is a rest area, the moment we prioritize rest, our bedroom will take on a greater sense of being, our use of the bedroom will be more comfortable, more functional, more practical, which results in we will see and feel the bedroom in a more pleasant way.

Not to mention that we will sleep better.

And we can extrapolate this to any room in the house. For example, a bathroom is the place to wash, but it is also a space to relax.

If we prioritize this premise, our bathroom will look more harmonious.

And we don't need to have a huge bathroom to prioritize rest and relaxation.

Nice little bathroom

Add a good set of fluffy towels, add some plants to give it freshness and a purer air, change the shower head for one with a rain mode shower head, add a bamboo mat to step on something pleasant, put some aromatic candles, make yourself with a tray for the bathtub, etc.

In short, these simple gestures will turn your bathroom into a small and pleasant SPA and the harmony of the space will not only be seen, but more importantly, it will be felt, because we have prioritized the real use of space.

Try to do it in each space of your house and you will see how having a harmonious house is one of the easiest and most beneficial things you can do for yourself and your family at home.

These 50 cute little bathrooms can help.

More resources to have a harmonious house

In addition to these tips that we have seen, then we have tools such as balance, rhythm, symmetry and other resources that we have already seen in this video, and that I recommend you use to have a harmonious house.

And if you think this article can help a friend or family member, share it. Thank you!

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