Learn to paint murals on the walls and transform your home into a unique space

Despite the fact that photo murals have established themselves in decoration as one of the most used wall coverings, they do not have the charm of hand-painted murals.

They may be cheaper and easier to install, but they will never have the "soul" of a mural painted on the wall.

The work behind it, the smell of paint, seeing how little by little an impressive drawing takes shape… No, they cannot be compared.

And if you think like me and you want to paint murals at homestay with me because we will see wall mural ideasin different spaces and other very interesting little things that I have prepared, like the way of learn to make murals I think I'm going to sign up too.

Let's go with the ideas first, and let's see everything we can achieve when painting a mural on interior walls.

Decorative mural painted on the wall for a children's bedroom

Mural Studio Photography

The spaces where it seems that they are used the most is in the kids bedroom wallssince painting a mural in these spaces offers us a wider range of options than in more adult spaces where everything is more contained and moderated.

Decorative mural painted on an interior wall for a children's bedroom

Mural Studio Photography

But in children's and youth rooms and bedrooms you can create true works of art dreamlike in nature.

Paint dreamy children's muralsstory pieces that transport children to any imaginary place they love.

Decorative mural painted on an interior wall

Not only is a room decorated by painting a mural, but another dimension is added to it, especially if the mural is in 3D.

We can make a space higherlower, deeper, transport us to a forest or a relaxing place, thereby achieving a relaxing atmosphere as well as beautiful.

Who does not want to escape and relax watching a beautiful landscape? I don't think there is anyone who doesn't like it.

Painting murals at home, we can achieve all this. But let's continue that the best is yet to come.

Decorative mural painted on the walls and ceiling of a children's bedroom

Photography Peter K. Engelsmann

As it is painted and not adhesivethe customization options are endless.

Can make the furniture and the structure of the spaces play in our favor and the mural on the wall interacts with these elementscreating almost magical spaces.

Decorative mural painted on the walls of a children's room

What child would not like to have an enchanted forest in their bedroom or any other theme that envelops the bedroom in a magical atmosphere?

Decorative mural of a tree painted on the door and walls of a children's bedroom

We can also customize the doors and other elements of the children's room with a mural, such as the windows or even the ceiling, mimicking these common elements in a unique decorative environment, since the murals painted at home, in addition to many other things, are unique. No two are the same.

But beyond painting a children's mural on the wall of a children's or youth bedroom or room, we can paint it for adult bedroomscreating spaces almost as special as those for children, as we see below.

Decorative mural painted on the bedroom walls

Don't tell me you wouldn't like to have your bedroom decorated like this?

And more if you paint it with your own hands.

It doesn't have to be exactly that drawing, that mural, it can be the one you really want, but the result is unbeatable, right?

Painting a mural on the interior walls of our bedroom opens up a tremendous range of options.

Decorative mural painted on the bedroom walls

Photography Pam Lostracco

We can recreate what we like the most and create a landscape on our walls fully customized interiors according to our tastes: mountains, forests, beaches... Anything goes.

In addition to decorative painted murals can also have a practical use or semi-practical, since with them we can create trompe l'oeila pictorial technique that is centuries old and that, well applied, can create environments like the ones we see below.

Decorative mural painted on interior wall

Can make the space look biggertricking the eye and achieving a visual amplitude that is not achieved with any other technique, unless we pull the partition down.

Decorative mural painted on an interior wall

Combine it with different materials to make it more realistic and create a high-impact visual effect on our walls.

Decorative mural painted on the walls of a bathroom

Photography Morgan Murals

Or turn a small bathroom into a huge ocean, visually enlarging it and deceiving the eye.

And leaving the murals on interior walls, we can also paint murals on exterior wallsembellishing the areas outside our house, such as the facade, the patio or the terrace, as we see below, with these murals painted on exterior walls.

Decorative mural painted on the exterior walls of a courtyard

Do you have an interior patio? See how to decorate your exterior walls with a mural.

It is just an example, because as you can imagine, you can make any design you imagine.

Decorative mural painted on an exterior facade of a house

Photography Pure Leidenschaft

We can also decorate our facade by creating an impressive painted muralas long as we can paint a mural on the façade, which is not always possible due to the different regulations, of course.

Decorative mural painted on a facade

Or since we put ourselves, paint the facade of our building.

In short, painting a mural outside allows us to create a completely unique house from the outside.

With a lot of personality, since the limit is in our imagination; well, in our imagination and in our talent, since to make a mural of this type, we need to hire some artist, or learn ourselves.

And that's what I'm thinking of doing. I think it's a nice way to work, since I love paint and color, and also to earn money.

I understand that the latter takes the charm out of painted murals, but what the hell, it's true.

Today this technique is widely used and there are not so many professionals. It's a growing market that, if learned well, can become a major business, and what's better than working on something you love? Few things the truth. Well yes, not working 😉

Decorative mural painted in a dental clinic

Photography Pure Leidenschaft

And there are many options, because not only would there be private clients who wanted to decorate their interior walls with painted murals, but also businesses, like this dental clinic, where they have made a beautiful mural of a tree that fills the ceiling to relax the patient.

Decorative mural painted on a door

Or this other cafeteria with a mural painted with roses decorating the place.

Anyway, I think it's a great opportunity, we just need to learn and luckily today we have it easier than ever, we don't even have to leave our house, since there are videos and courses with videos with which to make some artists.

This course to learn to paint murals is very interesting.

It is taught by the artist Ana Santos, a professional painter and illustrator, who teaches us how to paint with watercolor, from scratch, and without knowing anything.

It would be to start learning to paint animals and others with watercolor, and then go up, until learning to make any drawing, and being able to paint and design the murals ourselves.

Once we know how to paint murals, the range of options opens up, and who knows, maybe we'll end up working on it, decorating walls all over the world. How beautiful it is to dream.

In addition, the course has a very, very good price, for everything we can achieve, since it only costs €19.90 during a temporary offer. Although if it cost more it would not matter either since there is nothing like training to continue growing. don't you think?

Tanya Bonya painting a mural on the wall

Like the artist Tanya Bonya who now creates beautiful and impressive murals and has thousands of followers on social networks for the spectacular work she does.

I want that, and I'm going for it, it seems like a wonderful job.

And you, do you sign up for the course?

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