Kitchens without tiles, different and daring

Let it go ahead that, although kitchens without tiles have become fashionable, the best material to cover a kitchen is tile: It is cheap, it cleans well, there is a huge range of different designs and it resists humidity and the passage of time. time as few materials. This makes it the perfect lining.

That said, it is true that untiled, untiled, painted or half tile half paint kitchens have a novelty appeal that is attracting a lot of attention, and more and more people are choosing to have an untiled kitchen.

If you are interested in this type of aesthetic, come with me and discover these kitchens without tiles that I have prepared. Take good note and prepare to load yourself with inspiration.

They are separated into two groups: Kitchens without painted tiles or covered with other materials, and kitchens with half tiles and half paint. Let's start with the first.

Kitchens without painted tiles and covered with other materials

Ideas for kitchens without tiles: Peach painted kitchen.

Nimú Study Project | Photography Jose Luis de Lara

All in white, with the kitchen front painted a very attractive peach orange that combines magnificently with the white of the walls and also that of the kitchen furniture. A small sill has been left to make it easy to clean, but the rest of the walls are completely painted, without tiles, creating a kitchen with a modern aesthetic that is out of the traditional.

A kitchen without tiles, without tiling

Photography Elisabeth Berge

Although if you are looking for a kitchen without tiles that is totally out of the traditional, this can be a good example. The top of the walls has been left without cabinets and without tiling, and it has been painted an elegant and sophisticated grayish blue that looks phenomenal with the white of the furniture and the wood of the floor.

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An untiled kitchen in earth tones

Another untiled kitchen, painted a tan and grayish earth tone. Although in this case, the front of the kitchen is tiled with ceramic imitation wood. It's actually the most sensible option, as the coated sill will always be easy to clean and is much more resistant to heat.

A kitchen without tiles from Estudio Sincro

Interior design and photography Sincro Studio

Kitchens without tiles work very well when the kitchen is open to the living room, since we can make it integrate better. In this other open kitchen they have opted for all white combined with black. A combination that never fails in any space. White kitchens will always be a trend.

An untiled kitchen in white, wood and marble

Another kitchen without tiles in which white wood is the protagonist. The fronts are covered in white marble, but the rest of the surfaces are all wood.

A kitchen without tiles painted gray green

Photography @ThuisBijLisette by Thuis Bij Lisette

Another color that we can use to paint the kitchen walls is grayish green. An always successful color since it combines with any other color or material, as we see in this other kitchen without tiles painted green and white

A kitchen without tiles

Photography Once Upon a Home

Grey, white and black is always a good combination to achieve a sophisticated and modern environment, as in this untiled kitchen, where the walls have been painted in two shades of grey, combined with black on the stools and the lamps above the kitchen. Tom Dixon's kitchen island.

A kitchen without tiling, without tiles

Photography Wellcome Home

With the kitchen front in high gloss lacquered white, and the rest of the wall without tiling, painted a very nice deep dark green.

A kitchen without tiles, without tiling

Emabihor Photography

We can also cover the walls with some color mortar, like this kitchen that has been covered with mortar with a light powdery pink touch.

It is a more traditional finish and gives the kitchen a charming touch, more welcoming than the cold tile or plain paint as we have seen above.

If you like pink for kitchens, then here you can see 17 modern pink kitchens. And some of them also have no tiles because they have been left untiled.

An untiled kitchen in white and wood

Kitchens without tiles can be given. Sometimes the furniture and cabinets take up almost all the space, leaving a small wall surface, in this case, it may not be worth tiling.

A kitchen without tiling, without tiles and with lacquered glass

There are many other materials to cover kitchen walls without tiles, beyond paint, in case you are not interested in this option. One of them, also widely used, is lacquered glass, available in a wide variety of colors, like the one seen in this other kitchen, from the countertop to the ceiling.

An untiled kitchen in shades of gray and white

Untiled walls, painted in a light gray with nuances of earth tones, white furniture and with the sill lined with tiles in a tone similar to that of the walls but darker.

An untiled kitchen in white

It is practically necessary, or at least highly recommended, to cover the kitchen sill with a material that is easy to clean. The paint would wear off in a few days and it is very difficult to clean, if not impossible, at least completely.

If you don't like tile, you have at your disposal stones, such as marble, granite or modern terrazzo, among others, as well as lacquered glass, as we saw before, or mirror, among other options.

An untiled kitchen in white

What little unfurnished kitchen surface was left untiled, and the walls were painted white.

Half tile half painted kitchens

A kitchen without tiles

Photography Old Brand new | Instagram @dabito

With a beautiful vintage tile, in neutral tones that transitions between the color of the low cabinets in the kitchen and the walls, just like the designer Dabito in his kitchen.

Here the decorative options multiply. The aesthetic versatility of tile and paint give rise to an infinite number of finishes. Here you can see some that I have prepared to inspire you.

A kitchen without tiles

Seen on Pinterest

With the classic white subway tile with bevel and relief, which has more presence and the top part painted in an elegant greyish blue.

This is one of the most practical ways to decorate a kitchen without tiling, as the tiles on the windowsill are easy to clean and resist heat better than paint, but you still leave a section of wall to be able to add a different touch with color. .

A kitchen without tiles

Photography @Weepaciesinteriors by Wee Spaces studio

This other kitchen is also tiled with a pretty pink tile on the sill, up to the height of the furniture. The rest, without tiles all in white.

As you can see, the area where there are no tiles is not in danger of getting stained since it is up.

Let's see another.

A kitchen without tiles

Design and photography by Dreierlei Liebelei Instagram @NadineBurck

Without any transition finish between tile and paint. All blank. Subway type tile with a size larger than the standard and height of walls in matte white.

A kitchen with coral tile and paint

The Colombo Serboli studio designed this small kitchen, half painted in a coral color, half tiled with a simple white tile with joints, or continuous joint, also without any transitional finish, being perfect.

An untiled kitchen in white

With a hexagonal tile mosaic in a small format, such as mosaics, covering the front of the kitchen and leaving the rest free, without tiling, to paint white. A very attractive option.

A rustic white kitchen with no tiles on top

Photography Thousand Decoration Ideas

With a modern rustic style, this other kitchen features a beautiful Andalusian tile up to half the wall, finished off with a blue ceramic border, and the rest in an earth tone, in keeping with the general aesthetics of the kitchen, warm and welcoming.

A kitchen without tiles

Seen on Pinterest

Another option is to put a tile very similar to the color of the countertop, to create a sense of continuity, in case you don't like cuts.

You raise the tile about 40 centimeters on the wall to protect it from heat and splashes, creating a practical kitchen front and the rest you paint as you want.

As we can see, even if you decide that untiled kitchens are your thing, at least consider the option of covering the front of it, to save yourself headaches with cleaning; There is a large number of coatings as you have seen in these kitchens without tiles, which make it a more practical space.

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