Make your house look more luxurious instantly (With little money)

To make your house look more luxurious and really be more luxurious, believe me, you don't need much.

With four little details and some work, you will be able to transform your house into a much more elegant state.

Best of all, you will be able to make your house look more luxurious with little money.

I have prepared a video where I tell you these 17 ideas to make a more luxurious house, which you can see below. And if you don't want to see video, below it, you have the article with photos and text.

Paint your doors and woodwork

Paint and restore the doors to make your house look more luxurious

The carpentry of some old doors tends to be too dark and sometimes also worn and disfigured by the passage of time, giving the entire space an ancient, old and ugly air.

One of the best solutions is to paint the doors and give them a new life and a younger and more modern look.

Once you have painted all the doors, believe me, your house will look more modern and more luxurious. And if you paint them white your whole house will look much bigger.

To paint the doors you only need a couple of sandpaper blocks, water-based enamel, a flat brush or pin and a couple of thread or zero-pore rollers and in a couple of weekends your whole house will look more beautiful and luxurious .

Do not stay only in the paint and not only in the doors

Also update your cabinets if you think they need it.

Look at this before and after:



Painted and decorated cabinet doors for a more luxurious home

If your door leaves are plain, you can go much further and achieve more luxurious and beautiful doors simply by gluing and adding moldings and strips to the plain door leaves.

You only need wood strips and glue to stick them on the doors, then paint them the same color as the door, and completely transform your doors and cabinets to a much more current state to make your house look and more luxurious.

You can also see this article with more ideas to decorate cabinet doors.

Change your lampshades

Lamp shades to make a house look more luxurious

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Ceiling lamps can become a decorative gift that our house offers us to add a touch of the most luxurious.

And not only the ceiling ones, but also the table and floor ones.

And we don't even need to buy the lamp. It is enough to change the lampshade for a more luxurious, eye-catching and beautiful one and give any space an extremely elegant touch.

Do not hesitate, if your lampshades are a little old or ugly due to the passage of time, today we have very cheap lamp shades with which you can add that luxurious and elegant touch in a simple and effective way.

Create a mirror wall

Create a mirror wall for a more luxurious and elegant home

Mirrors are one of the most effective resources to make a house look more luxurious, basically because its mirrored surface has that luxurious and sophisticated touch.

Thus, by adding mirrors you will make your house look more luxurious, as well as brighter and more spacious.

With a large mirror you can never go wrong, it is the most effective way to add a luxurious tint with a mirror.

But you can also use several smaller ones and create a large mosaic.

Of course, my advice is that whether it is one or several, bet on a large composition, since the effect will be more effective.

You can also see these ideas to decorate the dining room with mirrors.

Change the handles of your furniture

Nice handles to make a house more luxurious

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In the same way that by painting the carpentry your whole house will look more luxurious and more beautiful, if you have outdated door handles and cabinets, the moment you change them for more modern and elegant ones, you will make all your furniture also look look more elegant.

Also, think that the biggest things you have in your house are the furniture, and if they look elegant and luxurious, your whole house will look the same.

The best of all is that we can change the handles, handles and knobs of cabinets, drawers and doors for a small price since today we have handles with a beautiful design at a very good price.

But do not stay only in the shooters. If you think the piece of furniture needs it, you can always paint it and completely renovate it to a more luxurious and elegant state.

Furniture painted and renovated to make a more elegant house

We can paint them, decorate them with vinyl or templates, wallpaper and transform them into practically new furniture making our house look more luxurious.

Here you can see more before and after refurbished furniture for inspiration.

Add a big rug

A great rug to make the house look more luxurious

A great rug to make the house look more luxurious

It is not always possible and a large rug does not look good in all rooms, since it depends a lot on the size of the space.

But if you have a relatively small rug, or you have a large living room, one way to make the living room look more luxurious and elegant is certainly to add a large rug that unites all the furniture in the living room.

In this way, your entire room will immediately look more beautiful, because all the pieces will be cohesive and will be part of the same set, and you will be able to add warmth, texture and color in a single gesture.

Change outlets and switches

Elegant switches for a luxury home

Changing the plugs and switches will take you a morning of work, and a minimum financial expense and you will notice a great change in the entire aesthetics of your home, especially if the switches you have are already old or disfigured by the passage of time.

With this simple gesture you can instantly make your entire home look more luxurious and modern.

Add gold or silver metallic accents

Add metallic gold accents to make your home look luxurious

Gold or silver metallic accents, but especially gold ones are synonymous with luxury.

So, if you like these finishes, try adding them in small details throughout your house: in lampshades, in knobs, handles and handles, in some accent of a piece of furniture, the curtain rods, perhaps in some textile, etc.

Without excesses and well combined they will make your house look more luxurious without a doubt.

My advice is that you try to make these metallic finishes as similar as possible so that it does not look like a hodgepodge of metals but rather a successful combination.

Add a classic heirloom piece

A classic piece of furniture to make your house look more luxurious

Not all, but many antique pieces of furniture have a natural charm and elegance that cannot be imitated.

If you like them, a very good idea to make your house look more luxurious is to add a beautiful old piece, with character and personality and integrate it perfectly in your living room, bedroom, hall or wherever you want, and you will create a most exquisite corner. .

And if you need help integrating it, in this article you can see how to integrate legacy or vintage furniture into modern decoration.

That old piece that you don't know what to do with, can become the star piece of the entire decoration of your house, raising the decorative level to a much more luxurious state.

Add an armchair, chair or designer furniture

A pink and gold armchair for a more luxurious home

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In the same way that an elegant and sophisticated antique piece of furniture can give your entire house that luxurious hue, a piece of modern and sophisticated designer furniture can do the same.

The best of all is that a single piece can be enough and luckily, today we can also find them at great prices.

My advice is that if you are going to put only one piece, make it a piece that stands out.

That it maintains good proportion and is not dissonant, but that its colors or finishes stand out so that it becomes one of the focal points of the space and thus all eyes will go to that elegant and luxurious piece.

Decorate the coffee table with books

Make your house look more luxurious by decorating the dining table. center with books

Decorating the coffee table with books will make it look well decorated and more beautiful.

Large books already decorate by themselves with their pretty covers and can encourage conversation, but they also give order to the table decoration and also act as pedestals on which to display other elements.

So, if you don't know how to decorate your coffee table and you want to add an elegant detail to it, don't hesitate, put books alone, books with a piece of art, books with a plant or pot, books with a vase, in short use books to decorate, and to give meaning and organization to your coffee table, but I already told you that if you use them, they can become the solution to the decoration of your coffee table.

And considering that the coffee table in the living room is the piece on which the rest of the furniture is, imagine how beautiful your living room will look with a well decorated coffee table.

You can also see these other 40 ideas to decorate a coffee table.

Create symmetry

Make your house more luxurious by creating a symmetrical effect

Symmetrical living room with two matching tables and lamps, creating a symmetrical effect

Symmetry is one of the resources that interior designers use the most to give beauty and an aesthetic sense to any space or corner.

It is true that symmetry is not going to make your house look more luxurious by itself, but it can make it look more beautiful, it can solve a space that you do not know how to decorate and it can also make any space look with greater harmony and that each piece looks better.

Best of all, symmetry can be applied to large pieces, such as the furniture in the living room, making your room look more harmonious, balanced and beautiful, and it can also be applied to small elements, such as the decoration of the tv cabinet, in the decoration of the sideboard or any other area, making that area look more beautiful immediately.

Another point in favor of using symmetry is that it is very likely that you will not have to buy anything.

You just have to redistribute what you already have to achieve a symmetrical set that beautifies your entire home.

Create a luxurious and charming corner

Create a luxurious and beautiful corner with a side table and a lamp

There are many types of charming and luxurious nooks that can be created, but one of the simplest and most inexpensive is to create a nook with a side table and a large lamp.

We can put this type of corners practically anywhere: On the sides of the sofa, next to an armchair, in a corner, etc.

In addition, we only need a nice side table, very cheap today and a large lamp, which can also be found very cheap today.

At this point I advise you to create the corner that matches your style and your tastes, but that both the table and the lamp stand out, and especially the lamp.

Put a nice big one, with presence, and you will have added a luxurious and elegant nuance to your entire space, for a small price.

Imagine how beautiful your room will look with a little corner like the ones we are seeing, and how easy it is to achieve it.

add velvet

Velvet cushions for a more luxurious home

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Velvet is another material that represents luxury and ostentation.

Luckily today, we can find very cheap furniture and velvet pieces with which to add a touch of the most luxurious to our entire house.

If you like this idea, you can try adding a couple of cushions on the sofa, on top of the bed, buy some velvet upholstered furniture at a good price, etc.

As I recommended before with metals, don't clutter the space, but simply add a few details here and there and you'll have made your entire home look and feel more luxurious.

Hide light and fuse boxes

Checkered light cover

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In most cases, a single box is enough to hide the light, fuse and register boxes.

Adding a simple painting, look at the change that corner can give, by replacing a gray or white plastic casing with a beautiful painting.

Do not hesitate because it is a very simple gesture with which to transform how you see your home.

You can also see these ideas to cover the boxes of lights and registers.

Keep your shelves light by showcasing unique pieces

Well decorated shelves for a luxurious house

Purge all your shelves and shelves and instead of having them cluttered with books and decorative pieces, put a few pieces on each shelf, that you like, that you have affection for, but that they are few so that they shine by themselves.

In this way you can go from having shelves that only accumulate objects to shelves that, in addition to giving you a practical storage space, also add a lot of decoration, embellishing your entire house.

And if you need solutions here you can see step by step how to decorate shelves and shelves.

hide the wires

Box to hide cables

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The cables of all our electronic devices are, at the moment, unavoidable, but what is not inevitable is leaving them in sight.

We have many solutions such as gutters, boxes, supports to hide the cables, boxes, baskets, wrap them with fabric, paint them the same color as the wall and on and on.

Just by hiding the cables you will have already made your house look more beautiful.

Here you can see more ideas to hide ugly things inside the house.

keep order

This is obvious but it is also mandatory to say it in this article on how to make a house look more luxurious.

If you have a messy house, it will never look luxurious.

However, if you have a neat and clean house, any small detail you have will stand out and shine on its own. Look at this bedroom.

Keep order for a more luxurious home

It has some changes like the curtains and the paintings on the walls, but leaving that aside, see what changes a messy space to an orderly one.

It immediately looks much prettier.

If you have known little and you want to continue improving your home, here you can see 10 ideas to make your house look more elegant at the moment.

And if you think a friend or family member might like this article, share it. Thank you!

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