Ideas to hide, decorate and camouflage radiators at home

I imagine that in the future the heating of homes involves leaving the radiators aside and adding underfloor heating, leaving the walls free of radiators and water pipes for heating.

But for now, those of us who don't like radiators no matter how beautiful they are, we have to put up with them on the walls.

Although, as we are going to see right now, luckily, there are a wide variety of solutions to hide, decorate and camouflage radiators. Let's see them.

close them

Idea to camouflage a radiator with a wood and stone lattice on the top

Photography ?

It is the most effective solution to get rid of its aesthetics.

And to close them we have many options, such as the one we see above these lines, where a stone shelf or shelf has been installed above the radiator, with openings, and on the front, a simple wooden lattice has been added in White color.

Although it is the most effective solution, not everything goes. We must close the radiator in such a way that we do not reduce its efficiency, and allow it to expel heat as well.

Let's see another idea.

Idea to camouflage a radiator by closing it with a plasterboard partition

Photography Ekra Diz

If you want it well camouflaged, you can create a drywall partition and close it completely as if it were a structural part of the house.

Naturally, both in the front and in the upper part, they need an opening to do their job properly.

Let's keep going.

Idea to camouflage a radiator creating a shelf

Photography ?

If you do not want to close it completely, you can use the hole in the radiator to create a kind of built-in shelf, with the radiator hidden in the middle and camouflaged by a wooden grill that allows it to expel the heat, and on the sides, shelves to store , arrange or decorate them as you like.

The solution you adopt will also be affected by the location of the radiator, since it is not the same to close the radiator that is under a window sill, than one that is in the bathroom, as we see below.

Idea to camouflage a radiator creating a bathroom cabinet

Design and photography Mustard Seed

Taking into account how little space there is in bathrooms, adding a cabinet to close a radiator is going to eat up even more space.

To compensate for this loss, that the piece of furniture or the solution that we adopt to close the radiator at least has storage space, don't you think?

Idea to camouflage a radiator with a wooden pallet

Photography ?

To close the radiator, we can use plasterboard, masonry or stone partitions, or we can also resort to a very cheap material such as wood, and more specifically the wood of the pallets, to create a personalized enclosure for our radiators.

If closing the radiator is not an option for you, for whatever reason, there are other solutions to camouflage radiators that you may be interested in and that we are going to discover right now.


Idea to camouflage a radiator with an acid glass screen

Photography ?

Screens for radiators are just that, just a screen that is located in front of the radiator and, generally, they are made of translucent acid-etched glass.

Why acid? Because if they weren't translucent, the radiator would be visible, among other things, such as the fact that opaque crystals treated with acid are more resistant, smoother and clean and temper better.

In other words, it is a resistant and durable glass that is perfect for receiving all the heat from the radiator without any problem.

In addition, we have this type of crystals available in practically the color that we want to adapt them to the design of our home.

What else can we do to camouflage radiators?

For example, paint them.

Paint the radiators to camouflage them or integrate them into the decoration

Idea to camouflage a radiator by painting it the same color as the wall

This is the most economical solution and the one that probably does not need any professional to do it for us, but we can do it ourselves, unless our walls have a marble effect or any other similar technique that needs a professional to do it for us. , like the work that we see above these lines done by the firm Decorating and Painting JS.

By painting the radiator the same color as the wall, it blends in with it and does not stand out.

We are going to continue seeing it, do not think that by painting it the same color the eye will not see it.

But it is true that the striking contrast that it had is no longer evident and camouflages itself with the wall.

Idea to camouflage a radiator by painting it in colors

Photography by @bisque_radiators of Bisque

Although we can also do the opposite. In other words, highlight it by painting it in a color that contrasts and matches the color of the wall, to ensure that the radiator itself is one more decorative element, and not a mere gadget with a solely functional purpose.

Whichever option you choose, here you can see how to paint a radiator and the materials you need.

If you decide to paint them, the most suitable time of year for it, as you can imagine, is when they are not used.

Thus the paint does not suffer sudden changes in temperature in the first weeks, and dries and adheres correctly.

Let's see another solution.

radiator covers

Another of the most effective solutions that we have at our disposal and also one of the most demanded is to use radiator covers.

A modern radiator cover from the Mobleku firm

Mobleku signature coverr

And it is the one that I recommend if you do not want to get into a lot of trouble at home, doing a small job or giving yourself the beating to paint all the radiators, since with a radiator cover, all you have to do is install it and that's it.

And if one day you get tired of it, you remove it and change it for another without having to do any work.

In addition, today there are radiator covers that are works of art. Designer furniture that, in addition to making the radiator disappear, adds decoration.

Here you can see an article where I selected 15 modern radiator covers that may interest you.

And here, on Amazon, you can see and buy modern radiator covers directly.

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