More than 20 Coatings to decorate interior walls

There are dozens of interior wall coverings. To decorate them with style and personality.

It doesn't matter what style you want to print on your walls, or the budget you have, or if you don't want to do work.

I can assure you that there are coatings for all the options, and that is what we are going to see next.

You can see it in video format, where I tell you about and show you all these coverings, or if you don't want to see a video, below it is the article with the text and photos of the coverings.

Kalkitir lime paint

Kalkitir Kalpaint lime paint

Kalkitir lime paint

Lime paint is probably one of the oldest wall coverings that exist, but now they have become fashionable again, due to the natural and handmade finish they leave and because it is a much more ecological paint.

Naturally, today we can find this type of paint in a much more current format, with more appropriate colors and more comfortable application.

If you like this solution to decorate your walls, I recommend the firm Kalkitir and specifically its Kalkpaint painting.

Kalpaint lime paint

@hejmelig's bedroom with Kalpaint on the walls

Kalkpaint is a lime-based, ecological, powder paint that must be mixed with water to achieve the final paint.

A painting that we will later apply ourselves with a brush using the brushing technique.

Depending on how we brush the paint when applying it, the wall will acquire one finish or another: Smoother, more handmade, with more bursts, with fewer, irregularly shaped or more uniform, it all depends on the effect we want to achieve.

The best of all is that, as I say, it is a painting technique that leaves very nice and cozy finishes and we can do it ourselves with our hands.

We do not need to resort to a professional, if we do not want to.

Let's keep going.

Lime and marble coatings

Constructive Art Stucco

Not only in paint format can we obtain a lime coating, but also in mortar format, to be applied with a trowel, that is, a paste made of lime mixed with other natural products, resulting in dozens of coatings.

For example, one of them is the classic Venetian stucco, which is produced from mature lime putty, high-quality plant extracts, carbons, mineral pigments and carefully selected natural fillers that are combined to make the paste performance and its application are easier to apply.

Lime coatings by Arte Constructo

If you like this type of finish, I recommend the firm Arte Constructo, as it is one of the most advanced firms that has been working with lime for decades and has a wide range of lime-based products for both interiors and exteriors.

Of course, this product, to get the most out of it and create the right effect, is normally applied by a professional, since it requires a lot of practice to achieve a good effect.

Let's look at another interior wall cladding.


bathroom with microcement

Topciment microcement coated bathroom

Microcement is a coating that, despite having been with us for many years, is today when it is "sticking" the strongest and we see it the most in different interiors.

And it is normal since it has unique characteristics, such as that it does not need to be done, it can be applied on top of tiles, walls or floors, it makes spaces visually larger since it offers a continuous surface and it has a natural and handcrafted cut finish. that creates very welcoming spaces full of personality.

Range of microcement finishes

Topciment microcement color range

In addition, we have it available in a wide range of colors to choose the one that best suits our tastes if we do not like the traditional gray finish of cement or concrete.

And we can cover with it, whether they are pillars, chimneys, columns, floors, walls or ceilings. whatever we want.

As for its application, despite the fact that today there are firms that sell you the complete kit so that we can apply it ourselves, I strongly advise you to hire a qualified professional in this field.

Professional applying Topciment microcement

Professional applying Topciment microcement

Microcement is a very fine mortar, which is applied by spreading very thin layers, to achieve a surface that is very few millimeters thick.

Thus, for the microcement with those layers of millimeters to be completely resistant and withstand the passing of the years, the base must be perfectly prepared, they must be applied with knowledge of the facts, the manufacturer's instructions must be respected, You have to choose the right microcement for the surface and you have to prepare the mixture perfectly and the one who knows how to do it best is a professional.

If these steps are not followed perfectly, it is very likely that it will not fit well, that it will crack and crack, or that stains or any other problem will appear.

Microcement, cement and concrete effect paints

Microcement effect paint

Leroy Merlin Loft Effect Paint

If you like microcement but perhaps it will go out of price or you do not want to apply it for any other reason, luckily today we have microcement effect paints that are much cheaper, we can apply them with our own hands and leave good finishes. .

Leroy Merlin loft effect microcement effect paint

For example, Leroy Merlin has one at a very good price that can achieve really good finishes, called Loft Effect Paint, which is an approximately medium gray paint, with a textured graphic concrete effect, which leaves a very exotic finish and, as I say, relatively easy to apply.

Come on you can do it yourself or yourself.

Highly decorative paints and coatings

Osaka high decoration painting

Osaka paints effect

In this case, we enter a huge world with many decorative wall coverings.

To summarize, the best I can do is to introduce you, if you didn't already know her, to the Osaka firm.

This firm of high decoration paintings is one of the oldest, it has been in the market for decades offering this type of products, of which many of them create trends, and where you will find the highest quality.

It is true that their products are somewhat more expensive than others, but it is worth it.

High decoration painting Osaka

Osaka paints effect

You can ask any professional painter and they will tell you the same thing. I have worked a lot with Osaka and also with other brands and nothing like Osaka.

I do not want to say that the others are bad, far from it, but that as the products that this firm has, it is difficult to find them.

That said, the Osaka firm has more than 21 highly decorative coatings and paints to its credit, with which we can add the effect we want to our walls.

Osaka Paints, Effects and Finishes

Osaka Finishes & Effects Catalog

Elegant stuccos, rustic breezes, exotic glazes, sand effects, microcement effect and many more.

Although this is something you could do yourself, if you have never done it before, I advise you to use the hands of a professional. You have to have a lot of practice to apply an effect of this type, since otherwise, it is more than likely that we will not be able to get the effect that should come out.


bedroom with concrete

Another of the trend coatings of recent years is the powerful and multifaceted concrete.

It is true that it is not a cladding per se, but it is also true that for some time now many projects have been leaving, at least in part, some visible surfaces, as a final decorative element, achieving spaces with a lot of personality.

In this case, there is no choice but to do work, because to apply raw concrete, polished or however we want, we have to do work.

But if you are going to build your home and you like this finish, talk to the architect about leaving some parts on the pillars, or on a wall, for example, a visible part, and you can enjoy it if that is what you want.

Painted paper

effect wallpaper concrete

Concrete effect wallpaper for sale on Etsy

If you liked any of these decorative coatings for interior walls that we have seen but you do not want to apply it in your home for some reason, you can imitate these finishes with wallpaper and in a very successful way.

Wallpaper is another of the coverings par excellence and cannot be missing from any self-respecting video or article that talks about interior coverings.

And with it, you can add any of the coatings that we have seen before and many more, without the need to apply them or do work.

And also with your own hands and probably in a weekend. Easy, cheap and effective.

Terrazzo effect wallpaper

Terrazzo effect wallpaper for sale on Etsy

We have it with a concrete effect in different concrete finishes, we can also find it in other finishes that imitate coatings and natural stones such as the luxurious marble or the classic terrazzo with a new and modernized design, as well as wallpapers that imitate the exotic stone. blackboard, for example.

Fabric effect wallpaper

Or also in fabric format such as the superb textile and scrim papers, and also in textured finishes as if we had applied a lime coating or an elegant stucco that we saw before.

Marble effect wallpaper

Marble effect wallpaper for sale on Etsy

As you can see, if you don't want to get complicated and you have plain walls, wallpaper imitating different wall coverings can be a perfect solution.

Bet on a good quality one, that the finish will be more realistic, ensuring a high-level decorative effect.

natural weathered walls

weathered wall

There are many detractors of this finish but I have to admit that it drives me crazy.

As long as it is accompanied well, leaving a virgin wall, bare, where the happy marks of the passage of time are shown, gives an incredible personality to the space.

As I say, if paired well, it creates a beautiful decadent effect that few other coatings achieve.

In this case, to do it, the plaster should be applied in the normal way, without applying the last coat of white, fine or finishing plaster and then let the passage of time draw its beautiful scars or do them randomly.

weathered wall

Another way to do it is to sand the paint on the wall until it is completely bare, leaving the plaster visible.

Another somewhat more artistic way is to paint a wall with a water-based patina with a cloth, sponge or brush, unevenly, creating the effect of a wall worn by the passage of time.

To prepare the patina, we only need water-based plastic paint, in the color we want, but diluted by 50%. That is, half water half paint to achieve a very liquid paint.

That's one way to make a patina on the water.

Before you start applying it to the wall, make samples. Practice on surfaces such as cardboard for example or on a wall that you are going to repaint later, so that when you apply it definitively on the wall you get a good effect.

Wabi Sabi Walls

Montó Wabi Sabi effect paint

Montó Wabi Sabi effect paint

In this case we can use Montó's paint or coating called Wabi Sabi effect, a high-quality mineral paint that is applied with a flat hand brush giving bursts here and there to create an uneven effect on the wall. It is available in two shades. light gray and strong gray.

Wabi Sabi effect paint

It is an easy and effective way to get distressed walls, with a nice effect, without having to touch the plaster or other mortar on our walls.


Wall covered with wooden slats

Wood is another magnificent decorative covering for the walls. Perhaps one of the most versatile, since depending on its placement, the type of wood and its treatment, we can achieve the style or decorative touch that we want.

We can achieve sophisticated spaces with treated wood, creating very elegant walls with very modern designs.

Wall covered with wooden boards

If we choose more rustic woods or untreated woods, we can add more natural accents that favor a more rustic or country aesthetic.

We can also choose recycled wood to create an original vintage or industrial decorative touch, for example.

In short, as you can see, with the right wood and the necessary tools, you can add the coating you want to your walls, and achieve a most welcoming effect.

3D panels

3D panels are another of today's leading coatings. And it is that these panels are available in such a wide range of finishes, imitations, formats and designs, that we can decorate any wall within any decorative style.

3D interior wallcoverings

3D panels for sale on Etsy

3D panels are a decorative covering for walls that are easy to install, since basically most of them are usually applied with an adhesive mounting glue that the manufacturer itself recommends, or there are even other models that already come with the adhesive, and the only thing What we have to do is remove the protective film and stick them on the wall.

3D interior wallcoverings

3D panels for sale on Etsy

To carry out a project with these coatings we can do it ourselves, since as I say, it is only gluing piece after piece until we complete the drawing we want.

In addition, depending on the model and its placement, they can also serve as acoustic insulation, as well as for damp walls.

wooden battens

Leroy Merlin

If you are going to use them on damp walls, you cannot stick them directly to the wall, but first you have to install a system of battens on the wall with wooden strips with plugs and screws, as we see above these lines, and on these battens, install the 3D decorative panels with staples or nails.


Tiled fireplace

No video can be made about wall coverings without naming the coating par excellence throughout the world, the wonderful tile, and not only for floors or walls in bathrooms and kitchens, but for any other area.

For example, it is a magnificent covering for fireplaces in traditional tile or in its porcelain format, as well as to decorate any other corner of the house.

Bedroom covered with porcelain

The tile will always be one of the star coatings in interiors due to its resistance, durability, cleanliness and impermeability.

Also, if you have a little skill, it is something you can install with your own hands.

Although if you do not have much experience, it is better to hire the hands of a professional, to achieve a good and durable finish over time.

You have at your disposal dozens of interior coverings to decorate, isolate and beautify your walls. I hope you found one that you liked.

If you have been wanting more, you can also see these 15 painting techniques for interior walls.

And if you think a friend or family member might like this article, share it. Thank you!

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