Kitchen shelves. 15 good solutions

kitchen shelves… There is no doubt about how essential they are to function comfortably in the kitchen.

In addition, they are not merely practical and functional, but with them, depending on their style, we can redecorate the kitchen for very little money.

In addition to the fact that if we change the cabinets for the shelves or shelves, we will make the kitchen appear larger, since these allow the bottom of the wall to be seen and visually speaking less overload the space.

Y You don't have to spend much or anythingas we will see below.

Let's start with these 15 kitchen shelves!

A kitchen with a wooden shelf

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Modern wooden shelves. It is enough with one or a couple of planks in good condition and a previous treatment with sandpaper and varnish, the latter optional, plus some supports for Floating shelves to create a beautiful and stylish storage space in the kitchen.

A kitchen with wooden shelves

Photography The Turquoise Home

If we do not use the floating type, the support, the brackets used to mount the shelves, will also add decoration and style. Add some according to the style of the kitchen, like the ones we see above these metal lines with the raw wood, creating a charming scene.

Shelf made with a pallet for the kitchen

Shelf made with a pallet for the kitchen. The object of using wooden pallets as furniture has become a global trend, called, as we like to call it, Palletmania. Of course we can use one to create a kitchen shelfas we see in the image above this paragraph.

Here you can see 10 ideas to make shelves with wooden pallets.

A kitchen with wooden shelves on the walls

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Kitchen shelf made of old wood. may well be an antique piece of furniture or some old planks of wood to make a shelf, like the one we see in the image above these lines. Antique wood gives the kitchen a charming vintage feel.

A kitchen with minimalist shelves

Photography Once Upon a Home

Designer metal shelves. You currently have hundreds of different models of shelves for the kitchen and for other areas of the house that can also be used for the kitchen. Find ones that go with the rest of the elements to create a balanced scene.

The shelves of this kitchen in black metal match the minimalist style of the kitchen itself and with the black metal stools in straight lines.

A kitchen with a minimalist shelf

Photography Elisabeth Berge

Lightweight, metal-framed shelves in a bookcase format for a decorative touch that adds decor beyond the classic individual shelves or simple shelves. If you have enough wall space, a lightweight shelving unit can give you more than just storage space. Another very appropriate alternative, don't you think?

A kitchen with corner shelves

Photography A Beautiful Mess

Take advantage of all available space making a corner shelf covering the entire surface of the wall. And make the most of the corners, without wasting space in the kitchen.

A kitchen with open shelves

Photography White Space Studio

Open shelves or shelves, without doors to make the kitchen appear deeper. You can remove the doors or add these open shelves that you see above these lines to obtain storage space, but without burdening the space. Seeing the bottom of the wall shelf makes the kitchen look deeper visually.

Look at these ideas to make shelves and shelves with old drawers.

A kitchen with rustic wood countertops

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With some old metal or normal metal bracketswe can provide the rustic character shelves, if it is what we are looking for or if it is the style of our kitchen. Naturally, if the shelf is made of raw wood, it is better for this style, since it will show off a more authentic aesthetic. Here you can see more modern rustic kitchens.

A kitchen with a shelf under the cabinets

Add a shelf under the tall kitchen cabinet to add storage space. If your cabinets are high enough and there are no burners or sink underneath, you have a perfect space to add a kitchen shelf that adds storage space to your kitchen. You can see more tricks to organize a small kitchen here.

A kitchen with shelves painted the same color as the wall

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Camouflaged on the wall, painted or purchased the same color as the wall, to integrate them into the decoration. In this case, the shelves are painted in the same black color as the wall, blending in with it and integrating perfectly. You can see more black kitchens here.

A kitchen with a perforated panel as a shelf

The whole set of IKEA

Pegboard or perforated panel for tools as a shelf for the kitchen, like the IKEA model that we see above these lines. it does not recharge much and still optimize the kitchen space. It is another alternative to kitchen shelves to make the most of the wall surface.

A kitchen with stair ledges

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Standing shelves, ladder-shaped. If we have enough space, we can install two original shelves like these in the kitchen, in the form of a ladder.

A kitchen with built-in shelves

construction shelves. We could not ignore this other option. These shelves fit very well in rustic and vintage styles.

A kitchen with modern white lacquered shelves

Photography Saviesa House

Wooden shelf set in a colored panel. It is a 2 in one: a colored panel that embellishes and gives style to the kitchen, and shelves or shelves in white lacquered wood to match the style of the kitchen to add visible storage space. Practical and decorative.

It can be done with a wooden board, painted in color and adding shelves and other accessories with hooks, coat racks, etc. According to our needs.

kitchen wine rack

wine rack. It will only serve to store wine, but you will do it with style and without taking up any other space than the wall. Quite handy.

Tell me, how are the shelves or shelves in your kitchen? I read you in the comments.

And now don't stand there and look at these 25 ideas to decorate the wall of your kitchen.

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