Make your house more beautiful and elegant instantly (10 changes)

To make your house look more beautiful and elegant, there are certain decorative tricks that professionals use that, if you carry them out, will make your house look more beautiful instantly.

Not only that it looks, but it really is more elegant and beautiful.

It does not matter if it is a small house or a large house, they work in all spaces.

So, take note that we start with the first of them.

You can see the 10 decorative tricks in this video that we see just below, or if you want to see the text with photos, the article begins below the video.

Video to make a more beautiful and elegant house at the moment


Cover your walls with elements of high decoration

Painted paper.

Wallpaper for a more elegant and beautiful house

Wallpaper will give your home style, personality and a lot of visual richness.

And best of all, you don't need to paper all the walls.

By simply creating a strategic accent wall, you will make your home look prettier and more elegant the moment you put up the wallpaper.

The wall can be the one behind the sofa, the one at the head of the bed, one in the hall... Whatever you want.

By wallpapering a single wall, you will do it much faster and it will be cheaper since you will only need one or two rolls of paper, at most.

Put decorative moldings.

Decorative moldings for a more beautiful house

Abel de González Project

Decorative moldings have the power to transform any space into a more elegant one. They are capable of raising the decorative level considerably.

And best of all, we no longer need to resort to heavy plaster moldings or expensive wood moldings.

Today the moldings are made with polystyrene, the cork of all life, and are manageable even by a 5-year-old child.

To install them, you only need a cutting tool, which a cutter can do perfectly, and special glue for moldings that you can buy at any hardware store in your neighborhood for about 3 or 4 euros.

That is, on a morning of your days off, you will have been able to transform a wall with moldings and elevate the decoration of that space to a much more elegant and beautiful state.

Put up a wall of palillería.

Palillery wall for a more elegant and beautiful house

The palillería is another of the coatings that are most used in highly decorated spaces. You only have to look at the houses with a high decorative level and you will see that, along with the wallpaper and the moldings, the palillería walls are another common denominator.

It is true that this cladding is somewhat more complex to install, but if you have a little skill and the right tools and materials, you can radically transform your home.

In addition, today you have at your disposal palillería panels that are already pre-assembled and installing them is very simple, so if you can afford it, the task can be carried out much more quickly and comfortably.

Change the textiles in your living room (and bedroom)

Change the textiles for a more beautiful and elegant house at the moment

The sofa is the most voluminous piece of furniture in a living room, right?

It is the piece of furniture that has the most visual weight.

So, if your sofa has outdated, worn, ugly upholstery or you simply don't like it anymore, your whole living room will look the same: ugly, old, etc.

Buy a cover, put it on the sofa and you will have completely transformed the decoration of your living room in no time.

I'm not telling you to buy a new sofa, not even to restore or reupholster the one you already have, but simply put a nice cover on it.

Nowadays we can find beautiful and decent quality sofa covers, at very, very good prices.

Don't forget the cushions:

Cushions to make a house more elegant and beautiful

Cushions are the elements that give visual richness to a living room, they are the icing on the cake.

Put some nice cushions to match the decoration of your living room, and you will have made your house look prettier in an instant.

Nor am I telling you to spend a fortune on cushions. You don't even have to buy new cushions. You can simply buy the cushion covers, nothing more.

But you can't imagine the transforming power of textiles, until you put some well-chosen new ones, and you realize that your living room looks like another, much more beautiful.

Hang your curtains well

Well hung curtains to make your house look more elegant and beautiful

At this point I am not going to tell you to buy new curtains, simply by hanging them well, you can make your house look more elegant and beautiful at the moment.

The fabric doesn't matter, the print or the colors don't matter. Just placing it is enough.

To begin with, that the curtains are always hung on the wall as high as possible, and that they reach, at least, touch the ground.

If you hang your curtains like this, you will have made your windows look more streamlined, your ceilings seem higher, your drapery fabric look prettier, and your windows better framed. And just hanging your curtains right!

But we can still achieve more with curtains:

Buy the curtains much wider than the windows.

Let's put the example that your windows measure 2 meters.

For a 2-meter window, curtains with a total width of 3.50 meters are needed, since the curtains are measured stretched.

Those 3.50 meter curtains, when they are pleated and folded, will measure about 2.40: Just enough to cover your 2 meter window and about 20 cm on each side.

Well, instead of buying them 3.50 meters long, buy them at least 4 meters long. Why? Because if they have more fabric, there will be more folds, and the more folds a curtain has, the more elegant and beautiful they look. It's that simple.

Curtains to make your house look more elegant and modern

Another resource that you can apply to your curtains to make them look prettier is to make them stand about 20cm off the ground.

In other words, if your curtain measures 280cm, buy it 3 meters long, so that it steps on and falls elegantly on the floor:

Well hung curtains to make your house look more elegant and beautiful

In this way the result will be more elegant, romantic and sophisticated.

Let's see more resources to make your house look more elegant and beautiful:

large format art

Large paintings to make your house look more beautiful and elegant

We have already talked about hanging large pictures in Thousand Ideas and it is that putting a large picture or art in large format creates a very attractive and elegant focal point in the corner where it is placed.

When we hang large paintings, we make our space take on an aesthetic similar to an art gallery, museum or space with a high decorative level.

And the eye perceives this immediately and associates it precisely with spaces with a high decorative level, raising the level of your home immediately. It's that simple.

If you can't or don't want to buy a big XXL painting, nowadays we have many online stores that sell very decent prints at very good prices:

You can also put, instead of a large painting, several small ones creating a gallery.

In case you want to take advantage of the small ones you already have, and you will also achieve the same effect:

Gallery of paintings to make your house look more beautiful, elegant and modern

put several lamps

In addition to ceiling lamps, also rely on table lamps and floor lamps, and not only in the living room, but in any space:

Lamps to make your house look more beautiful and elegant at the moment

Wherever you put a lamp, you will have managed to create a more versatile decoration, more versatile lighting, creating a more practical and comfortable space and you will have added decoration, since each lamp is a decorative piece by itself.

And all this with a single lamp.

So within your possibilities, put an extra lamp in any space and you will elevate the decoration of your house to a more elegant and functional state. A simple lamp.

Do not leave empty surfaces

Decorate your tables to make your house look more elegant and beautiful

Both the tables and the furniture, if they do not have anything on top decorating them, give a feeling of abandonment, that they are incomplete, resembling the furniture in a vacation rental home.

And no, your house is not a vacation rental house, it is your home, and it has to have personality.

So, put some decorative element on top of each table or piece of furniture that you have empty, so that this piece of furniture looks nice and has personality.

Decorate your tables to make your house look more elegant and beautiful

If you add a decorative detail on top of each empty space you have (vases, pictures, flowers, books, sculptures, boxes, etc.) you will have made both the piece of furniture and the general scene where that piece of furniture is, look more elegant and beautiful at the moment.

order your house

Order and cleanliness at home

This may seem obvious, but I tell you one thing: you can have the most expensive furniture, the most elegant textiles and the most exquisite decoration that, if you do not have a clean and tidy house, will never look pretty.

On the contrary, if you have a clean and tidy house, any little detail you put in will look and feel good.

You will not need to spend a lot on decoration since a tidy and clean house makes everything look more elegant and beautiful.

add plants

Plants to make your house more beautiful

The plants look good in any decorative style. Really, in any decorative style. Add decorative plants.

When we add a plant, you are adding:

  • Life
  • Nature
  • Color
  • Texture
  • a decorative element

And all this with a simple plant!

So put a plant here and a plant there filling in gaps and dressing up some corners or dead spots and you'll instantly make your home look prettier.

If you don't like plants because they die or because you don't have time to take care of them, put artificial plants.

Plants to make your house more beautiful

artificial sklum plant

That yes, artificial plants always, always, always of good quality, because if they are noticed that they are false, plastic and of poor quality, you will achieve the opposite effect: Your house will look poor.

add textures

If your living room (or any other space) looks flat, poor, like something is missing, it is more than likely lacking texture.

And when I say that it lacks textures, I don't mean that you have to fill the whole house with textiles, materials and colors, no. What I am saying is that it lacks variety. That's what's important.

Look at the room below these lines:

Textures to make your house more elegant and beautiful

It has wood, glass, wool, macramé, leather, velvet, plants… It has variety and therefore, there is visual richness, and the eye likes that a lot.

It's not the quantity, it's the variety.

Renew your furniture

What is the most inside a home? From any home, no matter how big or small, humble or sumptuous: Furniture. The most important thing in a home is furniture.

And furniture is the element that has the greatest visual weight in a home, because it is the most voluminous package.

So, it is logical that if your furniture is worn, ugly, outdated, etc. So will your whole house.

I'm not telling you to put new furniture, I'm not telling you to spend a lot of money, or nothing. I'm just telling you to restore them or give them a facelift.

You can start, for example, changing the handles of some of your furniture for new ones.

Change the handles of your furniture to make your house more elegant and beautiful

Today you can find handles at very good prices that will make your furniture look younger, renewed and beautiful.

If this is not enough, you can always paint them and give them a new life.

  • Two kilos of water enamel
  • a flat brush
  • two skirting boards
  • Two medium grit sandpaper blocks

Total: €30 approximately.

In other words, for approximately 30 euros you can have renovated, young and beautiful furniture, and you will have completely transformed the decoration of your entire home:

Paint your furniture to make your house look more elegant and modern

If you don't know what color to paint them, white never fails. And in black you will make them look younger and more modern.

As you can see, by making simple gestures you can make your house look more elegant, beautiful and modern without spending a lot of money.

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And if you have any questions or suggestions leave me a comment and I will be happy to answer you.

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