Point out these main trend colors for kitchens

Today's kitchens do not stop experimenting with different colors, materials and finishes and their endless combinations, but every year, or rather every so often, there are some colors that become more established than others in this field, and those are the colors that we are going to know today: The main trend colors for kitchens today.

This being the case, if you are thinking of renovating or setting up your new kitchen, stay with me and I will tell you what colors are in kitchens this year. we start

  1. White

Trend colors for kitchens: White kitchens

Cosentino group kitchen

White does not go out of style in kitchens. Although it is true that matte finishes, that is, kitchens in matt white, are gaining ground over the eternal brightness.

The matt white cabinets have a more up-to-date, more contemporary feel, while the gloss white cabinets and kitchen furniture have a more classic aura.

A white kitchen never goes out of style. Also, you have to keep in mind that it is the brightest option. A white kitchen will always be brighter than any other kitchen. And, if you are worried that being white is not so striking, you can always play with the design of the furniture, handles, countertop, taps and others to add that touch of distinction that you are looking for.

In short, a white kitchen is a safe bet.

If you want, here you can see 50 beautiful white kitchens, to inspire you to design your own.

Let's see another trend color in kitchen furniture.

2. Black

Trend colors for kitchens: Black kitchens

Cosentino group kitchen designed by Hacker Kitchens

Black kitchens have been with us for some time now, each year that passes they stand out more, reaching our days as a trend. Black has been firmly established in kitchens.

A priori it may seem like a risky bet, but it is not as much as it seems: Black is a neutral and timeless color, it is out of fashion. In a way, it looks a lot like white. It's a safe bet.

Naturally, you have to like it, and, if you decide, you have to find a balance in the entire kitchen design so that it doesn't look like a cave.

But a well-designed black kitchen is a kitchen that will not go out of style.

Another advantage of black kitchens is that they combine very well with other materials that are usually seen in the kitchen such as wood, metals and other more organic materials such as concrete or cement. So the design possibilities for a black kitchen are limitless.

Why am I telling you this? Because you can have a black kitchen, but not completely black, if you are afraid of so much black. You can combine it perfectly with wood, tiles, metals and other materials, creating a kitchen that is black in the background, but one that is not burdensome or excessive thanks to the use of other materials.

Regarding its finishes, just as it happens with white, matt black kitchens are more up-to-date, more modern; while the black kitchens in a gloss finish have a more classic, more charged and dramatic touch.

If you are interested in black kitchens, here you can see 25 modern black kitchens to inspire you to design your own.

Let's see another of the trend colors for kitchens.

3. Navy blue – Navy

Trend colors for kitchens: Navy blue kitchens

Cosentino group kitchen

This other color has also been with us for some time in the field of kitchens, but this year it is still at the forefront in terms of kitchen furniture. For this reason, the classic navy or navy blue is one of the main trend colors for kitchens.

It can be combined in many ways, but one of the most classic and successful combinations that this color has in kitchens is white, creating the famous Navy palette of navy blue and white that never goes out of style.

You may be used to seeing this color in more classic kitchens, but it is a color that works very, very well in more modern kitchens, with straight and minimalist lines.

Navy blue, regardless of where it is applied, is one of the most elegant colors available to us. A navy blue kitchen will always be an elegant kitchen, with personality and character. A kitchen with a lot of presence.

Another advantage of this color is that it gets along very well with metals, something that there is usually a lot of in kitchens, especially with metals in gold finishes.

Wood and other more organic materials also look great with this color. There is no problem in adding natural wood, marble and other materials of this style that are necessary or very common in kitchens.

Thus, it can be affirmed without any doubt that the color navy blue is not only a trend this year, but it is another of the colors that make up a safe bet for kitchens, and that it will not go out of style for a long time, if is that it ever does.

Let's continue with more trend colors, we still have a few very interesting ones left.

4. Medium Blue

Trend colors for kitchens: Blue kitchens

Cosentino group kitchen designed by Rosch Kuchen AG

Of all the colors we have seen, this is, at the moment, the only one that is not a safe color. I mean, it's a trend now, this year. And it probably will be for a few more years, but I'm convinced that, unlike the rest, it won't be.

I personally love it, since blue is a color that we have little associated with the kitchen, and the atmosphere it creates is really fresh and young.

Of course, before putting this color in your kitchen, I recommend that you be completely sure that you love it, that it fascinates you, because this is a color that, as I told you before, is going to go out of style, and it can that in a few years you see him "ugly" or out of place in your kitchen.

That said, I've always been a fan of the blues. Blue everywhere. And I'm all for a medium blue kitchen.

As I said before, the contrast between color and space creates an environment with a lot of personality. Also, blue is a cool color so you are sure to add a calming and cool hue to the entire kitchen.

Let's continue with another color. Also surprising.

5. Light Blue

Trend colors for kitchens: Blue kitchens

Cosentino group kitchen designed by Square Footage

Blues are in fashion for kitchens. If navy blue is a trend, like medium blues, softer shades of blue have also prevailed in kitchen furniture.

Of this color, I say exactly the same as the previous one. It is a trend, but it will cease to be. So make sure that you are totally in love with it before installing a kitchen in this color.

We leave the blue ones aside (not completely) and we see another trend color for kitchens.

6. Water green or mint

Colors for modern kitchens: mint

Cosentino group kitchen designed by Rosch Kuchen AG

Mint green, mint or water green is a color that has become very popular in interiors for a few years.

At first you began to see a lot on walls. From the walls it went to the furniture, and from these, it has gone to both bathrooms and kitchens.

It is a fresh, attractive and bright color.

One of the advantages of this color is that it accepts very well the combination of other colors and, more importantly, other materials.

That being the case, if you want to add wood, marble, stone or other materials to your mint or mint green kitchen, water green is a very grateful color for them. Especially with light wood and marble.

In addition, this color works very well in all types of kitchens, whether they are classic kitchens, with more moldings on furniture and doors, or minimalist kitchens, full of straight lines and sharp angles. A really versatile color for kitchens.

Let's continue with the next one.

7. Gray

Trend colors for kitchens: Gray kitchens

Cosentino group kitchen designed by Aurea Arquitectos

The gray family is not new in kitchens. But it has always been a color that has not completely permeated the choice of colors for the kitchen. Perhaps because poorly applied or combined it can leave a dull or sad kitchen, I don't know, but the fact is that now it has gotten into the kitchen, and never better said.

Gray is the king of neutrals, so any other color, and any other material it's paired with, will do just fine.

Naturally, This color is also suitable for modern or more classic kitchens.

8. anthracite gray

Trend colors for kitchens: Anthracite kitchens

Cosentino group kitchen designed by SIT

Anthracite gray has had a similar or parallel evolution to matte black as far as kitchen colors are concerned. For a few years now, it has become one of the first options for kitchen manufacturers.

It has the same advantages that we read before about black, but with the difference that anthracite gray is somewhat brighter and less resounding than pure black.

We can combine this color without fear with most materials. Now, a medium-tone wood kitchen combined with anthracite gray, or combined with marble and gold details, as we see above these lines, is a safe bet.

Elegance and modernity assured.

9. Bordeaux

Trend colors for kitchens: Burgundy kitchens

Cosentino group kitchen

Another of the colors that have reached the cutting edge in kitchens is burgundy. The most powerful and dramatic tones, such as navy blue, dark green or strong burgundy, are showing off a lot lately in this field.

If you want a kitchen with personality, drama and a strong touch of character, you can consider this elegant colour, which adapts to both classic and totally minimalist kitchens. You just have to see how well it works in this spectacular kitchen that we see above these lines with the island in anthracite color and the floor in dark wood. It is a kitchen brimming with character.

10. Dark green

Colors for modern kitchens: Dark green

The entire IKEA kitchen

Dark green is a wonderful color that is not new to the kitchen trend. It is one of the most popular colors and has been chosen for many years for kitchen furniture and cabinets.

Just like the navy blue or pretty burgundy we just looked at, dark green, whether it's classic carriage green or another appropriate shade of dark green, is a classy color.

In addition, it combines very well with many materials, such as wood or marble, as well as with metals, especially those with gold finishes.

Let's see more colors for modern kitchens.

11. Natural materials

Trend colors for kitchens: Natural kitchens

Cosentino group kitchen designed by Kitchen Studio

Natural materials have also become a trend for kitchens. And when I say natural materials, I mean not only wood, but also marble, concrete, cement and other organic finishes.

The natural, the organic is in fashion. In fact, one of the winners of this edition of Casa Decor has been Lorna de Santos thanks to her spectacular space with an organic and natural character and such an enveloping and Zen atmosphere.

You only have to look at the catalogs of the big firms such as IKEA, Zara Home or H&M to realize that the natural, the organic, is in vogue.

And kitchens can also show it off.

12. Wood

Trend colors for kitchens: Wood kitchens

Cosentino group kitchen designed by WoodArch

It is a classic, but here we are talking about the trending colors and materials of the moment, and wood is still one of them.

And there is no more versatile material than noble wood. Thanks to its immense range of options, we can assemble a wooden kitchen in a thousand different shapes and finishes.

This means that, as trends advance and evolve, wood can adapt to them, and always be at the forefront.

Although the lighter shades of wood, such as oak or pine, have been hitting kitchens very hard for a few years, lately we are seeing other woods with a darker cut and with more presence gaining ground.

Be that as it may, wooden kitchens are still a trend.

If you need more inspiration to decide on your kitchen, I advise you to see these 20 kitchens in two colors to finish being inspired and decide.

And if you want, you can stop by the Decoration Consultancy, where I can do the work for you, and design your kitchen.

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