Ideas to design an elegant kitchen

Having an elegant kitchen is easier today than ever since we have a wide variety of materials to choose from, which do not have to be very expensive, among other resources that we are going to see below, to achieve that modern and elegant aesthetic that you are looking for. thinking for your new kitchen or for the reform.

Take note that we started.

Bet on natural materials

Elegant kitchen with natural materials
Natural materials such as elegant marble stones, or warm wood, among others, are ideal for giving that natural touch that every elegant and modern kitchen needs.

Today it is very easy to find this type of material, whether for countertops, furniture or cabinets, and we can see and value it, at least initially, without leaving home, by looking at one of the online catalogs of some of the most important firms such as the Leroy Merlin brochure, where we can begin to take ideas and notes on these materials.

The natural materials that we are talking about play a very important role when designing a modern kitchen.

On the one hand, they create a very attractive visual contrast when we combine them with other non-natural materials in the kitchen, such as electrical appliances, for example.

On the other hand, they provide that naturalness and closeness that only these materials can bring to a space, making said space more welcoming, in addition to reducing the possible saturation of materials or non-natural elements, of which kitchens tend to abound.

Another advantage of these materials is that they do not go out of style either.

Clean and refined lines

Elegant kitchen in modern straight lines

A synonym of elegance and modernity in kitchens are the clean lines that dominate its aesthetics.

Clean, careful and refined lines offer an elegant and modern aesthetic and, best of all, timeless.

In other words, this type of kitchen never goes out of style, especially if we combine those lines we are talking about with a neutral color such as white, soft beige, stone or some shade of gray or natural materials, such as wood, as we see in the kitchen above these paragraphs.

In addition, these colors are usually also elegant and do not go out of style. They are above them.

Open Concept Kitchens

Elegant open concept kitchen

While it is true that we can design an elegant kitchen when it is closed or zoned, it is also true that currently the trend in modern kitchens is completely on the side of open kitchens.

In just a few years we have gone from completely zoned homes to open homes as much as possible, so within the characteristics of a modern and elegant kitchen, there is the open concept and therefore it has to come out on this list of ideas to design a modern kitchen.

Let's continue with more ideas.

Minimalist details to finish off the design

Modern minimalist kitchen with black details

The saying is well known: The secret is in the small details.

And in interior design, more specifically in kitchen design, this phrase is even more important, if possible.

And it is that finishing off the kitchen with elegant and minimalist details, we will be able to give it that modern point that we are looking for.

A beautiful minimalist and current faucet, some handles (if you have them) also of a minimal and modern cut to match the faucet, some modern lamps... It is these small accents that give character and personality to the kitchen.

So, in addition to its design, pay special attention to these elements.

And just as we saw before with the materials, you can also see many of them online to get inspired or to buy them directly, for example, by looking at the Leroy Merlin brochure that I mentioned before.

paneled appliances

Elegant kitchen with paneled appliances

This gesture is not new, but it is a trend in modern and elegant kitchens, since the fact that most kitchens today are open concept has made paneling appliances to camouflage them practically essential, since which is the best solution to integrate them into the total design of the open space.

In general, electrical appliances are the elements that, aesthetically, disfigure a kitchen the most.

When the kitchen is closed, this loses relative importance, but when it is open and can be seen from any corner, even from the sofa, the fact that the appliances are camouflaged becomes very important.

So, to design an elegant and modern kitchen, another of the ideas or resources that cannot be missing from your list of needs for your new kitchen is to panel the appliances with the same finish as the furniture and cabinets in the kitchen.

It is not excessively expensive and the result is worth it. Do not neglect this point because you will appreciate the final result.

let the light be made

Elegant kitchen with abundant natural light

Going back to the homes and kitchens of the past, we can all remember them with a dark, heavy and zoned aura.

That's a thing for the past. The current aesthetic of kitchens (and of homes in general) is, on the one hand, as we have already seen, open concept. And on the other, more luminous.

A dark, heavy aesthetic has an aged, outdated patina.

Therefore, within your possibilities and the architecture of your home, make the kitchen as bright as possible.

Not only will it look more beautiful and modern, but you will obviously have a kitchen with a lot of natural light, which is always appreciated.

Subtle metallic accents (especially gold)

Elegant kitchen with gold accents

An elegant and modern kitchen can be made in many ways, and in many styles, using a huge variety of materials and finishes, but there is one that never fails. Without exception: The gold ones.

I'm not telling you to put the whole kitchen in gold. Quite the contrary: Use these finishes in subtle details and you will give the necessary elegance and sophistication to the entire kitchen.

Do not fall into excesses, it is not necessary.

If you don't like gold, you can use copper, or chrome, even brass.

This type of material never fails to create a sophisticated aesthetic.

Elegantly dress the windows

Elegant and modern kitchen in black and wood

If your kitchen has windows, you can choose not to dress them, of course, this depends on your tastes and needs, but if you decide to dress them, do it elegantly, matching the kitchen.

Venetian blinds available in aluminium, wood, bamboo and other natural and synthetic materials are of a modern cut and can achieve a very elegant detail as well, as we see in the modern kitchen above these lines.

A subtle, practical and elegant detail. No excesses.

add art

Elegant kitchen with art

This is a simple and relatively inexpensive idea but one that has tremendous decorative power.

A simple painting, especially in a large format, matching the kitchen or creating contrast with it, is the icing on the cake of an elegant and modern kitchen.

Show your personality, choose a work of art that you love and don't hesitate to add it to your kitchen to give it a dose of character that will turn it into a magazine kitchen.

As I said at the beginning, designing an elegant kitchen is easier today than ever due to the great accessibility we have to an immense range of materials and finishes.

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